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Topic subjectThis is a result of constructive criticism
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15025, This is a result of constructive criticism
Posted by Shakeet Lokh Em, Wed May-25-05 11:26 PM
I know I can write, but that wasn't my issue. I was puttin too many words into one bar. So while it rhymed and made sense, the rhythm was sometimes sacrificed. I wrote a joint, somebody critiqued it, and instead of getting defensive, I looked at my piece objectively. And I agreed with what was said. That is the best part of an open forum, in that we can honestly critique each other and make ourselves better writers. But anyway, thanks for the peep.

P.S.And this is by no means professional. lol This is somethin I did at work. I'm still refining my style, but when I get it all together, it's gonna take a nation of millions to hold me back. ~one~