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Topic subjectits not really so much a promo image ...
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5183, its not really so much a promo image ...
Posted by aoxomoxoa, Fri Feb-20-04 02:34 PM
as it is a photo of some of the seeds. in particular, izzy moonshine on the left. i'd be scared too, if i were you

PEEP GFE >> "Children of The City"

* *

"in the luv shack with a nug sack and my rug rats who keep naps under they skull caps. pass around a bottle of sambuca and a hookah, there's even times when i look into the future. blazin' DMT with GFE. now don't be surprised when you seein' me with them southern playas in the drop trucks, bearing licenes plates that say some shit like "hot stuff." Son, my social pot luck even includes a couple red necks drinking icehouse 'till they lights out, fuckers need they heads checked. but in the end my friends come in multiple blends; hustlers, b-boys, and junkies...musicians, brainiacs and dumbies. Gettin' kinda funny, bounce around the map lovely." - FMJ (gfe)