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Topic subjectcan you inbox me your autograph?....
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15175, can you inbox me your autograph?....
Posted by hdub, Tue Jun-28-05 01:22 AM
...lol cause i finally saw that shit and it was ridiculously tight

first off lyrically it was amazing-- sections that rang in my ears and the story of the whole thing- how it unfolded

was she bi a lesbian- straight- and then bam prison i was not expecting that

so glad i didnt read this first and spoil the surprise

also your description of what they got from their encounter revealed so much about your characters and society as a whole

plus your energy as a performer you really inhabited this i was riveted-- you conveyed a lot of emotion without being over the top (a problem i have often seen in spoken word)

if you were nervous i couldnt see it at all-- you owned it


i just wish i could see more of the poets on here read their work like this-- theres no substitute for that