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14202, Question Re: This Comment --
Posted by PhotoSynthesis, Tue Mar-08-05 04:20 PM
>I personally have not seen as much passion on the board as I did back in '03.

Do you think that maybe -- JUST MAYBE -- There are more "Working Stiffs" on the board now? -- I mean regular Joe's -- NOT "College Students" -- Or for that matter -- SCHOOL KIDS period.

See --

My contention is that there's a *discipline* involved in displaying passion -- and that discipline comes from the structure & prodding that college provides -- (Or school promotes) -- So those who ARE in school --Whether college or high school -- Are constantly on that level of learning and excelling -- Because they're being pushed in that direction at that particular time.

When I cruised --lurked -- and visited this board under other alias's -- Two or more years ago -- I noticed a competition of sorts -- Amongst COLLEGE HEADS -- I noticed a critiquing of sorts -- Amongst COLLEGE HEADS -- I noticed cliques being formed -- Amongst COLLEGE HEADS -- So the quality and caliber of work on the board had a polished, competitive (((SHINE))).

Seems like most folks now~a~days come on this board to relax -- To read and (((Chill))) -- to play -- Or to flexx their lyrical muscles in battle~mode -- But they don't seem to wannna be innna competitive steelo -- Pushing for "Perfection" -- After they been WORKING 8-10 hours a day, straining their brain.

I ain't sayin' THIS is the reason -- I'm just throwin' it ~OUT THERE~ for contemplation, nahmean?

The passion is not the same -- Because the people are not the same -- *Make Sense?*