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Topic subjectRE: def poetry & paperdollpoet.
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15163, RE: def poetry & paperdollpoet.
Posted by ASIEM, Thu Jun-23-05 07:35 PM
there is a brother i know i always tell him he brings the stars a little closer to all of us...you have in this piece done that for me. I mean yes the verbal will be ausome i know cause you got that kinna flow i feel you but the written here deserves some "high regard" yes POET LAURETTE paperdoll do the damn thing baby gurl...hurl this to the flame that inspired it and know we are blessed by every painful pleasurable moment...this reaches across morality, religion, sex, prison into something still quiet in most of us, compassion. only an empath could have written this.
no doubt feelin you
"Kuun fiyah Kuun" Quran
(Be and it is)
" A writer takes his pen to write the words again that all in love is fair" Stevie Wonder
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