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Topic subjectMos Def ft. Hypnotic Brass Ensemble - James Brown Tribute (links)
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36680, Mos Def ft. Hypnotic Brass Ensemble - James Brown Tribute (links)
Posted by HighVoltage, Mon Jun-18-07 11:22 PM
Funky Drummer-

Make It Funky-
36681, the drummer isn't playing that groove right
Posted by PungeePyPy, Mon Jun-18-07 11:38 PM
ruins the whole song

edit: referring to the "Funky Drummer" groove
36682, no it doesnt.
Posted by HighVoltage, Mon Jun-18-07 11:41 PM
>ruins the whole song
36683, for me it does cuz I been studying that groove for a long time
Posted by PungeePyPy, Mon Jun-18-07 11:45 PM
I almost forgot... thank you!
36684, don't forget to study the fun out of ALL music now
Posted by sweeneykovar, Wed Jun-20-07 04:30 AM
36685, come on now
Posted by Dim, Wed Jun-20-07 02:41 AM
you dont do funky drummer and fuck up the drums. Come on!. was this recording straight of the board if anybody knows.

on second thought: did he actually play the groove wrong or was he putting his touch on it.

Thanks for the recording..was great
36686, dope!
Posted by Scrapluv, Tue Jun-19-07 12:01 AM
I dig questo's and brass heaven's also

36687, exactly, notice the difference in how Quest plays that groove?
Posted by PungeePyPy, Tue Jun-19-07 12:05 AM
He plays it like Clyde.

Not all loud and shit like he's some damn rock drummer. Mos Def drummer needs to LISTEN more.

edit: again, referring to "Funky Drummer." The touch is light, the groove heavy.
36688, it's all about that pocket.
Posted by Scrapluv, Tue Jun-19-07 12:28 AM
i liked the mos def jawn though.
36689, Coolness
Posted by 15, Tue Jun-19-07 04:04 AM
im so cotdamn happy some other band is even attempting to do this i aint even tryna knitpick. this is great. fucking great.
36690, ^^^taking the high road
Posted by PungeePyPy, Tue Jun-19-07 07:54 AM
36691, ^^^taking the brown road
Posted by howisya, Wed Jun-20-07 12:10 AM
36692, ^^^^taking the okayplayer road
Posted by 15, Sun Jun-24-07 12:22 PM
36693, ^^^^taking the long and winding road
Posted by howisya, Mon Jun-25-07 08:24 AM

36694, RE: Mos Def ft. Hypnotic Brass Ensemble - James Brown Tribute (links)
Posted by boyd, Tue Jun-19-07 05:44 AM

Thanks bunch....ness!
36695, muchas gracias!
Posted by ultimatedisc, Tue Jun-19-07 09:39 AM
thanks (as always) for the treats!

your generosity is greatly appreciated around here.


36696, Much thanks as always!
Posted by SerReal, Tue Jun-19-07 01:41 PM
36697, pick up HBE's 10''
Posted by Vid Santoro, Tue Jun-19-07 07:57 PM
its got mercury and war on it

dopeness....they got much youtubery as well.
36698, thanks so much! n/m
Posted by meechelle, Tue Jun-19-07 09:03 PM
36699, RE: Mos Def ft. Hypnotic Brass Ensemble - James Brown Tribute (links)
Posted by TheNewAddiction, Wed Jun-20-07 02:15 AM
these aren't the cats from Chicago we used to see playing in the Loop are they?

36700, RE: Mos Def ft. Hypnotic Brass Ensemble - James Brown Tribute (links)
Posted by excaluber, Wed Jun-20-07 08:35 AM
As always, thanks for this.

"Yo, with the quickness, so swift you miss this lyrical fitness. Now get this, these emcees wanna test me like litmus, bear witness."

36701, Good looks HV!!!!
Posted by Wordman, Wed Jun-20-07 08:47 AM
36702, i been pushing this ensemble and i wont slow up
Posted by Vid Santoro, Wed Jun-20-07 10:45 AM
heres is the 10 in. i mentioned earlier


and the youtubery


and summore


and summore...this ones actualy the rehearsel for the file posted...i think


maybe the drummer fucked up the feel of FD(yall got me going in between the 2 ALL day trying to hear the difference), but that dont make him lame...check it


a vid for poision...which was posted as a mp3 earlier, so do a lil search if you wanna get it


nytimes did a lil video about em too


they're blog


and the myspace

^^ check the war demo, and then go out and buy the record, i like to compare the 2

i know im going hard, but this is soooo dope right now, i been trying yo put people on for a minute, hopefully this one does it.

i NEVER felt sunra, but so many of the members of that group are of sun ra's trumpet player's bloodline...i gotta learn me something about who that guy is.

oh, they come from the chi....but the now reside in

36703, anyone that will be in japan in oct.....
Posted by Vid Santoro, Wed Jun-20-07 10:46 AM
they are making an appearence...see ya there.
36704, track down a issue of fader
Posted by Vid Santoro, Wed Jun-20-07 11:15 AM
and you can get at the article...if i can dig it up i will post. i think you can download it for free on i tunes or straight from fader, then it wont cost ya nothing.
36705, RE: Mos Def ft. Hypnotic Brass Ensemble - James Brown Tribute (links)
Posted by PeteTheBarber, Wed Jun-20-07 09:13 PM