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Topic subjectThe Brixton Post
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8789, The Brixton Post
Posted by Tom, Sat Mar-29-03 05:32 PM
Post your reviews

And your travel nightmares


I’ll post mine when Ive had some sleep…

BTW, loved them all playing air guitar along with hub

8790, RE: The Brixton Post
Posted by cwbhung, Sat Mar-29-03 08:55 PM
N345 bus to South Kensington
N14 bus to Tottenham Court Road
Got home at around 4am..
Had to be up by 6am to take someone to airport.

Thought crowd was a bit subdued.. People seemed quite tired (at least the people sitting around me)...

So yehh... was really good though... Though I must admit was a little disappointed not to hear some songs (e.g. Adrenaline, The Notic, Essaywhuman, 30 seconds of Swept Away only etc) but I guess there is only so much they can do.

Solos were fantastico as usual... Crowd went wild when Kamal played 'Push It'... oh the old days..

Opening Act Northern State.. hmmm... female beastie boys.. i think not..

K-OS on the other hand was pretty good.. I'll have to check this guy out..

8791, RE: The Brixton Post
Posted by Tom, Sun Mar-30-03 01:32 AM
yeah my little brother actually managed to fall asleep, so some of the crowd were quite "subdued". lol

we were stuck up in seating because we didnt buy tickets until the rest were gone, what was it like downstairs?
8792, RE: The Brixton Post
Posted by zx8086, Sun Mar-30-03 02:35 AM
much what has been said before !!! front row balcony seating, If you heard the boo's from the top row when the femaile beastie boys came on then that was me and my people !!! I was not there to see them at all and i thought they were pretty pretty wack !!!

K-OS was good and his rendition of yesterday was nice, together with his other songs. The best part had to be the solo's and i was really feeling the Kamal - Salt 'n' Pepa push it !!! The hub's air guitar piece was cool when the whole band came up and joined him !!! Scratch did his thing and i loved the shoe on the hand and spinning the "turntables".

maximum respect to the jam master jay tribute and the jimi hendrix styled star spangled banner piece.

I thought DJ Shortee Blitz warmed up the crowd lovely, and the Roots renditions of "Hot In here", "In Da club" and "Come Close to me" were phat !!!

The crowd was a bit subdued down below but they did hype up during most of the solo's.

Best part of the night ? Right at the end when my mate sherman (yeah, damn right, i am naming you out) caught one of ?estlove's signed drum sticks on the top balcony where we were sitting. Yeap he's got a piece of the roots at home right now !!!!!!!

ps .. does anyone know if they recorded the show, cos i want a copy, seriously !!!!

and apologies to all those who sat behind us and could not see the show from time to time, better luck next time, just get better seats or try sitting infront of us !!!
8793, RE: The Brixton Post
Posted by Tom, Sun Mar-30-03 03:03 AM
haha shit, I was two rows back from the guy who caught the drum stick.

Yeah the yesterday thing was clever, liked that
8794, whoa...
Posted by A_London_Ting, Sun Mar-30-03 03:50 AM
...my heart is till beating too fast like whoa. Where I was (~10m front front)people were getting pretty amped, only there was some nice looking females in front of me that I thought I might have crush. Northern State...hmmmm says it all really! Let's just say they don't fit in. Their whiney voices reminded me of 3 x Princess Superstar. That's probably the most flattering comparison that can be made. Also, the drummmer had some fucked up facial expressions when he was attacking the drums!!?! K-Os was mad dope though, real soulful, similar to 1st solo album acoustic Wyclef at his best I thought. Then the Roots came on to leave me changed for good. Only now do I truly appreciate how "The Legendary" became legendary! Scratch was on fire and the crowd loved it cos everyone in the place could recognize the talent, irrespective of knowledge of Hip-Hop or The Roots. Overall though, it was refreshing to see a room full of people of all races, ages and background who were there just cos they love good hip-hop. Props also to the Roots for playing "Hot In Herre". I ain't the biggest Nelly fan, and people in the place were a bit shocked when they heard it, but you have to realize Nelly has his audience and Hip-Hop is Hip-Hop, and we should not strive for one thing over the other, but a balance. To ?uest: I was feeling your Ketchup T-shirt. My only problem was the sound system : too boomy.
Travelling home wasn't too bad, N3/N98 to Queensbury took about 1hr 10.

Who was waving the OKAYPLAYER sign about 5m from the front?
8795, hah.. did i block you view?
Posted by Federisco, Sun Mar-30-03 10:16 PM
Had to represent after having been an okayplayer for 3 years without seeing a single show! ....we went into this old man's photo copy shop three blocks away from the academy, got some old architect drawings he didnt need and a marker pen.. and made that poster right before the show. It was worth it! scratch gave me a thumb up and a nod, and im sure they (quest,tariq,hub,kamal) could see it at least some of the times i held it up.

hah :) soo ive probably seen you. yeah, the way you described it was more or less how it was like down there, in front. I loved it when kamal turned the floor into a disco for some moments with his solo.. and truly enjoyed it when they played some of the old songs. I thought to myself that i was now experiencing Come Alive the way it was when it was recorded! i think they did the next movement and adrenaline some time at the begining, no? loved that! the Seed with cody chestnutt was magical, even with the sound problems. And then break you off.. And the solos! Quest did it his own way;) and even more hub! The non-roots artists and the non-roots songs (martin luther's comeback, for example..) were good, made it more varied.. even thou the quality varied abit. Not completely roots, but still there was enough roots (songs... and way of doing things) for it to truly be a roots concert.

People around me were partly chilling, dancing extatically(sp).. and there were some head-nodding local heads too. it didnt feel so "subdued" to me. it must have felt like that from the balcony, or it must have even been like that at the balcony. but for us it wasn't subdued.. besides it's a magical thing to be chillin to the roots live. now i know it is :)

the travel:
hah!!!! man.. we caught a bus heading towards central london at around 3-4am.. got off near trafalgar(sp) square and then walked to the square itself, waited for 30-45 minutes for the N11. got off at liverpool street station, found the bus replacing the standstead express.. finally some sleep.. checked in at standstead JUST IN TIME at 6-7pm.. (luck!) just made it to the airplane in time, running slalom between people.. it took off at 7am and we got 45 mins of sleep. got to gothenburgh in sweden at about 10am (damn time difference).. bus to the downtown area at 11-12am.. got some rest, eat falafel and wait. bus to norway at 1-2pm.. in norway at 4-5pm.. border control.. train to the where i live at 6pm.. no bus from the train station since it was a sunday, so i walked for 30 minutes (listening to phrenology to keep me awake) to my home.

edit... sorry, ramble deluxe
8796, RE: hah.. did i block you view?
Posted by lyricalbullet, Sun Mar-30-03 10:32 PM
now that's some hardcore travellin fan for ya!
8797, RE: The Brixton Post
Posted by Saadiq, Sun Mar-30-03 04:12 AM
the gig was amazing.
8798, RE: The Brixton Post
Posted by UniversalXplorer, Sun Mar-30-03 04:55 AM

Wow I just woke the fuck up!!!!
what a dope ass show.Me and my boy left new york for Paris a few days ago and then hopped on a euro star (train that actually goes undewater via a tunnel) and got to London yesterday.The show was great!! Northern State, should get on the bus and go back up North Aka Rikers island.Female Beastie boys looking like some college girls trying too hard.Cheesey to say the least.The only time they got a cheer was when they mentioned the Roots.

K/OS was nice, sat on a stool and rocked with an accoustic guitar and a precussionist and mixed his spoken word/singing/hip hop style well.

Then the Legendary came on to a similar set that they rocked in NYC recently.Setting the proceedings off with 'The Roots are taking over' over the 50 cent 'in the club' Rhythm and then....I'm tired and I can't remember all I know is that it was dope....cody chestnut,roy hargrove,martin luther and vernon reid all came on and did some fascinating collabo/combos...so I just chilled and we met some japaneese chicks, and missed half the show ?est love wasn't wearing a ketchup T shirt is was a wild style tee. the highlights were the solos, I liked ?est love Vs knucklez and kamal was ill.Actually it was a great show.The funniest thing was hearing BLACK THOUGHT shouting in an english accent the intro to the it takes a nation of millions (Public Enemy)album. When he said 'ARE YOU READY FOR THE DEF JAM TOUR' I was like wtf!!!Well anyway that's all I remember.I had fun, I just want to know what goes on in London on a Sunday HOLLA BACK!!

'never coming twice in one form'- Reek Geez (Organix)

8799, OH YEAH!!!
Posted by UniversalXplorer, Sun Mar-30-03 05:02 AM

To all the folks complaining about the crowd,you're missing the point, I came to see the show and the roots delivered I could give a fuck about the crowd , from what I could see the crowd looked happy and worn the fuck out.They didn't even bother to ask for an encore that's how dope the show was.

'never coming twice in one form'- Reek Geez (Organix)

8800, RE: The Brixton Post
Posted by Tom, Mon Mar-31-03 02:12 AM
anyone think they can do a tracklisting (in order??), I really cant remember well enough...
8801, RE: The Brixton Post
Posted by lyricalbullet, Mon Mar-31-03 02:20 AM
a two hour show tracklisting from memory?

that's an ask dude!
8802, The definitive set list
Posted by UniversalXplorer, Mon Mar-31-03 02:51 AM

Yeah right!!!!!!
They started with the Roots are taking over and they ended with the roots literally taking over!!!That's all I know!!!

'never coming twice in one form'- Reek Geez (Organix)

8803, RE: The Brixton Post
Posted by Tom, Mon Mar-31-03 01:11 PM
I know, but from enough show posts theres been OkayGeeks who had it
8804, RE: The Brixton Post
Posted by dungarees, Mon Mar-31-03 03:40 AM
hubs solo was the highlight for me! the man is cool.

whos goin to the roots tonight at black lily, cargo?

'from the muscle kid, i'm one a da illest a all time'

'if you talk you can sing, if you can walk you can dance'

'she told me her name was ice cream cone'
8805, Brixton Shirt!!
Posted by LobbyFunkster, Mon Mar-31-03 05:14 AM
I posted this a while back and nobody got back to me. Again, when I was on the tube in London last year this guy was wearing a t-shirt with "Brixton" on the front. I was wondering if anyone knew where to purchase a Brixton shirt online? Or, how about a store for the next time I get over there?
8806, The BBoys
Posted by cwbhung, Mon Mar-31-03 07:14 AM
Did anyone check the breakdancing after the show?
Pretty sick if you ask me.... But everyone who remained just seemed too beat to make any noise...

Man.. this weekend is going to be boring.. last weekend= the roots.. The weekend prior= jurassic 5

I must say that a Jurassic 5 t-shirt cost 13 pounds but a Roots/Okaypler t-shirt cost 16 pounds.. whats up wit that?

8807, RE: The Brixton Post
Posted by choui_choui, Mon Mar-31-03 01:12 PM
ohhhh bigup brixton
bigup the ackee and saltfish
and weed that looks like boullion cubes
satay bar
love yall