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15492, Open Mic Ciph - Rhymes Only
Posted by SNAFU, Wed Mar-02-05 12:01 PM
Ok, I'ma get it started and then anyone else please feel free to add on... Let's make this an ongoing rhyme cipher.

If you're not convinced that my flow will stay hot,
watch me catch the beat running like I'm tryin' to shake cops.
Because I'm known to make plots that keep your mind and body moving.
Them poppy cats on TV ain't aware of what we're doing.
They just stay clueless,
but this is the movement.
It lets them know there's so much room for an improvement.
These drama actors ain't rappers, they got it backwards.
They just try to act tough over beats that's manufactured.
My crew on the other hand, captures prolific chapters,
the spectrum of emotion from pain on up to laughter.
From floor to ceiling rafters, the room is filled with rapture.
You're thinking you got game but I could rap your lyrics faster.
Your rhymes are a disaster. The craft is what we master.
And I could give your girl an orgasm simply by walking past her.
Haha see? It's the flow that makes 'em wild.
You can't fuck with the style cus our sound is versatile.
And while I'd love to stay and spit and get it heated like a crack pipe,
Next up is _______________, it's his/her turn to bless the mic.
15493, Now, I'mma spit this
Posted by TLynnFaz, Wed Mar-02-05 12:43 PM
in hopes that you can feel this.
This aint some Nelly Tip Drill shit.
My words are blocks for my community to build with.
Tryna produce solutions to help my people deal with
these fucked situations and stagnant discriminations.
See I dont have any money, any cars, any hoes
And I cant rap about shit that I dont know.
What I know is what I breathe, what hear, and what I see.
Gimme a mic and let me speak
about my hopes and my dreams
For My People.
That together maybe we can achieve.
And once together we can stand
and tell the system tell the man,
"Damn this!"
See my words are like paint and the world is my canvas.
I am this.
Tryna make money to help my fam with.
And tryna leave as ancient masterpiece like the Temple of Ramses.
And damn if, that shit aint the truth.
Now I'mma pass it to ________ and let them drop some shit on you.

15494, Droppin shit on you...
Posted by Whateva, Wed Mar-02-05 04:38 PM
like pigeons under bridges
and shatter ya jaw so you know what a hit is
defelecting whack verses so you know who the first is
rhyming, rocking a show, and leaving egos bursted
you can catch me battling underneath scaffoldings
but leave from the block when you hear the glock rattlin
tellin em scat and send em fleeing to they cella
Newbie who throwing fits, you're old like ella
Second to none and reflectin the sun
The one shorties cling on set ya phasers to stun
Steady blazing for fun steady makin em run
steady checkin and perfectin I'm injectin a ton
I'm a monster on the mic rabbit on the turnpike
It's habit that I rap I excel at what I like.
I'm tight and never fail and compelled to write
handing this to who can ever hold the mic

15495, RE: Open Mic Ciph - Rhymes Only
Posted by HueyNewton, Wed Mar-02-05 04:07 PM
yeah I do open mics usually around midnight
don't be absurd cuz I love the hype
lil kim's plastic surgery just ain't right
like lucky charms found the jinx
I prefer egypt and the stone-face sphinx
somebody said it's rhYmes only, word
it's poetry for the lonely, homey
50 cent and game got beef
now i'm wonderin' which nigga will pull the heat
rap cats havin' nightmares tossin between the sheets
I feel like rakim too ill for the technique

15496, RE: Open Mic Ciph - Rhymes Only
Posted by crow, Wed Mar-02-05 05:58 PM
I grab the mic and take ova
This is lyricism comparable to Hova
I make love through rhyme
Time after time
Still in highschool
But I ain't no fool
See past commercialism
Put a first in the air for individualism
Beat the ass
Of any mc trying to pass
as another clone
leave the game alone
get your own style
get wild, treat the game like ya child
so i pass the mic to whovers got respect
For lyrical intellect

15497, Wow. I'm really feeling this shit right here...
Posted by SNAFU, Thu Mar-03-05 09:50 AM

So I got to step back in to make this shit quite clear.
We incite fear inside you haters, ya'll are so gay,
and I don't gotta worry 'bout my players cus we're okay.
The one and only crew that's rapping shit that ain't been said yet,
smoking kind buds that'll make your fucking head sweat.
You redneck, you got a wife and kids but you still bed wet.
Keep spreading lies and teaching hate, I promise that you'll get wrecked.
We're sick of all the run-around so my people take to underground
to create and develop sounds that break the fucking system down.
So come on and get your hands up like a hijack.
Represent your section like a slice of pie graph.
Just keep it gritty from DC to New York City
so the ones that we inspire want to be in our committee.
This life is do or die and we're stronger if we unify.
There is no other force at work that's looking out for you and I.
Let's multiply, and we can change the course we're currently set upon.
We'll bond together and make change like protesters in Lebanon.
We're hella strong, and I don't need no body else to think for me.
I put my pen on paper and I make what I want ink to be.
The subject and the predicate, I hardly ever edit it.
I'll start a war with metaphors and get lethal with my rhettoric.
Let's settle shit. This is a call to all my people.
Now __________ can kick a verse, and I'll be thinking up a sequel.
15498, i got somethin
Posted by Lovebug, Fri Mar-11-05 09:56 AM
the world needs to experince peace
all this fighting shit needs to cease
so people can release
the hate within they heart
with all the fight were does one start
its just ripping us apart
and leaving a bitter taste in yo mouth
I dont care if you from the east west or the north or south
everybody knows what im talkin about
cuz wit without hope
we aint never going float
instead we choke
its hard to swallow yo pride
or not and leave yo ego petirfied
we all hide
behind shit we dont understand
so we claim to be the man
this is were i stand
without a clan
to carry out my plan
i let the rhymes do the talkin
while the world keeps on walking
but it want pass me by
without hearing what I
got to say
who's next to continue dis word play
15499, RE: i got somethin
Posted by slum501run, Wed Mar-23-05 10:17 AM
Mostly what you spoke about is interesting/
Basically to the whole world you ment something/
Now we are about to stop fighting and start caring, loving, kissing, touching and hunging because we worth something/
By the way of I m Africa I can by the passion writing.
I got something/
While most peaple show nothing/
Most are define by way their of speaking/
Man is not a man just he is smoking/
I hope I send a message on what I m telling/.
15500, i gotta few minutes
Posted by blaksilence, Fri Mar-04-05 09:15 AM
i'm bottomline benevolent
committed rotten crimes like presidents
but sodomized the evidence
so anal retentive henchman cldnt clinch the messages
the dense-est precedents
i been set/ or am setting'em
you been vexed cuz on your newspaper and windex
they got this inf. stretched to the tenth
like a murderous mexican:
trends set (check.) femmes wet(check again.)
benz stretch(not yet.) but slim's blessed
like the chest of that tempstress you been sweatin and

i'll stop.
15501, and i'll begin...
Posted by SNAFU, Fri Mar-04-05 12:03 PM
So just sit back and I'll kick raps that'll break ya'll niggas like Kit-Kats,
and don't think that you won't get bitch slapped if you're lost, my crew is riff-raff.
We take beats and lyrics and we blend them into hot tracks.
You couldn't even take a shit if you were drinking Ex-Lax.
While we be making necks snap, you start writing me a fan letter
on how you love my shit and how you wish my band was still together.
"Dear Mr. Snafu, I'd really like to ask you
could I take you out for fast food? And get your name tattooed?"

hahahahaha... peace for now. Good weekend all!
15502, hehehe...Aight, sit down, take a rest.
Posted by TLynnFaz, Fri Mar-04-05 02:32 PM
Let me hold the mic, then leave it blessed.
Let me verbally whip dudes so hard, they almost feel caressed.
Aint been doin' this for too long, but I'm up for any test.
Cause my words have powers against men just like my hips and my breast.
I drop knowledge thru rhymes,
Speakin' bout liberation via time.
Jackin' ppls ignorance
Replacin' it with shit of significance.
Take me in, then exhale with replenishment.

15503, Yes yall, and it don't stop
Posted by Whateva, Fri Mar-04-05 07:12 PM
til I finish it.
Like God gettin short wit sinners and endin shit
Look deeper in da lines it's the message not my penmanship
The fight not the promotion not the water but the ocean
Third eye devotion make us say fuck votin
Ya rhymes made you mills but they ain't worth quotin
Make sure ya house clean before you leave that door open
Cuz you lovin dem checks
Must be lovin the fame
but ain't you kind of a sucka for selling the crack game
But I guess I'll stay silent on some Jigga profilin
Just ya buhl whateva cleva takin stabs at freestylin
I could go on for a mile and but for now I will stay silent
and hand the mic to _______ before the cipher get violent

15504, real world
Posted by blaksilence, Sat Mar-05-05 12:34 PM
reality strikes
truth hurts..you perps
fallacy write
my art ups the speed..i'ma start chargin you pups to read
an hourly price
5.99.. for a limited time it comes with powered advice:
"don't trust vets on the internet
just cuz they're stylish and nice"
"they're double jointed with pointed
knives..smile as they slice"
"and 99.9 percent of these 'pimps'
live a cowardly life"
"way wimped so they play 'strength'
in the 500,995 lies that they type"
divide that by 365 and find
out how many times they lied last night
he's a child in his mind
but 85 in the face
and she's a nine in her mind
but a 85 in the waist

like she's married w/ 2 kids but..

15505, let it flow
Posted by crow, Sat Mar-05-05 08:07 PM
This isn't about the money
Or some dope honey
It isnt about respect
It's about real intellect
I'm a mic-spic
Getting by,by the tip of my dick
Another latino homez
Not riding on chromes
But me gusta mi dinero
So i'll make it from Boston, to the Rio de Ginero
Busca las mammictas que sea ricas
But i'm not to picky
Rhyme in english or espanol
Call your girl a whore
Straight to you face
Make you look like a disgrace
In front of this whole place
I'm always up for throwing down
and if u fuck around its going down
I'm through with this rhyme
So somebody rip a line from your mind

15506, Tearing up the next verse
Posted by Whateva, Sun Mar-06-05 04:20 AM
Whateva happens first
time to seperate the baddest from the worst
I don't waste ticks on false buck bravado
I'm twisted, seven thirty, a loose throttle
A capitalist supreme, convertin blocks to fiends
You bursting at the seams wit amateur pipe dreams
Couldn't see me in ya dreams even if you tried
Couldn't be more hot if my tracks was deep fried
Ya plastic sucka, MTV watchin muthafucka
Catchin the underside of tims tonight sucka
Legend around the way like the stilt or Jesus
I'm sayin we didn't do it cause yall didn't see us
If you hype, get on the mic and recite ya thesis

15507, I have no fucking doubt...
Posted by SNAFU, Mon Mar-07-05 09:45 AM
... that this cipher will intensify
cus we stay kicking raps for every day of the week that ends in "y."
From now until the end of time, you'll never comprehend my rhymes.
I'm sorry to offend your mind, but you sheep who follow trends are blind.
You'll never be no friends of mine. You pussies just pretend to grind.
Yeah, you can recommend the wine, but I never intend to sign.
My style is underground, defined: a poet and a G combined.
So I'ma chill and roll a blunt, unwind, then pick a dime and bend her spine...

My people will ascend in time.
15508, gotta get these rhymes of my mind
Posted by crow, Mon Mar-07-05 11:34 AM
Oh shit, it's easy to see the rhymes are getting quicker
The lyrical quality and complexity is obviously getting slicker
If you tried to analyze my mind
It'd be like trying to find
Sanity in an asylum
I can be chill like valium
Or crazy like blow
Either way I'll rock it and rip up a show
It's crazy cold with this new england weather
Skys so vicious they lifting me up like a feather
I need the tropical climate
Where I can smoke a spliff, a good beach where I can rhyme it
I got all these ideas running through my head
They leaving me awake at night in my bed
So I need to stop before I explode
So heres (insert name) whose lyrics are lyrical gold

15509, Lyrical gold,
Posted by Whateva, Mon Mar-07-05 04:21 PM
A OK or AU
You couldn't equate son if you was x minus two
my rhymes to yours
like planets to shores
ponds to bays
or strips to alleyways
Golden like Midas
Go then and try this
Goes and recites
his friends might like this
Til they hear my way
and look at you sideways
and sigh as I glance and make you shit in your pants
Upset sects from East Asia to South France
one up sets wit cocked backs in both hands
like pink vibrators get put in a trans
like dem untracables that got put in ya mans
my rhymes in da lime hold value over time
like gold mined from Africa
riots in Attica
an athlete genius's genes found in Gattaca.
Gimme Other Lyricists Dey Get Over Loaded Dunn
Got Overweight Lines Dat Drop Lead On Guns
Be sad if I'm serious cause for now it's fun
and only that just imagine if really loved rap
After that I'm through I'm a hand the mic back
After this is you do you really want that?

15510, ...
Posted by blaksilence, Tue Mar-08-05 10:18 AM
accurate avalanche
in an immaculate battle stance


africans hurling javelins
in a sacrificial cattle dance


vaticans backstabbing the pap-illian magic man

fuk it

anyway you map it fam
blak raps with that sort of attacking clamp


grab you by the neck with my knuckles
puncture ya esophagus stick my dick in the hole
and force you to chuckle
rub my nuts while you murmur "you're nuts"
til i nut..dump babies in ya gut..
stomp on ya shit til you throw'em back up
sputtering "for pete's sakes bruh..you're crazy as fuck"

make you take the 'mornin after pill' just in case...
15511, After the pills and mourning
Posted by Whateva, Tue Mar-08-05 03:55 PM
you knew ya place.
Gurgling up gems wit immediate pace
Dats me, Unequivocal Super MC
a metaphysical metropolis seed
Yeah dats me
you ain't seeing
I'm a magical being
A bafflin bag of battlin
Cataclysmic cacklin
Dangerous Dose of Dabbling
in Everything Elaborant
Finding funny fuckas fighting me for
get's me going
Hell, he even helping me holding
my own dick
I'm so slick
I got my own schtick
I look at you and what you do could never match this
Say ya prayers Whateva here to rock da pulpit
You bullshit, ain't shit, this shit ain't you
you shouldn't flow you wouldn't know a thing or two
You either number one or a zero like CPUs.
that's binary you hear me not decimals
decks get hit often when I wreck dem flows
And this is what you have to say when the mic is yours:

15512, Hey yo, hey yo...
Posted by SNAFU, Wed Mar-09-05 01:58 PM
I am the eye inside the storm.
My mental stance is Fuck The Norm.
And my style can be described in four words: You Have Been Warned.
Just a kid from Maryland who's dope like heroin.
Open up your heart to this for me to strike some terror in.
There's mad crazy shit that's going on up in my brain.
I can't explain. You couldn't feel my inner pain.
And day to day to day it's getting harder to maintain.
I feel like Ice-T in Surviving the Game.
Always running from my problems, hiding from stress.
The only way I chill out is plant some trees in my chest
Then I remember I'm blessed. So if you wanna come test,
better bring a dictionary and a battle-proof vest.
Cus these thoughts that I be kickin' got soul like some fried chicken.
We all try to stay young, but time just keeps on tickin.
And the world is changing fast, so I just try to keep pace,
and try to keep my brain young, though I look old in the face.
I'll give you suckas a taste of how not to stagnate:
Cut through the bullshit and all the red and black tape.
15513, 1, 2, 1, 2...
Posted by Soulbrotha, Wed Mar-09-05 05:54 PM
He approached the mic from
a certain perspective
God first, the world last and got genuflective
In retrospect he spit
Til righteous saliva wet heads in dry pits
They in turn experienced a lift
from God's own hands given another chance
How He breezes on tracks
The wind in His back
Funneling truth from opinions and facts
Urban legend has it emcees sit on thrones
but there's only One this entire universe is owned,
by, why try or for fear of flying,
losing gravity to your feet kid can
keep you from dying - at rock bottom.
15514, my style
Posted by crow, Wed Mar-09-05 11:01 PM
I can remember my first rap CD
It was triple platinum and reached for me
I knew I had been missing
Out on some real shit and I needed to listen
It was rough and tough and straight thug
I started smoking sensi but rap was more of a drug
Blunt after blunt but it was rap after rap
I needed to put my town on the map
So God came down and gave me my mic
And stuck the rhymes to these pussys like the tounge of a dyke
I gave my town poetry with a beat
Talked about the drugs on the street
Listened to kweli and lil jon going skeet skeet skeet
But here I am with a plan ready to deploy
A intricate plot to destroy
Anybody trying to tarnish this art
I ain't afraid to hurt a bitch with no heart
I can't claim to be great, or even good
But I got everything everybody should
A lil soul and a whole lot of intellect
I don't care if you like me just have respect
So I know these bitches aren't fucken with me
If you are get on your kneese and start suckin homie
Cuz your girl already did early this morning
And your realtshionship is dead so start mourning
I pass the mic to the right
to (inset mc) whose rhymes are nothing but tight

15515, Nothing but tight
Posted by Whateva, Thu Mar-10-05 12:51 AM
like seal on zip-lock
A real threat like real storms I rip shop
blow up blocks and scenes and blow off steam
by barricading ya home and dismantle ya team
I approach the mic like it's a high class banger
I'm a rocket designer, a renaissance painter
If it's no shine, it's understood wit no anger
half of Bethlehem slept on the "bastard" in a manger
Earned my stripes, earned my position, I earn
I gain, make capital, increase and learn
A desirable nice writer with lyrics to burn
For a healthy dose of dollars
I make ya fans faint and holla
I'm through for now, I'm tired
definitely not wired
Next Apprentice get in the cipher before you get fired.
15516, flowing...you need to keep it going...
Posted by SuNofABySS, Thu Mar-10-05 07:09 PM
My temptation to hurt you is minimal
number 1, your pitiful
number 2, your practically invisible
writing this rap is spiritual, my mind has been a tool
im spillin the truth, it probably dont even sound familiar to you
i got this on lock like cops or your neighborhood watch
at any given moment i grab a mic and tear up the spot
its got-ten to the point where you cant get rid of this
real knowledge, im not talking about science and arithmetic
so bright that you need no flash when you picture it
pass the mic to(insert here)let 'em spit a bit, its ill as shit

15517, mental release
Posted by blaksilence, Thu Mar-10-05 07:19 PM
660 seconds worth

i'm 'bustin' 'nuts' with the motion of fingers
slow 'poke'..hard to scope like the throat on christina
sold soap when coke joked and broke my demeanor
know 'folks' whose hope's soaked in the notes of a dreamer
focused on greener..pastures and passed past ure
ass backwards acts of actin like act-ors
i'm the last relaxed cat tappin the fast forward
to move fast as..that forward off of the back-'board'
that's four.. trillion..agrillion times
i made 'ill-men' in lyrical pavillions sigh
like " he kills them with triple fill-ings in every rhyme"
"that's why i re-read'em 6 billion 6 million and 16 times"

15518, Let me get this mic
Posted by crow, Thu Mar-10-05 10:08 PM
Oh no the flow is getting hotter
This is a fake mc slaughter
I worked hard for everything I got
So if you don't think I'm hot
Meet my gun cuz you about to get shot
Really though, I'm a nice individual
With discrptive rhymes that give you a nice visual
When cats talk about me it's like I'm a religion
Like i'm some great person with a vision
I love the attention but man Let me live in peace
I get mobbed just walking down the streets
My flow is crazier then blow
and all the mcees now this is my show
From today till armaggedon
Theres a message I am sendin
Of peace and equality and freedom
These are values of life and we all need em
So lets stand tall and together
Through the good and bad weather
And we will fight opresssion
This isnt just a suggestion
This is truth and I always act real
So lets go(insert name) show em whats the deal
15519, RE: and i'll begin...
Posted by Lovebug, Fri Mar-11-05 09:32 AM
and i'll begin wit when i set into the booth the mic rattles
cuz it knows we about to tassle
gettin into more shit than the little raschals
yeah i'm a slipper whittle whascal
with a dash tabbosco
I'll show you there is really No hassles
so who wants to take this bid
on the kid
to see if he can show biz
who the real wiz is
15520, When I rhyme,
Posted by Whateva, Fri Mar-11-05 09:52 PM
in my voice, people hear authotiry
ya style second class like American minorities
Every word uttered is saturated wit gutter
sickening exhibition of a battlin mutha
So focusing on a moment when you might get over
could have you gone in moments when the night gets colder
When ya life is older
and easy outs an option
Face a empty clip loader
a basketcase poppin
A brown sheriff stoppin and collectin bribes
I'm never droppin to second less I ain't alive
unless I die right now, unless I don't exist
I'm a stay hip-hop like a faggot stay bitch
On every guest checklist
I smoke herbs for breakfast
And get more snatch than a diamond necklace
sicker than sickle cell anemia yall
turn red and leave like seasons after some a yall fall
If you call ya style raw, live fish is well done
This is bullshit, (insert name) get on the mic and get some.
15521, Whateva happened.
Posted by SNAFU, Tue Mar-15-05 03:16 PM
"On every guest checklist
I smoke herbs for breakfast
And get more snatch than a diamond necklace"

Hahahahahaha - Niiiiiice.

(clears throat)

It's Snafu on the mic.
Raps rude, but you like
the way the beat makes you feel
like you just hit the pipe.
I talk blunt, but polite.
Smoke a blunt while I write.
And I'm not going to front, girl
I want you tonight.
You got that body too tight,
skin tone that's just right.
You're exactly my type,
I'd let you hit, scratch and bite.
Dark eyes, dark complexion.
They despise our connection.
But jealousy's a bitch,
they wish they had your affection.
They're jealous of the way
that I make your toes curl.
No one makes my head whirl
like this olive-skin girl.
So now I'm the motherfucker
that will take on the world
for this girl who holds my heart
like a clam holds a pearl.
15522, a little rap
Posted by crow, Tue Mar-15-05 06:32 PM
I'm letting those flow loose
Killing mc's like they heads in a noose
I just smoked a bowl and damn im ripped
Last night was the bud light that I sipped
I don't sell drugs cuz i'm not that smart
But I smoke herb to expand my mind and heart
To experience differently
And to live my life indifferently
Stoned and analyzing every line of every rhyme
This fake mc's killing rap and it's a crime
No love for original hip hop
Just scared you alblums commercial so it don't flop
But come on keep the shit tight
Then you'll be alright
And we can give that sweet sensi a light
But right now I pass the mic to el loco
(insert name) so give us rhymes un poco
15523, RE: Open Mic Ciph - Rhymes Only
Posted by NoBle, Wed Mar-16-05 12:16 AM
29 rhymes couldn't match mine
if they were phosphorous times nine
I'm the hard to find mind
the kind that could defeat Einstein
in his prime, An MC squared
mathematically multiplyin myself
dividin emcees into two parts of their self
decapitatin lyrical misfits
who can't spit and talk too much bullshit
I'll hit you like a pop quiz
now watch this
how I redefine the science of radio astronomy
and have nobel prize winners question their notions of reality
I'm sittin above gravity
sinkin battleships with satellite strategy
I'm the planetary battery usin the sun as an artery to my armory
spittin gama-rays at galaxies
bringing truth to hip-hop fallacies
15524, to that beat in 'a perfect mistake's post
Posted by blaksilence, Wed Mar-16-05 12:43 AM
9th wonder is incredible.


feel the breeze from an open sky
take a breath
fill the trees in a broken god
take a left

throw ya arm over the ledge
kiss the heat
reminisce 'bout the position
of ya arms over her head
grippin feet
they say karma's on a thread
well this the beat
that i'm pullin it's strings to
get a seat
time's an angel in a condom's head
and this the beat
that i'm pullin it's wings to
get a seat
15525, The Game
Posted by Whateva, Wed Mar-16-05 02:47 AM
Not jumpin a bandwagon and skippin the odyssey
Was told I was prodigy and practically God
I dissected mysteries from Rome to Riyadh
and learned to sustain self above all else
and treasure all my visions and understand wealth
Understand that a man can't understand all
Understood that underhandedness was practically law
I butchered wrong perceptions since I handled thought
and suffered but convalescence healed the pain I wrought
Is man today influenced by external forces
or forced to respond to feelings from internal sources
It's safe to believe life is a spiritual fight
that man is driven by evil not the fear of his life
some conclude fear is the root of all pain
some can't escape the evil nature of man's brain
And all healthy thinkers are labeled as insane
Don't want you forming a picture without they mind frame.
just mate and take checks, now tell me this ain't the game.

15526, From my mind
Posted by crow, Wed Mar-16-05 03:38 PM
Chico from Venezuela Maracy
Never one to want to die
Even though I got crazy thoughts
I always looked at my experiences and what they taught
Started freestyling in hard times
Stared finding realse in poetry and rhymes
But how could
A mic spic not from the hood
Make it in a realm
Where gangstas were at the helm
Though I saw hiphop for what it was
I saw the poetry with rhymes and what it does
But i try to perserve
And you can try to stick it in my rear
But nobodys gonna fuck me
Cuz nobdoy can touch me
Man I don't have ne special plan
Just a wish to drink beers in the sand
One time with my brothers
Wanna party and get yelled at by our mothers
I don't want much from life
Sept to ignite
My spirit with light
So I keep my life real and tight
15527, same beat
Posted by blaksilence, Thu Mar-17-05 07:43 PM
summer in the city.

watch the sun smoke a piece of grass
heat the trash
stop the fun so the police harass
leave the stash
drop the gun by Miss deidre's path
keep the cash
hop the one to Syreeta's Ave
peep some ass

play it low til the sirens leave
fire trees
play the jones on elmyra street
fire steve
play some bones while she fries the meat
fries and grease
lay the cone with some icing cream
life's a dream.
15528, earth and spiritualism
Posted by crow, Sun Mar-20-05 12:18 AM
From the earth
The herb gives my mind birth
A feeling of evolution
Legalization is a revolution

The shroom
Visions of my eminent doom
Floating above the earth
Laughing out loud in myrth

I'm a live for the world and everything in it
No need to worry bout religion but I'm sinnin
Havn't been a Christin for years
And one of my lest fears
Is going to hell
Cuz for as much as I can tell
These people are lying
And all I see is spiritualism dying
I have no problem with anyones belief
But give me at least a little relif
And follow through
With what you do
Whats the point of religion
If your life and spirit are in division
Commiting atrocities annd
Living your life through hypocricy
Though shall not steal
Man come on be real
Follow the commandments
Now i'm not trying to start a war
But before
Not trying to hate
Just trying to debate
Through rhythm and rhyme
And show you whats on my mind

15529, RE: Open Mic Ciph - Rhymes Only
Posted by HueyNewton, Sun Mar-20-05 07:10 PM
thugz label record contracts, coffee real hot and black
creepin wit da gat in my lap, loss paper in a game of craps
so I called touch tone for back-up!!!
he said it's 'open mic rhymes only'
even the best of the best get lonely
shed tears for too many dead homies
all i see is rap-nigga clones, all i wanna do
is write and be left alone!!!
a poet-recluse wit' afro boy juice
missed a tourdate, what should i do??
da major run entertainer, huey newton
hall-of-famer, it's real i'm jus in-saner
gotta prescription for this diction
call me the dc sniper, yeah man i'm real hyper
shout outs to dem cats up in rykers!!!
word i'm jus blendin in with this rhyme cypher!!!

15530, RE: Open Mic Ciph - Rhymes Only
Posted by 2real, Sun Mar-20-05 07:50 PM
kinda disturbing
came as sperm in
fightin millions of my flesh
im churning out my self for 9 months
and now whats left
is a nigga with a spirit
that battles sin
you can hear it cry
in the skin im in
its squarin up tryna win
in the event
of my death
for some months after that
i'll be sleepin
but my soul will be churnin like the black
womb that i was caught in
set to fight another squadron
born to do it
born to die
born for infinity
remeber me
you can feel me in the sky
this cipher rollin deep
like the words off my finger
i'll let it linger for a second
but after that the next 'll wreck it
15531, RE: Open Mic Ciph - Rhymes Only
Posted by Whateva, Sun Mar-20-05 10:42 PM
>but after that the next 'll wreck it

Or demolish it completely
Lines took ya heart like the words was greasy
Please B I be battlin befo sun up
til dawn in my hood when they start puttin gunz up
sucka free knuckle til my knuckles bleed
buck suburban banks for bucks to feed my seed
you can't rhyme tough if ya life ain't rough
You can't really aim if you don't shoot much
Ben and Franklin da only ones I trust
You just can't win cause I can't be touched
And I'll never been screwed so I'll never be fucked
I'll still hold down til they pull me under ground.
cause pussies and dickheads stay fuckin around.

relieve you of ya title
after I fight you
regardless of what I might do
You already done

I'm handlin a cannon
You passive like Peyton mannin
Ya crew already scramblin
cuz they ain't got gunz

But of course I'm just fooling
it's a cypher reunion
drop what ya doing
and rhyme for fun.
15532, Real quick at work
Posted by SNAFU, Mon Mar-21-05 02:35 PM

Underground, on the train, you can't feel the heat
until you take the escalator and emerge onto the street.
The bums bang buckets along the concrete,
and the rhythm that's created is the city's heartbeat.
The philosophy is deep - you're always tempted by the devil,
operating everyday under a different terror level.
And as for the heat, there's never any consolation
except on Red Days with free public transportation.
So we chill at Union Station where relief is still a no-show
and my people buck the Po-Po with the music we call Go-Go.
Cus the way that we've been living is the opposite of Slow-mo
and the election of the president really hit us like a low blow.

Taxation without Representation bitches.
15533, You brought it yo.
Posted by Whateva, Mon Mar-21-05 09:09 PM
This is work right here:

"The philosophy is deep - you're always tempted by the devil,
operating everyday under a different terror level."

well done....

..But Of course I gotta continue
Last I heard Whateva spoke and blew up speakers at the venue
A vintage writer worker who capable of hurtin
breakin, raizing, tearing down, and closin curtains
impeccable wit I delicately spit
swallow MCs whole like pelicans gulp fish
Santa uncovered skills on ya christmas wish list
infiltrated ya brain and robbed you thoughtless
hit rewind you in a bind cause you never caught this
in Illadel it's hell an industrialized jail
it ain't hard to tell every crib is a cell,
some nights I breath in as evil beasts ascends
and pray that Angel Death don't posess my kin
I term it fortunate that I'm living to write
If this as far as I get mayne I'm reppin despite
and constantly writin verses that last like ancient curses
and linger in ya mind like lap dancing nurses
get in ya soul like ole Southern baptist churches.
15534, churches
Posted by IslaSoul, Mon Mar-21-05 11:30 PM

praying to the beast, eyes closed
prose flows through the lips of my Soul
sink to the depth, manifest
the beat behind the chest
dressed in flesh, the spirits rests
never sleeps, eyes green, badu dreams
the common emcee in me fiends for love
a feeling drugs can't complete
i'm lost in the streets of my mind
where alcohol does driveby's
shooting of braincells
no penny for a thought, I can't sell
what I remember
pay me some mind, where are the big spenders...
15535, RE: churches
Posted by blaksilence, Tue Mar-22-05 02:27 AM
>pay me some mind, where are the big spenders...

somewhere behind yesterday..dying to remember
the depth of the lesser days..combine'em with the tender
bill vets for the meds of sage..interwine'em with the ember
i confess i'm professionally..rhyming for the injured
dr. cosby..nigga..get'cha lazy style..up
not a doctor..nigga.. so my 'plays' be fouled..up
gropin for some feeling..un-focusd on camille(cham)eleons
smoking,joking,open when i'm poking keys but hopefully
ur 'gropin' what i'm (con)'cealin

15536, wide open
Posted by rgv, Tue Mar-22-05 02:45 AM
groping what im concealin
holdin on to a feelin
hopin it wont open up
and u shoot u down
love donít change
so look around
at ur pride
ur tears puddled
swimmin in what we cld be
& spittin out what we never was
then & b/c
the things u choose to hide
frum me
the nigga a bitch like me got u wantin to be
tatted & suited
legit & yellow bookdíed
both our egos too big
to make love to
like chew me up if u choose to
one of us gotta be weak for this to work
giving in
to what im concealing
gottta be
better than me- thatís u
15537, RE: wide open
Posted by Whateva, Tue Mar-22-05 09:19 AM
>gottta be
>better than me- thatís u
Don't get it construed
or fuck up and miss your queue
named yall head wind cause ya crews we run through
dominatin muthafucka cause I'm challenged by few
deforestation is taking place
inside ya mindscape
some timber choppin managin
and ego, id damagin
mind desserted like where dem be havin famines in
I'm just a celestial
God of gettin the best of you
like a reboot hopefully this a refresh you
Ya rhymes less designed than a sneeze so god bless you
Look at me wannabe so you see how the best do
and running up to nothin
just to sum it up we cuttin
but when you
rush into
my mens, they do pursue
so better have the V8 and a place out of state
Cause we'll hunt you down like escaped inmates
definitely unconvertible
to the church of not servin you
I'm an obstacle like hurdles do
You's a beach like myrtle too
they won't and haven't heard of you
unless you shockin nerdy dudes
hand the mic______so he can get in a word or two.

15538, RE: wide open
Posted by SNAFU, Tue Mar-22-05 11:46 AM
And in a word or two, I'll murder you
or force you into servitude.
Cus I'm the type of cat that likes
to roll my joint and burn it too.
Yeah, I'll have my cake and eat it
which means you're bound to get defeated
cus my words are powerful,
even the orthodox believe it.
I fire hot spit
out the full clip in my mind.
And I always talk shit
and tongue-twist when I rhyme.
You want to walk with
and run this shit how I grind.
But you don't rock shit
so I say now isn't your time.
But this crew, we connect
from the east to the west.
From the streets of DC
to the holes in your chest.
It's a very short trip from point A to point B
and now __________ will step up and teach a lesson for free.
15539, a bullet
Posted by blaksilence, Tue Mar-22-05 09:54 PM
>It's a very short trip from point A to point B
>and now __________ will step up and teach a lesson for free.

lemme teach a lesson 'bout a shot from the dark
cupid's ruthless call the troopers
bout a shot to the heart
i'm nat'l lampoon..a buffoon w/a moby dick
and she shot at my shark
whale of an impale i'm frail
call the doc of the arc
he said
"bwoy..i'll tell ye bout the shits and the bees"
"do ye gott'ah fether belly and likwid in knees?
uh huh
"do yer face get sweaty when she lips jist breathe?"
uh huh
"well bwoy i'll tell ye..yer in shit ta ya knees"

15540, A now let me tell me you something
Posted by Uh-Oh, Wed Mar-23-05 01:23 PM
Now let me tell you about the
Ladies that sexually known
I like big black girls
In case anybody like to know
How we flow on bed
Is like river and rhymes
We always stay on time
No C.P.T
Just L.U.S.T
Me and you
Going back forth
And something
I throw it up
Like an alley-oops
Just for sport
I ain't no joke
Cause when the mic smokes
And everybody crowding
You know I'm in town
Oakland to be exact
Crack Wars
And Lil Bobby Hutton used to be at
We react with the
Hyphy ways
Of course its crazy
In my days
Then and now
Presently known
To open up presents
Like Christmas
I give you___________
I'm guaranteed you won't miss it
15541, Shakeet the Beast
Posted by Shakeet Lokh Em, Wed Mar-23-05 02:07 PM
I rock for the people, give them the truth that they want
Iím hittin homeruns, while yall stay poppin up bunts
Iíve been real as they come, and that ainít a front
Bunch of possums tryin to be a skunk, fakin the funk
Shakeet Lokh Em is a beast emcee
And since I emulate God, none of yall can see me
My rhythm is avant-garde like Thelonius Monk
I stay putting out that melodious funk
Keep jaded rappers on high alert
Hatin my guts but they stay lovin my work
Cerebral rap thatís well put together
Iím lyte as a rock, yall heavy as a feather
With yall empty rhymes, hollow and fake
You ainít never been to jail, and you ainít push no weight
Mother Goose gangstas, cupcake snatchas
Never been hard until yall tried to be rappers
Shakeet Lokh Em is a beast emcee
This is varsity rap, yall stuck in j.v.
Yall afraid to break the mold and break down barriers
So yall stay with the plain like an aircraft carrier
Iím ringin the bells like an ice cream truck
Givin the neighborhood what they want
Based on pure skill, Iím a lyrical monster
And anybody who want it with this harbinger poet will get slaughtered
Simple as that, I lay you flat on your back
Or flat on your stomach, like when your homies get jacked
Shakeet Lokh Em is a beast emcee
Cognizant orator of the truth I see
15542, Yep
Posted by SNAFU, Wed Mar-23-05 03:30 PM
That's nice.

I'll break it down for you like the Berlin Wall:
I've been writing these rhymes since you were learning to crawl.
And I know that you've been waiting for the curtain to call,
but I've been meaning to talk with you, concerning your fall.
My crew will take you out like a slutty girl on prom,
make you a casualty of war just like Iraq or Vietnam.
So tell me what the fuck is wrong?
Lame radio, same song.
I'm hoping that this DJ won't keep spinning for too long.

My b. I lost it. Not focused today.

Someone pick it up.
15543, RE: Yep
Posted by SuNofABySS, Wed Mar-23-05 06:47 PM
...the hot rhymes, i have it, girly mc's get they ass kicked
keep the J low like Afleck when i got my brain relaxing
i was raised around the bastards turned to crackheads
where i was the only aspiring highschool graduate
these cats try rappin' it, gotta be true to self before you could be true to rhymes
i visualize, then grasp bars like people doing time
tell the truth so im not used to lyin', you full of shit like a sewage line
they runnin to me like a circus
mc's get nervous when i serve my purpose
rolled my blunt, let______spit while i burn it
15544, i wrote an epic for bobby hutton--- may he rest
Posted by rgv, Wed Mar-23-05 06:50 PM
15545, let me talk to you..mayne
Posted by blaksilence, Wed Mar-23-05 10:21 PM
i never came at a dame on the 'net'..ya girl came at me
so if you initiate game at a dame with a log-in name
then you a likkle strange..and a bit of a lame to me
to each his own. but peep what's shown. it's plain to see
the same thangs she's sayin to ya mayne..she aim'd to b.
bub. and t, cuz from greece, some thug in D, who luv'd her piece
and more than likely this lil 'fiesty' is a twin whose nicknames are
Ug and Lee
fukk it bee..
i'll give you the rules
15546, this is next level
Posted by Whateva, Wed Mar-23-05 11:44 PM
"she aim'd to b.
>bub. and t, cuz from greece, some thug in D, who luv'd her
>piece and more than likely this lil 'fiesty' is a twin whose
>nicknames are Ug and Lee
>fukk it bee.."

The rhyme was intricate
next level sophistication
extra-verse merriment
otherworldly explanations
I come at you from a non-existent trajectory
eclectic when I battle the nice MC directory
She carefully involved
wit mysteries unsolved
Only time she got wet
from takin her clothes off
could tell with each stroke
she was catchin mad feelings
dawg tore up her walls
like termites and bad children.
not refusin I'm abusing the stomach ya hear
We bumpin til she cummin like she gettin the chair
no hunch I confidently follow wit brunch and
she clutches gaspin for air
yellin kickin and punchin
Eyes glazed over like she seen the great pumpkin
can't handle stiff stick and some project thumpin
15547, Speak in a rich tenor
Posted by flashiusclay, Thu Mar-24-05 04:42 PM
He's a big spender
But only if it's really on and she's a thick tender
My hunka chunka burnin love
All you heard was Unga bunga then you heard the thud
He dragged her back to the cave
With a fistful of wig as he cackled crazed
Shackled inna cage, she awoke with a splash
Seenta Sasquatch look alike smokin hash
He said, "I'm known as Flash, but my hos call me Daddy,
Hon I loves ya soft buns and your all beef patty.
I cant wait to taste the special sauce
My handsome face makes em wanna take they dresses off..."
She was helpless to his charms
Blood rushed to her head, her pelvis felt charged
He unchained her, she melted in his arms
She undid his belt and gave a yelp. It was hard.
Hella large. It made her give a gasp.
"Take it in the ass. What's my name?" (womans voice) "ITS THE FLASH!"

15548, RE: Open Mic Ciph - Rhymes Only
Posted by hdub, Thu Mar-24-05 01:02 AM
up late on laptops im making posts
with j's to the brain making cells into toast
other rhymers try but don't even come close
now they know dubs the keystyler with the most
but enough boast now its time for me kick it
if all you got is props in rhymes theres no sickness
people blow they own spots but its shit kid
im not on my own jock i know i just spit this
if you think my shit is hot im glad you with this
but if you do not, im cool i dont need witness
im staying proud of everything ive acheived
dont got rims or cribs, but got everything i need
im chill with just having bare necessities
not sweating lifestyles of mainstream mc's

15549, whats good duns.
Posted by Aeon, Thu Mar-24-05 02:02 AM
poppa Ae,he,
never left you
i be lurkin-
plottin n' schemin, interpolatin text too...
shts like this give me the urge to splurge, as the rest do,
off the recollection, i see im possi-b-bly
the best to
do this,
im a tough talkin nigga with a disposition,
similar to dem cats on kamikaze missions,
but im gunnin to the terra with my 20/20 vision steady
stayin with the heat like a pocket fulla kitchens
ask your babygirl, she say she love the way the bo'l spit
preach his politics without ever takin the pulpit
how you look now- crosseyed
takin a full clip
to the dome, like you tryna learn bout gat-spit by osmosis..?
...im just kidd'n,
only give it to the masses in small doses,
but really, if death had next of kin they say the kid's the closest...

///lemme leave y'all 'lone before i get in the mood. folks lighting candles and putting on soft music for a nigga///

15550, Ay, They should watch it
Posted by flashiusclay, Thu Mar-24-05 06:55 PM
Bay bridge hot shit.
When he gets in the discussion
Why they change the topic.
Focus on the mic like aimin rockets.
I remain flyer, pilot in the fighter plane cock pit.
Dive in the mosh pit
Crush the whole train and the insides with stock tips.
They cant cock block it.
They wont get away with it like insider stock tips.
U like the logic how he left the market flooded.
It'll never be clean no matter how hard ya scrub it.
Retarded rugged just does it for the art of it
Holler call him baller on a movie star budget.

15551, imagine a cat
Posted by blaksilence, Thu Mar-24-05 09:00 PM
imagine a cat
who can battle in rap
and tap an extravagant spat
that'd make a graduate poem addict
call me magical 'crack'
and after i tap her
ass in the sack
she'll tap on my sack
and whisper " mine." and "you sexy bastard"
"aint no grabbing it back"
i laugh at the stats
relax. i'm back when i'm back
you fake'ums master ur bations
i been masterin .dats
patient wit militant situations...
15552, I'm thinking dog.
Posted by Whateva, Fri Mar-25-05 11:31 PM

>patient wit militant situations...

Until the boss get crossed by false denominations
get tossed across halls following exonerations
Understand that we kinetic you feel me when you get it
get them handicaps spaces cause ya flow is prosthetic
fake like plastic fruits or velvet versace suits
strong dollars, staying power, or laser print loot.
can't dispute I chipped ya rep like my right front tooth
Couldn't be more down if I was Triple Fat Goose
A plethora of threateners and overhyped competitors
music video editors, examine as I test ya
Ugly like Aunt Esther or stripes and checkers
Was told "it's medical" so I sedated the hecklers
tested but never challenged I'm engrossed with my talents
Observe your life in scale as it hangs in the balance
a prophet once shared nigga practice the art of silence
I tremble when I dare compare my life to God
So many easily defeated from the shattered pride
so many battered lives and battle and war cries
torn up notebooks and abandoned hood ties
The truth, a Beanie Sigel to ya scandalous lies
The panels could never handle this silly candle wit
They say a nine gets way more shine when you brandish it
In my face like a farsighted news reporter
I hold more wieght than a GM financial quarter
Expressin instant decadence and very little hesitance
artificial emcees is contaminants like pestilence
Bar raised I'll get praised like whoever kills the President
A travelin cypher circus for the ladies and gents
They know where the first is soon as the second went
Making labels take notice with these powerful dents
fresh definite underrated never faded Prince
that rock events from Kingston to Queens and since
I was 30 inches high or highly sensing surroundings
dawg barking loudly but can't defend the poundings
when I pounce, no pounds,just blood in fluid ounces
No sense in the sequential cause my wins is countless
touted in other countries like Peace or Russian weapons
I'll be in more stereos than listening settings
They'll be no AI's when I come into question
Like Bush V Kerry, the nation's death procession,
I'm the blood, Skull and Bones of this fuckin profession.
15553, nggz pulled out thesaurus'es..
Posted by blaksilence, Sat Mar-26-05 03:38 PM

sick is sick tho:

>Until the boss get crossed by false denominations
>get tossed across halls following exonerations
>Understand that we kinetic you feel me when you get it
>get them handicaps spaces cause ya flow is prosthetic
>fake like plastic fruits or velvet versace suits
>strong dollars, staying power, or laser print loot.
>can't dispute I chipped ya rep like my right front tooth
>Couldn't be more down if I was Triple Fat Goose
>A plethora of threateners and overhyped competitors
>music video editors, examine as I test ya
>Ugly like Aunt Esther or stripes and checkers
>Was told "it's medical" so I sedated the hecklers
>tested but never challenged I'm engrossed with my talents
>Observe your life in scale as it hangs in the balance
>a prophet once shared nigga practice the art of silence

3rd person.

they hate him in a game he aint playin, foulin'eem, sayin his ego is jumbo
he never skated wit'cha dame, still she sayin: "in actuality, that negro is humble"
"maybe a beat(bit) of a bunghole, but as a G that's hung low
he keeps both heads free, watchin his feet for the stumble"
and the snakes in the grass, who wait for his pass, try'n to take what he grasps
like if he gets a little bit inter-Ested in gettin wet wit a sis,
some schitz will come and take a jump in the lake wit a splash
He'll laugh.
say it's 'late'
then he'll 'Pass'
She'll crash
say 'what about fate?'
He'll laugh
and say "Ay..
have a good day
and fate, my ass."

15554, Smell the 8ths in the stash
Posted by flashiusclay, Mon Mar-28-05 08:44 PM
Say hey, it's the flash
Flippin game on that ass
Spittin flames from the face gash
The kid is Rick James brash
Witta solid golden coke spoon
Offend the whole room and go,
"Oh, you goin so soon?"
Vagina lip guys, yall flow is so poon
Why ya tryna ride his dick, you know it's no room!
Sew up my own wounds so they cant sprinkle salt
They wont even say it let alone think the thought
Bring the god a single malt, bitch use a clean glass
Bring it fast, I know you want the new green cash
King calculate the numbas use supreme math
My team graduated from the blue and cream class
Ghost wallabees routines last if the show quality
You know the policy, yo so follow the lead
pass the jewels, dough, cell phones and wallets to me
In the middle of broad day for all to see
Cold robbery they had to admit it was so ballsy
15555, More work for ya
Posted by Whateva, Tue Mar-29-05 12:45 AM

>Cold robbery they had to admit it was so ballsy

Cold robbin is redundant if the deed is costly
Projectin a fake image is showing off falsely
You test and get dat red X on ya chest
Cursor to ya name get deleted from the best
I battle you in distress on days I'm depressed
In different timezones nigga East to West
Never hated on opposition I learned from
Was hated more than a hood skank after she burnt em
they changed like women after out the pimp turned em
converted back once they heard me flow from the sternum
The hipocrasy of knockin me who you could not be
oodles of what you do do don't do shit for me
you big lipped me wit big talk and loud statements
then ended up lumped and makin love to the pavement
I call you bookmark cause you my favorite
I hurt ya confidence like I make auto payments
15556, Iron ore curtain crush
Posted by flashiusclay, Tue Mar-29-05 02:53 PM
>I hurt ya confidence like I make auto payments

Auto payments?
That was not so blazin...
I assert my dominance with a hot flow and cadence
Ya team stopped prayin when the snot hollows sprayed him
Told him stop playin, told him not to follow Satan..
But he was all for hatin, wanted to be a devil
7th degree perfection flow, you could never see the level
Believe it's incredible, on the streets of the ghetto
I spit shit that punch holes through thick sheets of metal
Call it swiss cheese special, a low carb option
Shank em by the weights with the whole yard watchin
Carve em like roast beef hole in his heart coughin
Why you wanna start it up, it's so hard to stop him
I chain foes in dark coffins while there still alive
And leave em there til they die, like Bill did the Bride
Which is where it ends, you aint got the skills to survive
Flash a killer inside, drug dealer on the side
Vilified despised, full time man of leisure
I do a dime the same way as a damn skeezer
You cant keep her, while I backhand and beat her
She keep comin back, she think her man needs her
(you say) "Flash! I cant see ya!" Precisely my point son
My team treats these battles like we enjoy em
In spite of that these toys is slightly annoyin
B Boyin, turn out yall wifeys and boink em

edit- HOLLA!!!
15557, RE: Iron ore curtain crush
Posted by blaksilence, Tue Mar-29-05 09:29 PM
>B Boyin, turn out yall wifeys and boink em

boink em?

i could literally take my time

hmmm hmmmm hmmmmm hmmmmmmm

and still critically out-rate'cha rhyme
cynically and continuously i out-date'cha time
and have ya mom

mmmm mmmmm mmmmmm mmmmmmmmm

when i pull out my snake and grind
the faceless guy
still pullin eights to dimes
like a broken change machine
on the basement side
of an indian reservation
with the lake beside...
15558, Lake besides? A lame try. You aint fly...
Posted by flashiusclay, Wed Mar-30-05 01:56 PM
I'll take this guy, and blaze him without breakin stride
Carve my name in his hide without explainin why.
Leave em all disgraced and dyin from the shame inside.
With achin pride tryin to find a way to survive.
Ay-day I strive to deny the inner hooligan
I try to stay away, but the sinners pull me in
It hurts my heart when I hafta be cruel to his kin
Take him away and make him pay for his foolish whims.
That's the way the bullet spins when the hammer strikes
Phantom of the mic leave you holey like the hands of Christ.
I raise both hands and fight get up and stand for my rights
Here's some free advice, DONT GAMBLE WITH YOUR LIFE...
I cant stand your wife, tell her come git her things
Tell her bring Daddy's dough or git punched with the rings
Dont front on a KING...


15559, Okay now...
Posted by Whateva, Wed Mar-30-05 11:05 PM

>Dont front on a KING...

I front on self-proclaimed Kings, that show nothing but talk
That's ill-prepared for gettin hawked, and traced by white chalk
Ya rhymes is soft, unskilled, girly or real daughter
not sturdy, you heard me, they weak like month quarters.
A tragic individual, disgustingly pitiful
My lines like dem smart bombs that wreck da citadel
take a hint or two I give you a inch or two
You like a stench, hell bent, I vent to get rid of you
I'm detected fear from moment you clicked reply
I eject a stare from the pit of my third eye
ya hopes drop when shit is hot like ice sickles
I dedicate this gab to whenever the real hits you
You featherweight son so ya jabs feel like tickles
Ask yourself why did he pick you, rhyme stick you
why ya team and they crew and they gunz let im get you
It's Whateva black the veteran of attacks
I'm salutin hip-hop by breakin ya damn back

Don't front..
Posted by flashiusclay, Thu Mar-31-05 01:35 PM
>>>>I'm salutin hip-hop by breakin ya damn back

I'm shootin big shots and takin ya fans cat,
You can't git a beat, it'd be wastin the damn track.
I plants money trees and rake in the damn scratch
You asked for it, here, a taste of the hand, -SLAP!!!!!-
Grand slam smack, stupid sweet chin music
I'll beat em toofless, leave em bleedin with bruises
Let him marinate on the freezin street in his juices
Truest in the leauge, gorilla Street Pimp Ruthless.
Never need excuses, like wack beats, I dont make em
On the microphone 'm sayin, it's like the chrome sprayin
Cocaine binge snow flakin dope lacin
All his foes hate him just cuz all his hos pay him
Flows the vocation fire toungue hired gun
Retire dum filthy rich an then buy a slum
It's in his blood supply, the way they wired son
Face it kid, I'm the man that you strive to become
I'm tired of crumbs who believe that theyre tight
Watch em wilt in the heat of the strategic strikes
No need to fight, I got the Kung Fu team of dykes
..I hope you dont sound as weak as you write


With all due respect fam. Step your game up before you come at Flash with them weak shits. HOLLA!!

15561, One Shot Deal
Posted by blaksilence, Thu Mar-31-05 09:36 PM
>No need to fight, I got the Kung Fu team of dykes
>..I hope you dont sound as weak as you write

70 dudes..all spewin that shit fa ya
all of a sudden..i'm talkin to you in particular?
Gawd..clutch it..ya movement's vehicular
slippin..ya transmission's hissin losin it's grip on
'the wrong way' path..G'one play lad.. cuz you on with a don on his way to 'Songs Pay Ave'
it's been a long day lad..in a strong way lad..then i log on to find ya lil 'Stron-Jay' ass
showin ya pussy..whoa cookie..i'm so into pussy.but only the pussy that's golden and gushy
u swollen..wit odors, rodents and omens in pussy..

blah..i'm busy.
15562, Why yall be replyin to the wrong shits?
Posted by flashiusclay, Fri Apr-01-05 01:20 PM
Fuck it. Shit is for the birds.
15563, this was for your boy
Posted by flashiusclay, Fri Apr-01-05 01:23 PM
not you. the auto payments shit was for you, and thats the one your mans replied to. whateva man, no hard feelings and my fault if I took yall shit subliminally. I didnt come in this to step on nobodies toes, I just wanted to talk about how much of a pimp I am.
15564, I know it was for blaksilence, but I couldn't resist.
Posted by Whateva, Fri Apr-01-05 08:41 PM
After all, it's just a cypher. This ain't at all serious. rhyming, boasting, etc. Nobody feelings are getting hurt as long as we all understand that it's just battling. I don't look at your response and get mad. I look at it, break it down, and enjoy the word play.
15565, I feel you 100%
Posted by flashiusclay, Fri Apr-01-05 11:48 PM
I wrote those at work, I was havin a good ass time. I wasn't even mad an iota, my attitude was more like OK maing, you wanna play rough! @ Tony Montana, but on the just for shits and giggles tip. Respect man, cuz of this lil cypher I wrote mad rhymes and I got a lotta ideas for songs and shit, thanks for going back and forth with a cat. Yall gave me something to aim my focus at.

You got shit dog.
15566, RE: Smell the 8ths in the stash
Posted by mesthebronzeman, Fri Apr-01-05 07:47 PM
too many man bring war, call of the streets,
i make plans,tinted window vans, while they brawl with police,
i'm the golden grain of sand, lost at the beach,
i speak scriptures of peace, teach advoid the preach,
i'm like a president hard to impeach,
my freedom of speach,
leaves previously unbequethed cats shaken in their seats,
i represent ireland, from Belfast to Meath
My ůlgach* spread the wrath, leave you all in defeat,

sorry didnt get time for a proper rhyme

(gaelic irish for volunteers)
15567, check it
Posted by jayare214, Thu Mar-24-05 08:29 PM
lets go rip a flow with the best or the worst
the first burst pushes through you inner ears like a spear
this verse guided by god ya mellon swellin to nod
and ya face sweatin shakin gettin tense tryin to rob
your soul of the chance to move into the rapture
after the hook i got ya trpped just like a raptor
pack fence you in with the beats flow and rhymes
and impison perpetrators like r kelly doin time
rebirth the slang for haters so i can lace it my rhyme
and im fresh like de la souls pot holes in 89
cant fuck with mine! im too involved with this love
hiphop been my bitch since before my spits sucked
when my beats was fruity loops or beatboxed for props
before any rappers had gotten shot! Im old school
my souls due to communicate with the nation
divine energy imbibed commercial presentation.
15568, booty bump
Posted by rgv, Fri Mar-25-05 02:50 AM
15569, dusts mic off
Posted by scroofays, Sat Mar-26-05 10:36 AM
Simple and plain/off the top/I'll pop a hole in your brain/watch me snatch the big picture/leave you holdin the frame/the reason I came/is never the fame/check the name/scroofays baby boy/I'm changin the game/now I know you prolly heard of this/but I'm lyrically murderous/and it won't be long before my name's attached to some superlatives/cause/I'm the illest dude doin this/dead or alive/name your favorite 10 rappers/I'm better than 5/so you should consider yourself blessed if you hearin me spit words/ALL my rhymes pop/like soda in Pittsburgh.....
15570, damn man you're two for two...
Posted by hdub, Sat Mar-26-05 12:46 PM
...from what i've seen
15571, On and On
Posted by Uh-Oh, Mon Mar-28-05 03:31 AM
I don't live that far away from Vicksburg
Where my man got killed
Thats make me close to death
Like I raqi soliders
Welcome to Oakland, Cali
Where niggas saddle up
In their cars like stars
Looking for that white horse
Getting hyfee of course
But the force think we the problem
The don't care when a little kids get taken out of their forces
This is dark side
Crack Wars '86
A magical journey
Through margainalization
And realization at 8
That cops to get me
Fit me into boxes like Harry Potter
We want to soverignty
From this poverty
Probably giving us money will be a solution
That will problem when you diluting
The cash cows
For all the milk
Now she wasted
Looking for stars
Babies she don't care
How she fared
Is thought
Fought out the mind so easily
Like a pimp to a brezzy
America is the big easy
Never greasing their hands
Unless for oil
Our soil is polluted
Our soul are folded
Watching the play the games
Hoping for a way back in
Without sarificing
The ramifacations got us
Sucking for air
But she making dough for sucking duck
So who cares
The owl are out
Playing alongside Jadakiss song
How is nowhere to be seen
But I wish this a dream
Cause I want to live in a nightmare no more

On to the next MC Please
15572, the gospel according to hdub...
Posted by hdub, Mon Mar-28-05 10:33 PM
no question hdub is this boards most prolific
daily dropping posts that is rife with the sickness
bear witness, these words just be flying off my keys
my illness causing death to all mad whack mcs
exqueeze me please I just need a minute to breathe
be back after the break to give ya what ya need
another fiend, got you addicted to my rhymes
hooked on sniffing these lines, like some coke for your mind
Its time, for dub to rise up and grab the title
the force of my skills left my foes suicidal
my shits vital, less like rhymes more like a bible
start a new religion gonna smash your idols
15573, They after Flash's titles
Posted by flashiusclay, Tue Mar-29-05 04:51 PM
When he come after you theyll hafta hide you
I follow the unwritten mackin bible that was vital
Run a faster mile eleven hundred twenty feet per second
Money, I keep gettin, study one hundred twenty degree lessons
They really need directions, he taught hisself the rules
Like she pays before you fuck, never take help from fools.
They felt abused, and were powerless to stop him
Deathly afraid still theyd crowd around gawkin
With their hands shadin theyre eyebrows to watch him
They jock him from Oaktown to Motown to Gotham
No sound when I'm talkin, or I'll bounce without rockin
I better hear this pin on the ground droppin
The pin dropped and the echo was deafening
So he proceeded to get busy for the ghetto brethren

15574, RE: Open Mic Ciph - Rhymes Only
Posted by HueyNewton, Tue Mar-29-05 07:41 PM
it's a classic bastards, i said negro please, wanna compare
my steez, rap clones like fleas, rhymes only please!!!
i won't stop, can't stop, my technique like digital roam
poetry from the street'z very own, got primo on da mic'phone
very fine left all alone, got stock in nina simone!!!
oh my god, should i leave the throne?
befo this shit gets sticky, need to know huey is picky!!
fuck dat nigga 50, he looks a lil trippy
now get up off me, cuz niggaz i'm simply
my reputation is like christ's last temptation
no visual separation, i prefer studio participation!!
whoa . . here i go . .
rep this ink in my skin, free-spirit to the end!!
eccentric cat i don't fit in, but my diction just blends in
heard 'em on da radio, dissin chicks wit photos
of this nigga huey-to-the-newton, still improvin
wit every cypher i'm just soothin, now you blakk & brusin
it's round 3 you fulla contusions and dawg you losin . .?
this classic spit still improvin' . .

15575, RE: Open Mic Ciph - Rhymes Only
Posted by abduraw, Tue Mar-29-05 10:53 PM
i'm eye opening when you think lyrics, think synonomous with Abdu/masterful, poetic, i toke spliffs daily

Mind Elevation take shorts now come on really/that's impossible like being chased down by the fridge perry.....

Abdu Raw

All yaw'll 1/2 spitters come get it!!!
15576, RE: Open Mic Ciph - Rhymes Only
Posted by acidtabs, Wed Mar-30-05 03:41 AM
Damn doggie come harder, I run harder, run charters
My lungs charred up, my mind's Vince Carter
Elevation, vertical leapin, stand from a stationary point
And leave your joints eternally leakin
Verbally speakin, murders and demons, burn em and sneak em
Under the ferns and trees and, birds and leeches
History, mind of Ghengis Khan and Menachem Begin
not for beggin, not to mention, mobsters, henchmen
quenchin, bench pressin these tracks, liftin, raisin
hittin blaze and spittin phrase and, I got it like that
I got it in packs, wrapped and packaged, for the masses
rappin wackness is what I call these classless rappers
actin actors, got their actions backwards, have to practice
mean mugs in the mirror til they got their practice mastered
Politics is what rap is, lying out their fat lips
The music all useless, its all Grants and Jacksons

15577, Shakeet the Beast Part II
Posted by Shakeet Lokh Em, Wed Mar-30-05 10:01 AM
The Real - Uncut diamond in the rough
I'm at my best under pressure/I'm pure carbon untouched
Only the sun in the heavens could better Shakeet shinin
Blindin phony emcees showin off their conflict diamonds
Jaded rappers hidin behind catchy melodies
As my naked stanzas commit Class A felonies
Agrravated assault on the lies of commercialism
While I focus my mind's eye on the truth's fertile prism
So concerned with their persona and their Billboard postion
Instead of uplifting the youth and concetrating on Gainining One's Definiton
It's Common Sense that we put these actors on high alert
Stop buyin their records and keep them watin on royalty checks like Kool Herc
15578, It's been a long time...
Posted by SNAFU, Wed Mar-30-05 04:18 PM
I shouldn't have left you...
Without some shit to break ya neck to.
And I don't mean to disrespect you,
It's just natural to pull an ace and wreck you.
The pace is set dood
but emcees fail at their profession.
Your face gets wet too
whenever I spit in your direction.
You athsmatic rappers can't keep up,
Snafu is stunnin'.
You fools have it backwards, just shut up
my mouth is running.
Fuck a microphone and speakers,
my voice is too low for your tweeters
and if you piss me off,
I'll hunt you down like Jeepers Creepers.
But I'm a minimalist emcee -
I'll rock a show in just my sneakers.
Still, my crew has the power to topple government
and oust world leaders.
15579, KIM
Posted by flashiusclay, Wed Mar-30-05 05:42 PM

Still, my crew has the power to topple government
and oust world leaders.

I had the brown pearl adidas since a round curled fetus
Martian cat take birds around the world to venus.
Found the girls weakness, she love it when he treat her like shit
He call her pet names like ho, and sweet freak white bitch.
Teased the tight slit, she like "you made me wet!"
He said, "Baby Ima vet. You didn't pay me yet.
You freak crazy b-yetch, you knows I dont chippy.
My game is too tight for me to slip just cuz some ho's frisky."
She handed him a huge roll of crispy dough swiftly.
Said, "Daddy you could hit me, just dont say you won't dick me!"
He grabbed ahold of both tiddies rather roughly
Slid it in, all she could say was "fuck me, Daddy fuck me!"
He slapped the fatty puffy, her cakes was covered in red marks
She barked on the bed til she barfed up a dead shark.
When the deed was done, he said, "beat it hon I need to run."
Bitches dont get a measly piece, not even one crumb
15580, RE: KIM
Posted by malvo_da_poET, Thu Mar-31-05 12:20 AM
i coulda went pro cuz i excel at sports, instead im in and out of appellet courts/ I could dribble a little, handle the rock well/ in both games, handled the spot well/ 6th grade said I had the vision of magic/ quick to the lane for baskets, same time that gat get, quick to ya frame for caskets/ ad-min, trip after afterschool stab-bin, had me switch my braids, couldnít ball till I had em fix my grades/
15581, RE: KIM
Posted by SuNofABySS, Thu Mar-31-05 12:43 PM
...this is raw talent
drop so heavily it push your scale off balance
I recite ballads of love or malice
take your pick, but you get the latter if you challenge
i'm steady approachin' the throne in the palace
administer blows to your dome through this outlet
and i'd still administer blows to your dome without it
its time to grow up, tell mom to hold the allowance
my flow come up in conversation, so dont doubt it
and my whole style is grand like a thousand
now ima let the next in the procession tell you about it...

15582, Shakeet the Beast Part III
Posted by Shakeet Lokh Em, Thu Mar-31-05 02:05 PM
Kill all the chest poundin and the empty bravado
I only spit manuscripts niggas need for survival
Get you higher than any opiate or sticky green cess
My simplistic complexity make me better than the rest
Knockin down posers and any crab emcee
Get through A and B first before yall try to C me
A for the Acquisition of any semblance of lyrical talent
B for the Balls to be diffrent and Bravery to shout it
15583, huu! (hand up)
Posted by Ezzsential, Thu Mar-31-05 09:36 PM
yo i had to be the only fem to come in & rep this
shakin harder than the ass of an epileptic-
sista-ya shits sinister, conducting whimpers
i peel kinder kicks quick-
kiddie flippers and schick out the mini-scapel,
flossin'-razor unda my tongue-peel additional jargon backwards
in the back woods
expose the garters an panty hose
responses lactating lactose
lackin proper structure and flow
catch this note
this shits subtle!
i juggle emcees rockin baby bottles with my tonsils
now huddle!
in a nutshell
i head lock and give "noogies"
to pin-head muttle
droolin' puddles
of dribble
my response is part-aggrevated by these carbon-copied scribbles!

-lol I write battle verses to Mariah Carey songs...

This is a great website to discuss spirituality/religion, philosophies, and post poems:www.aware-discussion.net
www.3kingsmusic.com < for spiritual
15584, RE: Open Mic Ciph - Rhymes Only
Posted by Soulbrotha, Fri Apr-01-05 02:40 PM
Its pretty ab-surd the way the words curve
sharp as broadswords is the Lord's Word
too tough for rocks anything in its spot gets split
lift-ing human souls beyond mid-riff
stand at ease young'un battlin' is less entertainin'
whatchu know about beefin' humans crushed by the weights
of demons, seeking lives that casually walk through life
Aiyyo my safety, who I am is hid in Christ...
15585, Okay
Posted by Uh-Oh, Sat Apr-02-05 08:13 PM
Say what are you
Not what you wanted to be
Cause Wannabes get done up so easily
Actually more like toaster ovens
They buzzing
But ain't no real sounds when the niggas come around
So how that sound?
When parading around
With little boys and girls got you saying
You can be a thug like me now
Standing tall is the hunchback clause
Cause these rappers talking Maybach and Lean Back
Learn the facts before you go running off and get
Italian clothes
The Godfather didn't give a fuck about you
Still claiming Mosiofoso
No soul though
Snitching to the feds
Did I also mention you give head
No knowledge in your brain
Running around here on white horses
Sporting chains
Is the numbers
Why hold them down
When to them we just clowns
We don't lounge
In the trees
Looking for weeds we could uproot
Of course I'm the truth
Cause I'm heading to Africa
And thats real
15586, written to the tune of where you at, ye's boost mobile beat
Posted by flashiusclay, Sun Apr-03-05 02:47 AM
off the head massacre thats real flash kills
smash grills, say rhymes that other cats feel.
But at the same time,
I be like FUCK what cats feel
Rap skills'll get him stacks a bucks in max mills.
Studied The Mack, im billie dee williams
the guttery cat that got willie d for his millions
My buttery tracks fathered Billy Jean's children
Cats is utterly wack, I really be illin
Philly fillin the blunt burnt for sixty minutes
Sticky spinach funk germ gritty vintage
He so pretty he never need a shitty gimmick
Critics bicker, is he kendricks or jimi hendrix?
Inna inner city limits th' legend stretches far
..I know more than one way to get a car
Hard headed ghetto star
Several steps ahead of the law
..A regular at the bar
Metal jaw chrome melon
the known felon on the microphone yellin
"fuckin narcs, I wont help em!"
Flow compellin dope sellin stable owner
Yayo stona 56 inch cable vulgar
She made him choke her in the gold plated pagoda
When he first started bangin tables it was over
15587, Whoa
Posted by SuNofABySS, Tue Apr-05-05 11:23 AM
the rhymes that we spit, wack mc's are not touching
what happened? i wanted to see an all time high reply posts reach a hundred
i know we got enough mc's to keep this shit going for a while
i'll be asking "are we there yet?" like i was child
but im grown although i still live at home
shhh, keep that quiet cause my girl still doesnt know
excuse me, i'm getting a little off topic
sometimes that happens when Pauly Paul drops it
oops! i just revealed my name
i really hope you feel the same
its dangerous what i lay on tracks, like suicide victims that deal with trains
the type of people that never learned just how to deal with pain
they bottled it until it exploded like that '86 rocketship
seriously man i'm just tryin to reach a hundred, so follow this

"Life without knowledge is death in disguise" - Talib Kweli
15588, Ninety Six
Posted by flashiusclay, Tue Apr-05-05 12:35 PM
Hollow tips fly from Apollos lips
So raw so slick cream suede wallos dipped
Respect a real woman but I call a ho bitch
I never ask em if they swallow or spit
I ask myself, should I go with a face shot?
Maybe, maybe not, ho, dont waste a drop
Cocaine snots got the whole game locked
Go away, it's just a roll in the hay byotch
No names at the top, bullseyes on their backs
Generals be gettin fooled by surprise attacks
Superfly Mack with the Cooley High hat
Supersized strap write the Pulitzer Prize raps
Pulverize cats...

I'll be back to make this hit 100

15589, Ninety Six
Posted by flashiusclay, Tue Apr-05-05 12:35 PM
Hollow tips fly from Apollos lips
So raw so slick cream suede wallos dipped
Respect a real woman but I call a ho bitch
I never ask em if they swallow or spit
I ask myself, should I go with a face shot?
Maybe, maybe not, ho, dont waste a drop
Cocaine snots got the whole game locked
Go away, it's just a roll in the hay byotch
No names at the top, bullseyes on their backs
Generals be gettin fooled by surprise attacks
Superfly Mack with the Cooley High hat
Supersized strap write the Pulitzer Prize raps
Pulverize cats...

I'll be back to make this hit 100

15590, Almost 100
Posted by SNAFU, Tue Apr-05-05 01:36 PM
With quickness, I react like litmus
and bloom like an hibiscus when on the mic,
'bout to rip this.
No blood on my shirt, that's lipstick
cus me and females go together like
My Aunt Jemimah and Bisquick.
So feel the pain and know that
these words can burst your veins and capillaries.
And feel the shame and go back
to grade school to learn vocabulary.
You're the kind of shit I have to bury,
any fame you've got's imaginary.
You bundle up in Summertime and
I makes it hot in January.
As for competition,
there isn't much of a selection
cus most cats these days
are disappointing like elections.
It's lonely at the top, you see?
I just can't make a deep connection.
And if I ever feel like battling,
I've got to spit at my reflection.

Hahaha! Who's gonna post that hundredth?
15591, 99 bottles of beer
Posted by flashiusclay, Tue Apr-05-05 03:37 PM
The games full of male models and queers
These lames is motivated by not God, but fear
The colder soul controlla hold the throttle and steer
At the show the whole audience applauded and cheered
I've got about a year to make my mark on the slate
Hostile take over label owner take his parkin space
Guard the safe start the tape Ima spark the 8th
Sharpen the stake great bargain Black Market Papes
Pack a larger crate and fill it to the brim
Hook trim on the pissin pole then I reels em in
Rock a Erick Parrish hat like I'm Gilligan
Math science cast iron skillet to the chin
From the fryin pan to the camp fire s'mores
He arrived and his vibe made the macks hide the whores
(He said) "mine keep me busy, I've no time for yours"
He was lyin, but, you know, the game is like a war...
15592, 100th post in thread
Posted by flashiusclay, Tue Apr-05-05 04:22 PM
Go ahead I dont care close the thread
Throw em over the edge he didnt know the ledge
They found him in a shallow grave with broken legs
Remind me of that one time I stole a keg
I gotta grow a hedge just to keep the groupies out
They keep campin on the lawn with they boobies out
Rangin from the perky jiggle to the droopy slouch
Somebody poop butt skid marked the Gucci couch
Im all moody it's bout to be on in a minute
Fuck all these bitches now they gone and did it
Broke chickens rollin six to a Honda Civic
I'ma reasonable man, but I'm beyond my limits
Yall broads is finished, this heres the final straw
Dont try to come by, dont write or call
In the moon light he threw them out by the draws
All you saw, all types of hos tryin to climb the wall

15593, THATS 100 PEOPLE!!!
Posted by SuNofABySS, Tue Apr-05-05 07:36 PM

"Life without knowledge is death in disguise" - Talib Kweli
15594, RE: THATS 100 PEOPLE!!!
Posted by Whateva, Tue Apr-05-05 10:54 PM
That's a hundred replies and a hundred war cries
a hundred challenges and hundred lost lives
finger to keyboard, output to monitor
some near flawless delivery hidden beneath a moniker
some brave thoughts hittin me really I'm not mindin ya
Furthest from the second I'm picked from the litter
Be certain of what you reckon all gold ain't glitter
This cypher is my cell when you hear it come get me
Em is me backwards that made the Game iffy
hundred and two replies that better than two 50's
Open mic cypher lights out!! up ya lighter
Started by SNAFU and finished by half of you
blaksilence abstract, flashcius got words smacks
typin and writin wit absence of high hats
dis fly cat will stomp you on ya welcome mat
so save the flash and pomp til ya health come back
okay player in ya layers like a tic on attack.

I'm tired...keep it going though.

15595, Dumfucks unequal
Posted by flashiusclay, Wed Apr-06-05 11:43 AM
Flame sprayer A gamer hip hop is back
He could write but you should hear em spit on a track
Finger pick the axe and he makes his own beats
Blacksout and comes to achin dome piece
Crates is obese yo the labs a wax museum
I A-rab em may stab em if I catch em takin
Thats exasperatin over for the masqueradin
Later for the shakin asses yatches hafta pay him
I'm sayin. He quick to tell a ho hump herself
No shame in him, skull game is somethin else
He tell em, "Ima let you make me tons of wealth.
You aint gotta be young or dumb but it helps."
Smoke blunts to good health I'd like to make a toast
Here's to keepin bitches overworked afraid and broke
He made jokes with his folks at the players roast
Skated in the Lac gold plated Dayton spokes
15596, That Equal
Posted by Nathaniel, Wed Apr-06-05 01:00 PM
(beat shifts to Crime Mob's "knuck if You Buck")

I see you in that lac/
as I pulls up in that truck/
24's/ swing up dohs
steady flicking off them hoes/
Nate Dog sing them songs/
straight doing it like i does/
fading all them fake players/
bend down to oil up them gators/
it's a brand new week with some brand new cheeks/
while you live check to check/
a ni**a bout that guap/
and he just can't stop until them wheels fall off

"I do talk tuff and I do tuff things."
-Jimmy Jones (DipSet capo)

Nathan is a phenomenal young singer out of Brooklyn,NY. He is featured currently on the Encore album entitled "The Layover". He is known mostly for his intimate knowledge of 80's/90's musi
15597, We've come too far to let it die
Posted by SNAFU, Thu Apr-14-05 11:06 AM
What happened to this place?
We were the human race
but something happened and that memory has been erased.
Can't talk to one another,
we kill our sisters, brothers
and children growing up without their fathers or their mothers.
We are the victims of our own undying quest for freedom.
We make mistakes then wait a couple years just to repeat them.
This ain't no freaking weekend,
the Talking Heads keep speaking,
yet still we die at home because intelligence is leaking.
I oppose this occupation of a foreign land
when there's a war in our own streets that is now at hand.
I'd rather write these words down and play in a band
than receive my death sentence through a chain of command.
It's hard to separate the truth from all the fabrications,
but realize that Magic must have got a vaccination.
I know they probably got a cure for Marburg too,
just another little thing we won't get access to.
A peace is possible, but people's quick to turn their back at ya
to make a profit drilling oil while ignoring Africa.
15598, Shakeet the Beast Part IV
Posted by Shakeet Lokh Em, Thu Apr-14-05 11:24 AM

On this blue playground, different cultures and races
Thereís a plethora of history amongst this potpourri of faces
Schoolyard bully stay ready to pull the trigger
But Sadaam Hussein never called me nigger
The hood is desperate for any semblance of hope
At the end of the line lookin for another foot of rope
Hard workin mothers with good credit, but canít get a loan
The smartest business move is to own a funeral home
Junkies injectin, but they still care about their life
But the track lines on their arms say otherwise, right?
Alcoholic fathers quit the bottle for the sake of their kids
But he got cirrhosis of the liver, so he already dead
Make up to break up, happiness is a faÁade
Iíd be gettin high too if I didnít know God
Invertebrate brothers be soft but with a gun act hard
Tryin to get me to clock out but Iíma stay on my job
15599, ...a defibulator any use?
Posted by The Hammer Man, Thu Apr-14-05 11:36 AM
o.k. big ears would hear ya
it ain't like, it's lost
when t's got crossed a
and the ayes were just an agreement for an easy life
either pumping gas or driving north
or figuring the trials wouldn't end up in court
they'd care if money was involved
they care when it's the profits that take of
or if you want to personify the personel
maybe having the nerve to worship another god
would make you less of a target and more of a threat
or maybe the rats been racing for so long
it's all they can see when they reach for the rod.
15600, RE: Open Mic Ciph - Rhymes Only
Posted by illminded, Thu Apr-14-05 06:00 PM
Give me a profession, prefably using open mic sessions
to bless the crowd when
handing out rhymes like a concession
first time posting so give me a blessin
use to writing screen plays but kick freestlyes
illminded reversatile laying ish down no longer on the prowl
thirty years old reminiscing back on the block
b-lo snatch the spot upstates summer mad hot
roll the dice to win the pot
crumb snatching everything you got
ill is what I'm looking after the benefactor
if this was a book you would be on your first chapter
there's mad applause but for me no surpise
I love ladys in shorts especially with the thick thighs

15601, Up to bat next
Posted by flashiusclay, Thu Apr-14-05 10:26 PM
Up to bat next. Russian hat roulettes.
Dont live in the past, doesn't have regrets.
Pro. Chop the white snow up with 'yak breath.
The Dope Opera Maestro conducts the smack fest.

Suckas lack zest, he pack freight loads of flava.
Four seasons annually, taste maker/ dough raker.
Mastermind power moves, his aim's a focused lazer.
Not a stick up per se, this a takeover playa.

No traitors ever infiltrate the infrastructure.
Hos say 'm a clever, innovative pimp and hustler.
Known to leave a rusty shade of tint on ya luster
Roast crabs, souffle' the shrimps in the butta.

Mustard Timb scuffa, free lance Polo spokesman.
Mean hands the street champ from SOHO to Oakland.
Read: Coast to coast 'n, I glow when 'm boastin,
No joke, yoke mics in a choke holds that broke them.

15602, what up
Posted by SuNofABySS, Fri Apr-15-05 12:33 PM
aiyyo this is not for your amusement
this is the contribution that i'm making to the movement
America's stuck in the mud, we need to move through it
but got major setbacks, the president is clueless
all the shit this countrys doing, I still cant come up with a legitamit reason
In Iraq little kids are bleedin, it makes me wanna commit treason
we're supposed to be civilized, but we act more like heathens
spiritual beings, yea possessed by demons
its so fucked up i just cant shut the fuck up
who got me started....

"Life without knowledge is death is disguise" -Talib Kweli

15603, soo
Posted by PG, Fri May-13-05 11:33 PM
fucking mad in design with a half fifth a line
watch cats miss the sign with the last hit in kind
yo we pass this like time
mic ticking spit wick to explosives
okp cypher quick like bitter medical doses
ya I'm setting all closes
most wont touch for fear of corrosives
they just shit they pants n swear they smelling like roses.
15604, RE: soo
Posted by TRIQUENO, Mon May-16-05 09:36 PM
I'm tellin my whole biz, cuz hell is so close shit,
like we livin in a inferno an they sellin explosives, your adrenalines growin till wut u tellin is noticed,
I'm the betta breed,da king forever to celebrities, you beggin fo longevity, till yo boys on the street pourin you out some hennesy, thats why I'm approachin wit poisin on my chedda cheese