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8794, whoa...
Posted by A_London_Ting, Sun Mar-30-03 03:50 AM
...my heart is till beating too fast like whoa. Where I was (~10m front front)people were getting pretty amped, only there was some nice looking females in front of me that I thought I might have crush. Northern State...hmmmm says it all really! Let's just say they don't fit in. Their whiney voices reminded me of 3 x Princess Superstar. That's probably the most flattering comparison that can be made. Also, the drummmer had some fucked up facial expressions when he was attacking the drums!!?! K-Os was mad dope though, real soulful, similar to 1st solo album acoustic Wyclef at his best I thought. Then the Roots came on to leave me changed for good. Only now do I truly appreciate how "The Legendary" became legendary! Scratch was on fire and the crowd loved it cos everyone in the place could recognize the talent, irrespective of knowledge of Hip-Hop or The Roots. Overall though, it was refreshing to see a room full of people of all races, ages and background who were there just cos they love good hip-hop. Props also to the Roots for playing "Hot In Herre". I ain't the biggest Nelly fan, and people in the place were a bit shocked when they heard it, but you have to realize Nelly has his audience and Hip-Hop is Hip-Hop, and we should not strive for one thing over the other, but a balance. To ?uest: I was feeling your Ketchup T-shirt. My only problem was the sound system : too boomy.
Travelling home wasn't too bad, N3/N98 to Queensbury took about 1hr 10.

Who was waving the OKAYPLAYER sign about 5m from the front?