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8790, RE: The Brixton Post
Posted by cwbhung, Sat Mar-29-03 08:55 PM
N345 bus to South Kensington
N14 bus to Tottenham Court Road
Got home at around 4am..
Had to be up by 6am to take someone to airport.

Thought crowd was a bit subdued.. People seemed quite tired (at least the people sitting around me)...

So yehh... was really good though... Though I must admit was a little disappointed not to hear some songs (e.g. Adrenaline, The Notic, Essaywhuman, 30 seconds of Swept Away only etc) but I guess there is only so much they can do.

Solos were fantastico as usual... Crowd went wild when Kamal played 'Push It'... oh the old days..

Opening Act Northern State.. hmmm... female beastie boys.. i think not..

K-OS on the other hand was pretty good.. I'll have to check this guy out..