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Topic subjectBehind the Scenes of the Seed video, well done!
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8922, Behind the Scenes of the Seed video, well done!
Posted by okayplayer, Mon Mar-17-03 01:49 PM
Check out the behind the scenes footage from The Roots ~ "The Seed 2.0" video shoot on Bthere.tv!

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8923, RE: Behind the Scenes of the Seed video, well done!
Posted by jose3030, Mon Mar-17-03 03:10 PM
who is you?
8924, Yeah, I'm curious, too! :-) n/m
Posted by kurlyswirl, Mon Mar-17-03 03:23 PM
8925, i am the poster with all the official news and info
Posted by okayplayer, Mon Mar-17-03 03:46 PM
straight out of the OkayOffice ... kind of like aoxomoxoa only i am a droid ... faceless, nameless, without opinion ... i just post information. also, unlike aoxomoxoa, people can pronounce my name
8926, good to meet you
Posted by dgonsh, Mon Mar-17-03 04:42 PM
very suitable name

peace, dgonsh

"anytime i state an opinion i state it's my opinion, and i back up why i stated the statement (time willing). so please folks you got to understand that it's not a good feeling to read a i'm not on his nuts comment. if i need some attention for my nuts i'll call a jawn." -Quest

8927, hmmmmm
Posted by allison, Mon Mar-17-03 05:32 PM
8928, Okay(player), but...
Posted by kurlyswirl, Mon Mar-17-03 07:28 PM
How is it that you've been a member since Jun-21-02 and made 163 posts? I don't remember any posts from you before today, or am I losin' it? Wait, don't answer that--The fact that I care enough about your identity to write this is evidence enough of that!! :-P Like clever79 said: It's almost TOO much okayplayer! Can't...handle...it! ks

Enjoyed the behind the scenes thingy, though!
8929, actually, y'all
Posted by daps1, Mon Mar-17-03 08:45 PM
some female last year had the name okayplayer, but changed her name to blackfoot_female (i think that's her!). so basically she's the okayplayer formerly known as okayplayer.
8930, yep
Posted by blackfoot_female, Mon Mar-17-03 09:04 PM
8931, and she so graciously
Posted by aoxomoxoa, Tue Mar-18-03 03:46 PM
handed over the name so we could use it to post news

thanks again!
8932, Mystery solved! I can sleep now! ;-) n/m
Posted by kurlyswirl, Tue Mar-18-03 08:24 AM
8933, holy shit!
Posted by clever79, Mon Mar-17-03 05:57 PM
an okayplayer named "okayplayer" with the "ok"!!! Thats like the ultimate okayplayer...

Thats almost TOO much okayplayer!

Okay, player?
8934, lol...
Posted by NOMAD_77, Mon Mar-17-03 06:29 PM
ha ha ha...

This mysterious Okayplayer is raising a few eyebrows round 'hyuh'- © Cartman of Southpark.

The Behind the Scenes jawn is nice though.
8935, Déjà vu
Posted by MarauderOL, Tue Mar-18-03 05:28 AM
Been there.... did THIS!


But, it's all love. As long as the footage gets noticed.
8936, FATHER?!
Posted by ok, Tue Mar-18-03 06:48 AM
8937, RE: FATHER?!
Posted by MarauderOL, Tue Mar-18-03 06:55 AM

I think #9 would make it "mother?!"

8938, RE: FATHER?!
Posted by Shelly, Tue Mar-18-03 09:30 AM
HA.. I actually thought of you when I saw this. Get your name back!!!!

He's magically delicious-
Damon !
8939, RE: FATHER?!
Posted by jose3030, Tue Mar-18-03 09:33 AM
yea man, dat be him!
8940, that muhfugga left me
Posted by ok, Tue Mar-18-03 04:10 PM
when i was 2, and hasn't even been payin child support.

he owes me an 'ok', damnit.
8941, Interesting video n/m
Posted by deacon, Fri Mar-21-03 06:19 AM
"Whoops, there goes gravity" Eminem
8942, RE: Interesting video n/m
Posted by mxmstanick, Fri Mar-21-03 02:48 PM
why on earth did the roots hire this joker to direct one of the best songs ever. "conceptual shots" my ass, they should get real artists to direct what visually represents them. I was so excited for the video, anything could have been done, a whole world of film is out there, amazing things could have been achieved just with the roots playing to the camera, but no, too bad, next time i say someone should be chosen that is at the same caliber as the roots.
8943, RE: Behind the Scenes of the Seed video, well done!
Posted by Design, Fri Mar-21-03 02:10 PM
i can not listen or view behind the scenes of the seed video
i think i already saw it but this maybe something different
yo please make it viewable on realplay or media player or something

All by design

8944, RE: Behind the Scenes of the Seed video, well done!
Posted by Tom, Sun Mar-23-03 02:55 AM
nice, and it played well too
8945, * NEW *, more behind the scenes video
Posted by aoxomoxoa, Mon Mar-24-03 12:37 PM
This time with a video interview with ?uestlove

8946, awwwwwwwww
Posted by allison, Mon Mar-24-03 12:44 PM
juicy link =)