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Posted by blak_yukon, Mon Feb-28-05 07:59 PM
***First off…congrats to Terrell, TX’s own Jamie Foxx on his Oscar Award for Best Actor. Truly came along way since twisting up his face on In Living Color. I really feel he won’t go the way of Cuba Gooding Jr. with it, heh heh heh heh…***

Sup, chuckleheads…
Uncle Blak back again with some info on yet another superb poet. This cat is relatively new but he’s continued what the likes of Anthology, Presyzion, Giovanni and the rest of the “first school” of writers have done. So far as giving us well written and structured gems further proving positive that black folks aren’t inept to subtlety, ha. We caught up with Morehouse this month and um…let’s see what he has to say.

YM. You've been here for about 2 yrs now, right? I don’t think I've ever seen you caught up in any of that," Oh the boards are this..." or "the boards should be like..." Instead last September when you were picked for AOTM, your first piece was "This Board Has So Much Soul". You went on to speak of the love / hate relationship we all have with this place. Yet you own up to the fact that you wouldn't want to necessarily be anywhere where else. How did the boards become your home?

It will be two years tomorrow (Feb.25) I can't remember what friend of mine directed me to the site. I think I was a lurker for a few months other different names before deciding to post something and I'm glad I did. I've been able to connect with many dynamic souls on okp and that is definitely a "good look", as my boy from Morehouse would say. BTW, where the hell did presyzion disappear to? I miss homeboy. He is probably one of my favorite poets from the board.

Lately, I personally have not seen as much passion on the board as I did back in '03. I think it is because I take my writing so seriously and I don't see that in most of the work I read in freestyle nowadays. That's not to say that everyone has to be serious about their writing, because everyone writes for their own reason, and not everyone writes daily or is looking to writing as a career option. For me, it is therapy and I'm trying to get to the point where my "pen" is an extension of me--where the process becomes involuntary. I see this as a lifelong goal (something I may never reach, perfection as it were), where my other goals, like getting into an MFA program or becoming a writing professor or writing an original screenplay...those are temporal goals, things I plan to achieve in the near future. It is this lack of passion in my eyes that has led to me seeking out other forums, where critique is mandated and many of the posters write professionally (i.e. as a career). All in all, I'll always love okp and I'll be around for as long as the board is up, even if it is less frequently than now.

YM. "My Left Hand Is Weak"...lol, that's for every lonely dude everywhere. Really through a lot of your pieces there's a longing for affection. Do women usually serve as the muse for your work?

Yes, they often do. However, many of my works on love, a recurring theme in my writing, are not based solely on past or present relationship experiences. I often mold ideal scenarios, something to reach for in my experiences with women. However, the two things that are real are the longing for affection and the loneliness I often experience, no doubt. I would only hope that comes out in my writing and is seen as authentic, real.

YM. You definitely come across as the "nice guy". The quintessential "guy friend" to a lot of the chicks, has any of that plus being a poet ever payed off in your favor if you catch my drift? And if so, are we going to see any slick poetry from the episode(s)?

You know, my friends in college would occasionally ask me to write poems for them to give to girls they were talking to. I never did it and for the same reason I'd never write anything, solefully for the purpose of getting with a girl. However, I will say that bringing forth a certain persona does have its advantages. I've received what I will call very "positive" energy from women due to my writing, and I welcome that 100%. It's all love. And yes, I have and will continue to write about situations.

YM. Aeon had a post, The Male Freestyle Collab,right? Your contribution painted a scene of an older brother passing advice to his younger brother on what he could expect heading off to college (from internships and girls to the appreciation of Hendrix). Are you Brandon the little brother in this story? Being that Morehouse is your alias, is the school you attended?

Actually, Brandon is one of my younger brothers (I have two) and he is in his first year at Haverford College, outside of Philly. I try to be a positive influence in his life and since I've already experienced the college life, I pass on a little wisdom here and there. One can only hope those loved ones that go through it after they do will avoid some of the pitfalls that may have caught them along the way.

Morehouse is my alma mater...Class of 2004, with a B.S. in Psychology (cum laude). My roommate of two years put it best when he said, "when one graduates, it really is the case that "you can never go home again." a real homecoming would be interesting to see, since one eventually realizes that such remembrances of things past are really esoteric endeavors that reach for a rootless existence. You never really fell in love with the idea of the school; you fell in love with the experience. And that, my friend, is a fleeting thing." I couldn't have summed it up better, the idea of leaving and losing what you had when you were there...I miss it and I hold on to those memories, sometimes living again in those moments through my brother, even though he attends a prestigious majority institution, while I went to an HBCU. However, college is college. Most of all, I miss being drunk with friends...lol.

YM. You were telling me how you're considering becoming a Teacher. I can appreciate that, I've worked with "at risk" kids myself through Art Enrichment / Mentoring programs. Which discipline(s) and grade level(s) would Morehouse teach?

You know I've been griping with the teaching thing. Being unemployed is a drag and almost 9 months out of college, it is wearing on my conscience. I would like to have some impact. I was thinking of teaching in the 6-9 grade range, which I feel is one of the most important stages in education, along with earlier education. Even if I don't teach, I'd like to do some type of minority outreach work--actively impacting the community is a powerful thing, something I respect wholeheartedly.

YM. Education plays a big role in your life. How much does it define your success?

Since, I aspire to have at least one of my careers be in academia, it defines my success to an extent. I like to think of education as the foundation that everyone needs to be successful in life. It is important that this "education" not only occur in the classroom, because most lessons learned in life do not happen while listening to a professor. Earning a degree was definitely a milestone for me, a major step toward attaining a goal. Now my eyes are set on graduate school, a step of course I could not take without that undergraduate degree. I am learning every day and I wouldn't have it any other way.

YM. Any last thoughts you want to add before we jet?

It was a pleasure sharing my thoughts with you brother, and I appreciate you reaching out to me. Shout outs to the entire board of okayplayer, and anyone, anywhere that seeks to understand the power of the written and spoken word.

we speak soul,
we write heart.
we dream sun,
we live rain.
the story
of life is ours
to tell
again, again and again.
Peace, love, and life.

The Red Flag is on you...

you will like vicversus...

This for yall keeping them bills payed / gas in the car with whatevers left / keeping something on the plate.(c) i said it.

14190, what am i doing up at 2:47??
Posted by rgv, Mon Feb-28-05 09:46 PM
i dont know, but ive learned a great deal about sumone...
i sumtimes kinda sorta recognized.

i esp liked ur points on education as one who intends to teach herself

the seriousness of writing...a writer after my own heart

it is serious, and i share in your observations.

much appreciated,
14191, YAY.
Posted by robynwildchild, Tue Mar-01-05 05:06 AM
good luck with all your poetry and future school goals!
Posted by soulchild, Tue Mar-01-05 04:40 AM
I continue to be impressed with the indepth interviews of the ym. I applaud that. We exist on this board together, for lengths of time, sometimes years. And we get a feel for each other through our words, but it can be striking to finally understand some of the personal details, like Morehouse's devotion to education, that we are made up of.

Nice meeting you, morehouse. I appreciate your passion for writing, and your presence on the board.

Posted by grape, Tue Mar-01-05 07:30 AM
>...Many of my works on love, a
>recurring theme in my writing, are not based solely on past
>or present relationship experiences. I often mold ideal
>scenarios, something to reach for in my experiences....

Cool deal.


start because you
have to, you

climb without
knowing you climb

you arrive without
knowing where

you are

-Jane Mead
Posted by blak_yukon, Tue Mar-01-05 10:55 AM
yeah, this is tight...kind mods...wheres the anchor?

you will like vicversus...

This for yall keeping them bills payed / gas in the car with whatevers left / keeping something on the plate.(c) i said it.

14195, :)
Posted by Morehouse, Tue Mar-01-05 11:11 AM

hey everybody ;)


"At least embarrassment is not an imitation.
It's intimacy for beginners,
the orgasm no one cares to fake.
I almost admire it. I almost wrote despise." -Alice Fulton

"The future is a grey seagull
Tattling in its cat-voice of departure.
Age and terror, like nurses, attend her,
And a drowned man, complaining of the great cold,
Crawls up out of the sea."
-Sylvia Plath

"I would like to be the air
that inhabits you for a moment
only. I would like to be that unnoticed
& that necessary." -Margaret Atwood

14196, RE: :)
Posted by Lex__Luther, Mon Mar-14-05 12:58 PM
What up, Morehouse.

I gotta show love to anyone reppin the 'House the way you do. Keep it up, bro.

The piece on the fleeting moments of college was especially poignant.

Morehouse '02
Posted by PhotoSynthesis, Wed Mar-02-05 04:27 AM
Blak baybee -- I'm sure you *know* we ALL look 4~ward to these enlightening issues of "YUKON MAGAZINE" -- And as I've told you B~4 -- Your contribution to the board thru THIS medium is most appreciated & anticipated! -- *smiles*

You've gotten better with each issue, asking more indepth questions and pulling specific traits from the interviewee ---- And that's a good thing!

*Good Job / GOOD JOB*

Morehouse, you're an interesting person -- Not just from an Educational perspective, cuz I have family and friends with Masters, Batchelors, and all other kinds of degrees who ain't doing shit with em' -- *chuckles* -- (So I'm constantly choppin' em' off at da knees an' knocking them off their "HIGH HORSES" when they try to get uppity wit me -- *smirky smiles*)

But I still admire you for your educational pursuits, and I wish you much success & fulfillment in all your personal endeavors.

(((Thank U 4 Sharing)))
14198, you interview rather well... b
Posted by the perfect mistake, Wed Mar-02-05 01:13 PM
in depth answers to some very in depth questions... i am certain the goals you've imagined for yourself are on their way to being met... good job you two... Peace~


the corner of hope
and nowhere

i stood. ©revion
14199, good ish,fam...
Posted by Jason Voorhies, Thu Mar-03-05 02:33 PM
Morehouse is gonna be a librarian,ha...j.k

Jay Z is simply the most important artist in Hip Hop history for several reasons.

One, his timing. He currently holds the crown. Just as whether you like George W or not he is the most important president in history because he is calling the shots NOW. He has the ability to send us to war, devalue the dollar or not. We have to deal with him respect his power.

Two, unlike any other rapper Jay understands how “the game” truly works. He appreciates moreso than any other artist how commerce, marketing, and diversification must co-exist with more traditional Hip-Hop values such as content, flow and beats. LL was the 1st to openly and successfully court the ladies. Jay does it better. Run DMC were the 1st to get into bed with a footwear company, but there were never a Run DMC designed line of shelltops. Biggie synthesized a non New York (we are usually tempted to say West Coast, but in actuality the NY sound is the adapted anomaly) sensibility with a NY flow, but he was murdered before he could see it through. Jay has perfected it.

Third, financially prudent rappers have made outside investments, but being part of the group that bought the Nets is real American big business. Bob Johnson had to sell his baby, BET, to join that club; Jay just needed to wait for the return on The Blueprint album.

© Wes Jackson “What happened to the Roc?”

Posted by AUS, Sun Mar-06-05 12:39 PM
yo this was a killer issue. brother morehouse is one of the more insightful and entertaining poets on the board. nuff respect.
14201, i never realized
Posted by delsbrothergeorge, Tue Mar-08-05 01:25 PM
how young morehouse was.

that insight from homeboy about college is on point. you can apply that to the end of anything really.

14202, Question Re: This Comment --
Posted by PhotoSynthesis, Tue Mar-08-05 04:20 PM
>I personally have not seen as much passion on the board as I did back in '03.

Do you think that maybe -- JUST MAYBE -- There are more "Working Stiffs" on the board now? -- I mean regular Joe's -- NOT "College Students" -- Or for that matter -- SCHOOL KIDS period.

See --

My contention is that there's a *discipline* involved in displaying passion -- and that discipline comes from the structure & prodding that college provides -- (Or school promotes) -- So those who ARE in school --Whether college or high school -- Are constantly on that level of learning and excelling -- Because they're being pushed in that direction at that particular time.

When I cruised --lurked -- and visited this board under other alias's -- Two or more years ago -- I noticed a competition of sorts -- Amongst COLLEGE HEADS -- I noticed a critiquing of sorts -- Amongst COLLEGE HEADS -- I noticed cliques being formed -- Amongst COLLEGE HEADS -- So the quality and caliber of work on the board had a polished, competitive (((SHINE))).

Seems like most folks now~a~days come on this board to relax -- To read and (((Chill))) -- to play -- Or to flexx their lyrical muscles in battle~mode -- But they don't seem to wannna be innna competitive steelo -- Pushing for "Perfection" -- After they been WORKING 8-10 hours a day, straining their brain.

I ain't sayin' THIS is the reason -- I'm just throwin' it ~OUT THERE~ for contemplation, nahmean?

The passion is not the same -- Because the people are not the same -- *Make Sense?*
14203, RE: Question Re: This Comment --
Posted by Morehouse, Thu Mar-10-05 01:31 PM
good point. :) just my observation. i could be a little BIGheaded about it.
14204, peace to morehouse & yukon n/m
Posted by LaDeeDeF_99, Sat Mar-12-05 02:53 AM
14205, RE: peace to morehouse & yukon n/m
Posted by Intrepid Vixen, Sun Mar-20-05 07:45 PM
I'm always the last one to read these. But, I must say well done to Blak and Morehouse. B, I haven't "known" you long...but you're a deep and serious brotha. And you will be prolific because that's where you belong.
Beauty is in my ear
I sketch beautiful
rhythms with a pen
my thoughts
artfully articulated
into harmonies of
~*~ KSB ~*~

"My feelings or emotions or anything at all will reverberate throughout the halls of a poem."
Posted by Nowachaoticthing, Wed Mar-23-05 02:02 PM
This was a very good interview.

Yukon, I'm enjoying these in-depth posts... always nice to catch a glimpse of what makes the people in our cyber-community tick.

Morehouse, thanks for sharing some of your thoughts, dreams, and philosophies with us.

"When we're writing, I'm not sure that we think of the reader. It's more that we pray not to lie, to get it right, so that if we're writing about a tree, we get that tree and not a petrified log..."
Posted by jayare214, Thu Mar-24-05 05:10 PM
14208, like the new ym logo my nigga
Posted by rgv, Thu Mar-24-05 06:20 PM
Posted by delrica, Wed Mar-30-05 03:29 PM
good stuff, good stuff!