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14199, good ish,fam...
Posted by Jason Voorhies, Thu Mar-03-05 02:33 PM
Morehouse is gonna be a librarian,ha...j.k

Jay Z is simply the most important artist in Hip Hop history for several reasons.

One, his timing. He currently holds the crown. Just as whether you like George W or not he is the most important president in history because he is calling the shots NOW. He has the ability to send us to war, devalue the dollar or not. We have to deal with him respect his power.

Two, unlike any other rapper Jay understands how “the game” truly works. He appreciates moreso than any other artist how commerce, marketing, and diversification must co-exist with more traditional Hip-Hop values such as content, flow and beats. LL was the 1st to openly and successfully court the ladies. Jay does it better. Run DMC were the 1st to get into bed with a footwear company, but there were never a Run DMC designed line of shelltops. Biggie synthesized a non New York (we are usually tempted to say West Coast, but in actuality the NY sound is the adapted anomaly) sensibility with a NY flow, but he was murdered before he could see it through. Jay has perfected it.

Third, financially prudent rappers have made outside investments, but being part of the group that bought the Nets is real American big business. Bob Johnson had to sell his baby, BET, to join that club; Jay just needed to wait for the return on The Blueprint album.

© Wes Jackson “What happened to the Roc?”