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8792, RE: The Brixton Post
Posted by zx8086, Sun Mar-30-03 02:35 AM
much what has been said before !!! front row balcony seating, If you heard the boo's from the top row when the femaile beastie boys came on then that was me and my people !!! I was not there to see them at all and i thought they were pretty pretty wack !!!

K-OS was good and his rendition of yesterday was nice, together with his other songs. The best part had to be the solo's and i was really feeling the Kamal - Salt 'n' Pepa push it !!! The hub's air guitar piece was cool when the whole band came up and joined him !!! Scratch did his thing and i loved the shoe on the hand and spinning the "turntables".

maximum respect to the jam master jay tribute and the jimi hendrix styled star spangled banner piece.

I thought DJ Shortee Blitz warmed up the crowd lovely, and the Roots renditions of "Hot In here", "In Da club" and "Come Close to me" were phat !!!

The crowd was a bit subdued down below but they did hype up during most of the solo's.

Best part of the night ? Right at the end when my mate sherman (yeah, damn right, i am naming you out) caught one of ?estlove's signed drum sticks on the top balcony where we were sitting. Yeap he's got a piece of the roots at home right now !!!!!!!

ps .. does anyone know if they recorded the show, cos i want a copy, seriously !!!!

and apologies to all those who sat behind us and could not see the show from time to time, better luck next time, just get better seats or try sitting infront of us !!!