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Topic subjectDown For Me
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15019, Down For Me
Posted by Shakeet Lokh Em, Tue May-24-05 03:37 PM
Peace Queen, my Goddess, you been with me through it all//
Got me open now, I was once a puzzle only you could solve//
Been tamed through fifteen years of mountains and craters//
Gassed you up sayin I would change, I had you drownin in vapors//
Confirmation of God wasnít at the time of our first childís birth//
It was the fact that you stayed with me when I was at my lowest worth//
You loved me even when all of your family told you to stay away//
Believed in me when my own mother had my coffin on lay-a-way//
Never did me dirty when I was hustlin, you had patience perfected//
You kept us connected/ you only got upset when I got apathetic//
Itís not my absent fatherís fault, or the governmentís blatant neglect//
Because only I can make the decision to show myself some respect//
Makin me look in the mirror of my son, until I finally understand//
That gold fronts in my mouth and a gun will never make me a man//
Remember when you got pregnant, I told you to get rid of the baby//
And you said youíd kill me first, no ifís, mightís, or maybeís//
You saved me/ not just from the crack rock or glocks bustin on blocks//
But also from my close-mindedness that kept my brain in a locked box//
I tore down my mental ghetto walls and freed my gray matter//
To the love factor/ deep in the book of life so now I turn the next chapter//
And itís you, all smiles, all trust, all joy, all love//
An olive branch and a dove/ we stay getting burns from rugs//
After I came home from a year locked in Minimum Security//
I promised to release you from my juvenile subliminal tyranny//
12 months of patiently waitin, you never disrespected our home//
Never cheated, said I was the only king that would sit on your throne//
As the time goes pass/ for every calendar that we throw in the trash//
Itís more evident that we in a marathon and not a 40 yard dash//
So we gonna last/ longer than any fad/ because we are time itself//
Never held down by gravity, we stay in the stars like Orionís Belt//
Give me goose bumps when you kiss me with your beautiful self//
I hope this is felt/ Love it when I kiss your candy coatin, and you start to melt//
I prayed to God and thanked him for sending me one of His angels//
My pride has been strangled/ so now I spend my days being thankful//
Black man with a black queen/ your eyes sparkle with that African gleam//
I canít explain to you the depth of what you makin me laugh again means//
The essence of dreams/ is your definition, your soul makes me serene//
A paradise of emotion, my crooked past youíve made me redeem//