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Topic subjectNow, I'mma spit this
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15493, Now, I'mma spit this
Posted by TLynnFaz, Wed Mar-02-05 12:43 PM
in hopes that you can feel this.
This aint some Nelly Tip Drill shit.
My words are blocks for my community to build with.
Tryna produce solutions to help my people deal with
these fucked situations and stagnant discriminations.
See I dont have any money, any cars, any hoes
And I cant rap about shit that I dont know.
What I know is what I breathe, what hear, and what I see.
Gimme a mic and let me speak
about my hopes and my dreams
For My People.
That together maybe we can achieve.
And once together we can stand
and tell the system tell the man,
"Damn this!"
See my words are like paint and the world is my canvas.
I am this.
Tryna make money to help my fam with.
And tryna leave as ancient masterpiece like the Temple of Ramses.
And damn if, that shit aint the truth.
Now I'mma pass it to ________ and let them drop some shit on you.