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8798, RE: The Brixton Post
Posted by UniversalXplorer, Sun Mar-30-03 04:55 AM

Wow I just woke the fuck up!!!!
what a dope ass show.Me and my boy left new york for Paris a few days ago and then hopped on a euro star (train that actually goes undewater via a tunnel) and got to London yesterday.The show was great!! Northern State, should get on the bus and go back up North Aka Rikers island.Female Beastie boys looking like some college girls trying too hard.Cheesey to say the least.The only time they got a cheer was when they mentioned the Roots.

K/OS was nice, sat on a stool and rocked with an accoustic guitar and a precussionist and mixed his spoken word/singing/hip hop style well.

Then the Legendary came on to a similar set that they rocked in NYC recently.Setting the proceedings off with 'The Roots are taking over' over the 50 cent 'in the club' Rhythm and then....I'm tired and I can't remember all I know is that it was dope....cody chestnut,roy hargrove,martin luther and vernon reid all came on and did some fascinating collabo/combos...so I just chilled and we met some japaneese chicks, and missed half the show ?est love wasn't wearing a ketchup T shirt is was a wild style tee. the highlights were the solos, I liked ?est love Vs knucklez and kamal was ill.Actually it was a great show.The funniest thing was hearing BLACK THOUGHT shouting in an english accent the intro to the it takes a nation of millions (Public Enemy)album. When he said 'ARE YOU READY FOR THE DEF JAM TOUR' I was like wtf!!!Well anyway that's all I remember.I had fun, I just want to know what goes on in London on a Sunday HOLLA BACK!!

'never coming twice in one form'- Reek Geez (Organix)