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Topic subjectKing O' Da Ring Tourney III (Round 2)
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14869, King O' Da Ring Tourney III (Round 2)
Posted by KnowOne, Wed Jun-15-05 10:21 AM
Okayplayers, time to drop the ice packs, rinse and spit, cuz Photo is walkin' round the ring in a thong with a #2 card and the bells bout to ring..... once again I'm gonna post your name and your opponent’s name. (Just as in round one match-ups were randomly chosen. Its the luck of the draw.) You have until 10am EST on Wednesday to put ya verse in my INBOX …(remember my INBOX...not email.) I will post both verses as soon as they hit my inbox ..if ya late you get DQ'ed …so you lose .. We had a lot of DQs in round one. Lets try to stick around this time people.

FYI, as a result of the DQs we were 1 emcee short, so Instant Axis has been added as an alternate.

The match-ups are as follows......

nuke vs Prolif

Biohazard vs southernboy_423

hdub vs Zin

MiracleRic vs Rajeniro

MCee vs def1

Whateva vs Instant Axis

Sound the bell........

PS - also to keep everything neat, pls keep all ish talkin' and ran-dumb idle talk in replies to the ish talk thread below.