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Topic subjecthah.. did i block you view?
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8795, hah.. did i block you view?
Posted by Federisco, Sun Mar-30-03 10:16 PM
Had to represent after having been an okayplayer for 3 years without seeing a single show! ....we went into this old man's photo copy shop three blocks away from the academy, got some old architect drawings he didnt need and a marker pen.. and made that poster right before the show. It was worth it! scratch gave me a thumb up and a nod, and im sure they (quest,tariq,hub,kamal) could see it at least some of the times i held it up.

hah :) soo ive probably seen you. yeah, the way you described it was more or less how it was like down there, in front. I loved it when kamal turned the floor into a disco for some moments with his solo.. and truly enjoyed it when they played some of the old songs. I thought to myself that i was now experiencing Come Alive the way it was when it was recorded! i think they did the next movement and adrenaline some time at the begining, no? loved that! the Seed with cody chestnutt was magical, even with the sound problems. And then break you off.. And the solos! Quest did it his own way;) and even more hub! The non-roots artists and the non-roots songs (martin luther's comeback, for example..) were good, made it more varied.. even thou the quality varied abit. Not completely roots, but still there was enough roots (songs... and way of doing things) for it to truly be a roots concert.

People around me were partly chilling, dancing extatically(sp).. and there were some head-nodding local heads too. it didnt feel so "subdued" to me. it must have felt like that from the balcony, or it must have even been like that at the balcony. but for us it wasn't subdued.. besides it's a magical thing to be chillin to the roots live. now i know it is :)

the travel:
hah!!!! man.. we caught a bus heading towards central london at around 3-4am.. got off near trafalgar(sp) square and then walked to the square itself, waited for 30-45 minutes for the N11. got off at liverpool street station, found the bus replacing the standstead express.. finally some sleep.. checked in at standstead JUST IN TIME at 6-7pm.. (luck!) just made it to the airplane in time, running slalom between people.. it took off at 7am and we got 45 mins of sleep. got to gothenburgh in sweden at about 10am (damn time difference).. bus to the downtown area at 11-12am.. got some rest, eat falafel and wait. bus to norway at 1-2pm.. in norway at 4-5pm.. border control.. train to the where i live at 6pm.. no bus from the train station since it was a sunday, so i walked for 30 minutes (listening to phrenology to keep me awake) to my home.

edit... sorry, ramble deluxe