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Topic subjectdamn, you say it like he in the Stoned(pun intended) ag
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5184, damn, you say it like he in the Stoned(pun intended) ag
Posted by theScholar3000, Sun Feb-22-04 05:34 PM
but for real that is some lame shit just walking up
on anybody talking about you want smoke with me...

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usually i don't do this but uuu... keep the S!G going
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Illgalminati... is everywhere. It is all around us. Even now in this very message board ...

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"Yo Calvin it's a thin line between fry's and shakes...the leaaaaaaanest burger in the world could be the meaaaaaaaanest burger in the world if you cook it that way a,a,a... I need to stop smoking this shit here boy-- dude from Wacarnold's skit (Dave Chappelle)

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