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Posted by PhotoSynthesis, Wed Mar-02-05 04:27 AM
Blak baybee -- I'm sure you *know* we ALL look 4~ward to these enlightening issues of "YUKON MAGAZINE" -- And as I've told you B~4 -- Your contribution to the board thru THIS medium is most appreciated & anticipated! -- *smiles*

You've gotten better with each issue, asking more indepth questions and pulling specific traits from the interviewee ---- And that's a good thing!

*Good Job / GOOD JOB*

Morehouse, you're an interesting person -- Not just from an Educational perspective, cuz I have family and friends with Masters, Batchelors, and all other kinds of degrees who ain't doing shit with em' -- *chuckles* -- (So I'm constantly choppin' em' off at da knees an' knocking them off their "HIGH HORSES" when they try to get uppity wit me -- *smirky smiles*)

But I still admire you for your educational pursuits, and I wish you much success & fulfillment in all your personal endeavors.

(((Thank U 4 Sharing)))