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Topic subjectIs it just me or is JEAN GRAE highly overrated?
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3433, Is it just me or is JEAN GRAE highly overrated?
Posted by meridian81, Mon May-24-04 10:38 AM
I've listened to a few of her songs due to all the underground hype she's been getting and I'm left unimpressed. Her lyrics are subpar, she rhymes uninspired like she's just simply reading off her paper, her voice is kinda masculine (If you're a woman, speak like a woman. I'm not an Okayplayer hater or anything (Electric Circus is one of my favs), but this is just my opinion and I'm wondering if someone feels the same. Jean Grae bores me.
3434, no way.
Posted by phenompyrus, Mon May-24-04 10:46 AM
she is the best female rapper out there, and mos def deserves a shout when talking about the guys.
3435, its just you.
Posted by dcappetta, Mon May-24-04 10:46 AM

3436, .
Posted by Damali, Tue May-25-04 11:40 AM

3437, nope..it aint just you
Posted by Waterdude, Mon May-24-04 10:54 AM
i wouldnt say she has weak lyrics but her delivery needs some emotion or at least varying inflection...her rapping is like shaq's talking...ok maybe not that bad..but darn close.
3438, nope..it aint just you- it's both of you
Posted by thankgod4soul, Tue May-25-04 02:12 AM
3439, RE: Is it just me or is JEAN GRAE highly overrated?
Posted by guest, Mon May-24-04 10:57 AM
It must be U cause Jean is very lyrical and her flow is monotonous in a good way sort of like Guru, Jeru and Masta Killa, shes an MC and not just a female MC but I'll still put Lauryn ahead of her
3440, you my pal
Posted by qoolquest, Mon May-24-04 11:52 AM
either have a limited vocab
no imagination
or no grasp on what is good imagery when an mc spews lyrics
or--just an okayplayer.

and that gives you your right to have an opinion.
3441, RE: you my pal
Posted by guest, Mon May-24-04 12:18 PM
>either have a limited vocab
>no imagination
>or no grasp on what is good imagery when an mc spews lyrics
>or--just an okayplayer.
>and that gives you your right to have an opinion.

So when I listen to Jean Grea should I imagine she has a better flow?

I dig her lyrics a little more now than I did when I first herd her last week when i got TrueNotes, I will say that she's def. alrite with the pen. But when she gets to the mic her passion (that I imagine she has) just goes away.

On a track like "Keep Livin" where there is such a strong musical backdrop, she should be working with that, I feel. The chorus tries to match the music but that verse could be on any track with a matching tempo, requardless of the music, I PERSONALLY can't get down with a track like that.

On "Fall Back" (which honestly, i never gave a fare listen to based on the weakness of "Keep Livin") flow is much improved. This should have been placed on the album before "Keep Livin." A track like "Keep Livin" will make current fans happy but wont make any new ones. "Fall Back" is dope enough that Ima look for more by her, wont make me buy her album, but it will make me beleive she can do dope work.

But I gotta say, when she was What What and was on that Hip-Hop For Respect EP, man I was feeling her then.

I have always cringed when a person says "spew lyrics" cuz i never equated rhyming/M.C.ing with throwing-up. But that's just me, I know, ima fool.

"...or just an okayplayer" haha, love that u keep it peaceful.

3442, RE: you my pal
Posted by okhumboldt, Mon May-24-04 02:09 PM
so you are judging her on TWO songs you heard. thats a joke. if you want to judge somebody at least look at more than TWO songs. i mean damn. i think jean is ill as fuck and can hold her own.
3443, RE: you my pal
Posted by guest, Tue May-25-04 09:35 AM
I live in Maryland, Jean Grea doesnt have but two songs on CD IN THE ENTIRE STATE. I know quest and those in charge of the True Notes Vol.1 CD realized that they were gonna be exposing Jean to A LOT of people who never heard her before. It seem's to me that this was a CD to put out dope tracks, by dope artists that your average roots fan may not have checked for before. Before True Notes, i never heard tracks by Supastition, Nicolay, Little Brother, Jean Grea, RJD2, Dice Raw or Blackalicious. I was buying this album based on the strength of Skillz and The Roots with some influence from the snippets posted.

So yes. I based my opinion of her on two songs. If you have two songs on a compilation as good as this, with artists as good as this, you had better come with your A-game. If what your telling me is that this isn't her A-game, then that says something about the artist who thinks their B-game material is worthy of a compilation with artists of this calliber (who obviously brought the fruckin A-GAME).

Like I said, ill still check for her, but I won't buy her album.
3444, RE: you my pal
Posted by meridian81, Wed May-26-04 10:40 AM
What the hell does your accusation of me having a limited vocabulary have to do with anything? Because of my lack of vocabulary, I'm going to simplify my opinion even more: Jean Grae is unimpressive, uninteresting, mediocre and boring.

People with great lyrical imagery:
Mos Def
Black Thought
Jay Z
Cannibal Ox
....and the list goes on....without Jean Grae
3445, she is UNDERRATED
Posted by allison, Mon May-24-04 11:56 AM

i can't wait to expose my friend tamala to her at the Vancouver show

god i sound like a perv

i kid.
3446, RE: she is UNDERRATED
Posted by roah, Tue May-25-04 04:56 AM
ok ok shes not overrated shes very talented. i don't think she has that umph to get me hyped yet but she says some rewind and replay type ish. when i saw her perform i was trying to show love for her doing it, but i couldnt hear her until the hooks nor did i know her songs, nor did anything stick in my head like i gotta go find that and listen to it in the crib. but thats not on her thats on other factors. i have a soft voice too that can barely be heard. if a chick is yelling shes gonna sound like a dude. i mean overrated is getting lots of awards and being marked as a superstar with one album when you can only sing about as good as my boy around the way. thats overrrated but being in the underground scene doing your thing and people hearing you and having respect for you b/c you are doing it and you actually have something decent to say thats not overrated. if you want i can list you some overrated people. especially in r&b. ok now that that monkeys off my back.

ayce_able - i lovethe avatar
allison - is this a true spike lee joint like wdp? or just produced?

holla back
3447, RE: she is UNDERRATED
Posted by allison, Tue May-25-04 05:39 AM

>is this a true spike lee joint

you know it

peep the press kit for more info
3448, RE: Is it just me or is JEAN GRAE highly overrated?
Posted by inkdrinker, Mon May-24-04 12:03 PM
I was with you all the way until I saw her last night. She's fantastic on stage. Just... somethin' goes wrong in the studio, man. She gets all depressed and depressing.

But live? Oh man. I mean, there's still the message. There's still pain, but there's hope, too. Just see her once? I may not go buy all her shit, but there's a lot more respect now.
3449, RE: Is it just me or is JEAN GRAE highly overrated?
Posted by BADMAN7, Mon May-24-04 12:41 PM
Jean gray is one of those artists that are great live but cant transfer live to recorded media....

Unfortunatly her recorded songs are boring to me...and I'm not femcee biased..its just something missing.

Now live its all a's.....you dont have to scream for intensity but I dont feel anything when she spits.
3450, she lacks charisma & flow.
Posted by Ason, Mon May-24-04 12:48 PM
3451, BLAH
Posted by guest, Mon May-24-04 12:54 PM

Jean Grae haters eat a nice shit sammich,

with mayo of course :)
3452, damn, can't have a opinion? I guess I'ma hater
Posted by Ason, Tue May-25-04 06:33 PM
3453, You gotta be fucking kidding...
Posted by Kno of CunninLynguists, Mon May-31-04 07:41 PM
Those are her two best attributes...
3454, Here's my opinion
Posted by Marwan, Mon May-24-04 02:11 PM
This opinion is based on listening to "Attack of the Attacking things" and "Bootleg of the Bootleg" EP

In terms of content, I love what she raps about because it is relevant in life, and lots of lessons can be learned. (eg. Block Party, I was feelin that, because not many get off their block, and you need to expand your mind and see/do things out of your comfort zone)

Flow is okay, I still firmly believe that your flow goes as far as your production takes you..

In terms of style, from what I've heard, a little one-dimensional.. I'd love to hear a little different flow/style in some rhymes, because range is important for any MC.

Voice is recognizable, which is important and a valuable asset.. Not many female MC's, but I can still distinguish Jean Grae from the rest of manufactured femaled rappers in the game today.

I think Jean Grae has so much potential, and with the right production team, she has the potential to release a classic album, I really do believe that...
3455, RE: i concur
Posted by ayce_able, Mon May-24-04 04:12 PM
>This opinion is based on listening to "Attack of the
>Attacking things" and "Bootleg of the Bootleg" EP
>In terms of content, I love what she raps about because it
>is relevant in life, and lots of lessons can be learned.
>(eg. Block Party, I was feelin that, because not many get
>off their block, and you need to expand your mind and see/do
>things out of your comfort zone)
>Flow is okay, I still firmly believe that your flow goes as
>far as your production takes you..
>In terms of style, from what I've heard, a little
>one-dimensional.. I'd love to hear a little different
>flow/style in some rhymes, because range is important for
>any MC.
>Voice is recognizable, which is important and a valuable
>asset.. Not many female MC's, but I can still distinguish
>Jean Grae from the rest of manufactured femaled rappers in
>the game today.
>I think Jean Grae has so much potential, and with the right
>production team, she has the potential to release a classic
>album, I really do believe that...


en vino, veritas.
3456, she should pick up her intensity & turn up her vocals
Posted by Intelligently95, Mon May-24-04 02:47 PM
3457, Uninspired??
Posted by Fivefold, Mon May-24-04 03:32 PM
Listen to "How to Break Up With YOur Girlfriend"!
That's some funny shit!
3458, RE: Is it just me or is JEAN GRAE highly overrated?
Posted by dubya, Mon May-24-04 03:43 PM
she gets a gang of pub and she can spit
i'd guess her rating is b/c of how unique she is for a lady on the mic in a sea of ????
i noticed the roots were playing one of her dad's songs while she was rhyming which i didn't know was one of her dad's songs until the music reminded me of something we used to loop in the 90's
unless i'm crazay...
3459, For Now She'z Overrated But Uze Ta Be Underrated So Lon
Posted by Grand_Styles, Mon May-24-04 04:36 PM
I gotta give Jean Grae her propz for sticking with da game so long when nobody gave a damn about an emcee named What What. Now she'z doin' her thang & gettin' betta ova time. Right now a lot of katz are hyping her up to be da next Rah Digga or Bahamadia but she deservez thoze complimentz cauze credit'z due; plus how many katz knew dat she waz Run Run Shaw da producer? Katz need ta juz let her previous muzik speak for itself until othaz can get a chance to her new shit, aight.
3460, cosign...run run shaw was great
Posted by sosa, Mon May-24-04 06:29 PM
excellent pen name. She must be a fan of kung fu cinema. She also produced on her first album under "yaknamean" or something to that effect. I don't know how cats could say they dig LB but not Jean. Everybody has their tastes but damn.

IMO, she's underrated in real life and hyped here in OKP. She's nasty as fuck though. Seeing her spit 128 bars straight is incredible. One of the few artists I'll buy their single/album without hearing other cuts.
3461, The Chapter says...
Posted by guest, Thu May-27-04 05:18 PM
I just saw her on stage in LA, And had a chance to speak with her for the first time. She is a superhero. Mild mannered during the day, and at night, she displays her razorsharp, pinpoint skill.
The Acme of skill is not to see the easy victories.(Translation: get the F@@@ outta here...she IS nice!!!! 3sixty
3462, RE: the world isn't ready for female swagger yet...
Posted by BarTek, Mon May-24-04 08:27 PM
3463, Confusion is a disease!
Posted by DeCisive, Tue May-25-04 04:18 AM
Please seek treatment.
3464, RE: Confusion is a disease!
Posted by meridian81, Wed May-26-04 10:45 AM
Just because I have a different opinion from everyone else makes me confused? What makes you so sure of yourself? Is it your ability to cosign your posts with other peoples quotes?
Who knows, maybe you have an inability to think for yourself. Ignorance isn't really bliss.
3465, HELL NO
Posted by M_O, Tue May-25-04 04:36 AM
She's one of the few female emcees that I can stomach and actually listen to on the regular. Her flow is tight, subject matter actually relevant to her life (as opposed to a large majority of the emcees out there) and she comes off as ol girl from down the street. All of that combined makes her a great emcee.
3466, "looks over post to see if jeanius came and dissed u"
Posted by Soulwarrior, Tue May-25-04 06:23 AM
"looks around one more time to verify the high level of clitriding and rolls out of post"

Peace and Blessings

C.A.D 5000 - "Smile Jesus Loves you"

Something to think about:
Itís a damn shame that in 2003 the DIXIE CHICKS made 98% of the rappers look like soft, clueless, happy ass slaves . An army of intelligence that at least procts and bulids the peoples minds bodys, and souls anyone?"
- Chuck D

"I know that times is hard just Keep your mind on god"
- Mos Def
From BlackStarr's "Little Brother"

Come See about me http://profiles.yahoo.com/cad_1979

I got them Pics again!!! http://www.imagestation.com/album/?id=4288656751

And Now: Some good bars from Buckshot Shorty:

"One, two, melody shows
And before I flip a script you know I must keep you dozing
Into the stage of the Buckshot Shorty
Son pass the boom, keep the top on the 40
Never ever ever get played, KILL THAT
Bust a mad cap in your back cause I'm all that
Straight from Crooklyn, better known as Brooklyn
Elude the hook and, your whole beat's tookin'
Must take charge, bomb guard, I'm the man
Bust my plan, it feeds back on my fam
Once I cruise, pay dues, I never lose
When I break on fools, wake up, you don't snooze
Bust a move, I get smooth like Roadie
Kick it like the Four Horsemen, yeah you know me
Booming like a speaker with my 100 dollar sneakers
Baggy black jeans, knapsack, and my beeper
keep a fresh cut, never see me with a busted fro
And I'm a let you know..."

- From Black Moon's "Who Got The Props?"
3467, it's just you IMHO
Posted by nocturnal, Tue May-25-04 09:13 AM
3468, its like this
Posted by okayyac, Tue May-25-04 10:21 AM
if you're a fan of strictly lyrics, you'll dig her.

she's chill on the mic, which is cool...i agree that maybe she could show more emotion on it.

if you're the type that needs animation to keep you interested, you definitely won't like her...that's all good too.

it's understandable, but she is definitely a dope MC.
3469, RE: its like this
Posted by roah, Tue May-25-04 12:33 PM
emcee rock the mic!!!
3470, RE: its like this
Posted by roah, Tue May-25-04 12:37 PM
one last thing a question off subject.....when the hell was the announcement for the end to the okaychat? is it over? let me know. didn't want to create a new post for that topic it may have been put up already.
3471, under-rated IMO
Posted by darrylclark, Tue May-25-04 12:44 PM
She doesn't even have a major label deal like she should, I should be sick of seeing her video by now.
3472, RE: under-rated IMO
Posted by roah, Tue May-25-04 11:51 PM
amen ( the way field mob said it)
3473, 1st thing you should know...you're not alone.
Posted by PhiladelphiaBlues, Wed May-26-04 02:20 PM
I don't wanna be mean...but for all the hype she gets, she ain't that nice.

2nd of all...next time you wanna do anything less than dick eat an okayartist, take it to The Lesson.
3474, TRUE, for this reason...RE: 1st thing you should know..
Posted by neehiii, Thu May-27-04 08:43 PM
The tracks she's been on have been kinda, hmmmm - DRY. & I say this knowing i kinda like some o

Her flow is aiiight, her content is nice, her story-telling ablilty cool. But, like every even DECENT rapper, the thing that's gonna get her ova' is the BEAT.

Otherwise, indeed, she's just OK. One of the few females out there doin it, so i naturally give her love. But skills+beats get SPINS, & PLAYS, whether in my cd player or on a set of 1200's. Anybody with a halfway decent brain can commit to the pen & pad, in my opinoin. So there's got to be more than just lyrics, in this day & age.

Enter, 9th.

Curious to see the results, I am...

No disrespect, ya.
3475, I disaree, respectfully.
Posted by Ason, Thu May-27-04 11:35 PM
I think a nice mc can kill any track even acapella
jean seems smart and well meaning
but just boring and uninspired

there seems very little passion

3476, THANK U!!!!!
Posted by rjc27, Fri May-28-04 02:15 AM
mad overrated, an the only reason I care is cuz she overrates herself, otherwise I would like her, but everyone rides her so hard and she aint THAT nice
3477, just you
Posted by yngblkprinceMD, Fri May-28-04 02:50 AM
she is pure hotness...
3478, I'm sorry but what hype?
Posted by DeCisive, Fri May-28-04 03:11 AM
I have reading some the of the comments and I just can't comprehend this? She's been doing this seven years plus and she still trying to come up. Where is all this hype coming from? Most of what I have seen is contrary to what a lot of people is saying? I don't understand man somebody break this down cause I just see what y'all is talking bout.
3479, Aiight, i just found out she used to be What-What, so
Posted by neehiii, Fri May-28-04 04:35 AM
here stuff was tighter then. She was on a dope-ass J-Rawls cut, had collab'd w/Apani B, Was always collab'ing & popping up on shows as Wvkr(Vassar). Even remeber seeing here @ a Black Lilly here & there (in NYC).

At that time, her flow was mad similar, & the content was good. I was excited, as a male, to see a female hold herssss w/dudes.

Now, it's toooo obvious for her to go to the next level, she will need TRACKS.

True, if you nice, you can bust acapella & on any track, but how many times can you do that WITH FOLK STILL LISTENING?

It's high-time for beats, yo.

Maybe her style, presentation is purposefully laid-back (ala "uninspired" style). She needs a boost (beats) to support this style, just like Thought has for his, or Bus-a-Bus for his, or Slum Vill for theirs or Roots Manuva or Longshot, or WHOMEVA...

& for the record, tough-ass-line-for-line-straight-spit-STYLEEE, i think (& gonna get my ass doggged for this) FOXY BROWN is holdin it down for women. Don't give a shit if she raps like a dude, that FLOW is ILL. The lyrics aren't always, but the DELIVERY makes me wanna hear more.

Jeanius gotta get like that, or get dem beats, dannnng'it.

Or she's gonna have to do like the Bush Babees(except Mr Man) said once, "go get desk jobs".

3480, RE: Aiight, i just found out she used to be What-What,
Posted by DeCisive, Fri May-28-04 06:21 AM
Foxy is ummm...okay but she's not real. What's wrong with variation or better yet why even compare them. They are in two different classes of emceeing. That can only cause problems in opinion. I understand what you saying but yo you did not really anwser my question. When I keep seeing the words hype and over rated they make it seem like the sister is going gold and platinum and like she on radio all day. Nah mean. Your explanation did help me see where you are coming from and thats love. I guess it just me yo. I give everybody the same respect but treat them accordingly. You know. Everybody is different. Peace.
3481, RE: Aiight, i just found out she used to be What-What,
Posted by neehiii, Fri May-28-04 12:46 PM
Ihear ya - i'm not comparing the two actually. Just stating that Foxy has a style, Jeanius certainly has style too.

She doesn't need to strive to go gold to be successful either, it's just that for more heads to hear her out, for her to continue putting out product under a record label, she needs assistance via beats. & who knows how that happens, maybe it done with management or networking or cold calls. not sure. but it is needed.

i hear ya though, i only treat everyone w/the same repsect too. i know what it's like to go out & try to get heard artistically (however that may be).
3482, RE: Aiight, i just found out she used to be What-What,
Posted by DeCisive, Fri May-28-04 04:54 PM
Word life yo that's a respectable opinion. But for really joe I love her joints. She speak to a nigga pain. Different strokes for different folks. One love.
3483, ive listened to jeaniuos 400000 times.
Posted by Von Pea, Fri May-28-04 03:05 PM
and not cause my dunns produced it, but cause shes nice.

with that said.....*clicks post message*

...and with that said, i love these bitties.

youre not in it.

im free (intro)t.s.o. peahip hop is dead!pinkvons gonna get'chai can cause i am2 fourteencome playhell yea!new york (part 2)good guys.thank god!self untitled

Von on myspace:

3484, She's really talented but...
Posted by brave newborn, Sat May-29-04 08:14 AM
I like the sista who did a couple of tracks on GZA's "Beaneath the Surface" named Njeri (she was featured 1112 and Victim). I'd like to see her catch a whole lotta hype like Jean G. Although I don't think she's done anythinng since then. Let me know if Im wrong.

--A brave newborn for a brave new

--Check out
8000/ (justblaze radio) for quality
online radio.

--An Apple a day keeps the "blue
screen of death" away.
3485, Wu artists never get shine...
Posted by Foneticcus, Tue Jun-01-04 12:45 AM

3486, She has to be the ILLEST
Posted by guest, Mon May-31-04 01:01 PM
Are you kidding me!!! Jean Grae is ILL HANDS DOWN!!! She has to be one of the best FEMALE emcee's!! I've liked Jean for a WHILE now and I caught a lil bit of her performance in Portland and she was ill period. I'm a FAN no doubt...
3487, Words from Jean Grae's dj
Posted by Crazy Dj Bazarro, Mon May-31-04 08:10 PM
Alright man, that's it !!

First of all let's me say this.. Stop calling her a female mc. She's an mc.. When you compare male's mcs, do you say "yo he the illest Male mc in the game" hell no right, so stop that shit.... when I see her I know she's a female, I don't need somebody else to tell me that,,,, move on..

Second when you speak your opinion "watch your mouth" calling her overrated and all that you wilding duke......For the past five months we've been touring all over the world, without a super budget, super record label or a video getting played 100 times a day... Overrated? huh you making me laugh. We've been traveling on the road more than major label artist,,, I don't see her on the cover of magazines 5 times out of 12 months. fuck u mean overrated.... ???

Everything she's does and has done has been off the strength of her passion and hard work... She's making a name for herself because of her lyrics and ill flow. That's why you talking about her and we not talking about you.. And you might feel just because I'm her dj I'm taking it personal. Sorry your wrong, I was a fan before I met her and I would written the same quote if I wasn't her dj.......

Ya'll clowns on this board kill me....Haters or not, at the end of the day "we don't fucking care' cause we out here doing it and living this. You have the right to your opinion your a human being, so now respect my opinion about your opinion. ha ha lol........

Ya'll can bring up Foxy, Lil Kim if you want.. You know what? they was never in controll of their own careers....Somebody was always writing for them, telling them what to do and wear..... and they had to be butt-naked to sell records...cause rhymes and lyrics wasn't enough...

Call Lil Kim and Foxy for me and ask them can they record a whole album in like four days (Jean Grae & Ninth Wonder)..
get back on a plane the next day to do a show in the middle of nowhere, get no sleep, catch an early flight 6 in da morning to go back to North Carolina to finish the rest of an album, fly back to NY the next day to mix down her other album and then jump on the Okayplayer tour......That's not over-rated dawg that's passion and hard work.

To tell you the truth I think she's under-rated... I think alot of the people in this industry scared to death cause she is that good......... and we don't care if you don't buy her album, I just wanna here your album if it's ever coming out???

Dawg, this is our life and we ain't about games and stupid ass comments...we about action not words and Jean Grae's words have taken us to many places on this planet.... if you don't buy her album "so fucking what"

You wanna know what's overrated, bottled water.. I bet you buy that...

Don't confuse the media with real life dawgs cause everything you think u know about comes from hype...

PS sorry I made u famous for a quick minute...

Crazy Dj Bazarro
Jean Grae Camp...

3488, RE: Words from Jean Grae's dj
Posted by meridian81, Wed Jun-02-04 07:05 AM
Mothafucka, if I was a musician, I would come out with my own shit. But I'm not. Not everyone's a musician. Defensive mothafucka, take my opinion as simply that. I don't give a fuck if you're jean's dj or the pope of the mothafuckin catholic church, if someone's got some hostility, FUCK YOU.
3489, Over and under ratings don't exist...
Posted by Kno of CunninLynguists, Mon May-31-04 07:48 PM
...it's just that you are in a minority with your opinion or the person hasn't had enough time or exposure to get people to notice them, so leave it at that.

When you use those terms (especially "overrated") it's like you're making MF's "wrong" for liking an artist.

Jean is nice on the mic, for real.
3490, 3sixty from The Chapter: My Jean Grae experience...
Posted by guest, Tue Jun-01-04 07:37 PM
When we got invited to open up the OKP tour in LA, I had two missions, and one was to tell Jean Grae how much I loved her music. I'ma grown ass man and I damn near had a tear coming out my eye, because in short she is a super hero to me. Mild Mannered by day and slaying evil doers on the mic by night. It takes courage like a muthafucka not to do like all the rest of her peers. (ride somebody's style and persona but just take your clothes off) But when I witnesses Jean Grae on stage I saw the truth..everything she did was just her and she didn't change the whole night. From talking to somemuthafuckas she didn't know to rocking that stage. I'm sorry, and maybe this ain't cool for me to say, but Jean Grae is like Luke Skywalker to me..and new hope.The woman is more than just an MC and when y'all reckognize that you will appreciate the words she speaks over dem dere beats. She is nice on the mic. Get these salty chocolates. and that's my opinion.
3491, RE: Is it just me or is JEAN GRAE highly overrated?
Posted by meridian81, Wed Jun-02-04 06:26 AM
I live in the same environment Jean Grae does, crack on the streets , people being shot and killed, prostitutes roaming the streets, crackheads breaking into my car for the loose change in my ashtray and so on. That shit doesn't impress me, I see it everyday, why do I need to hear it on my speakers? To me, music is about a higher state of elevation, an escape. All that shit she speaks of, I've heard before, it just becomes redundant. When I speak of her being overrated, it's not by the mainstream, it's by the underground. This is simply criticism, people today are so infected by the word "hating", they are quick to label everyone as a "hater". Matter of fact, I don't knock Jean Grae for what she's doing, as a matter of fact I applaud her, nor do I knock lil flip for what he's doing, that shit just doesn't appeal to me. It's sad to to see such enraged responses for such a simple bit of criticism, I was just curious to see what they other people's opinions. Instead I'm blasted by accusations of me being confused, having a lack of vocabulary and so on. But I'm not mad about, I just find it funny. I'm here because okayplayer.com was created for the fans to interact with the musicians.
3492, RE: Is it just me or is JEAN GRAE highly overrated?
Posted by DeCisive, Wed Jun-02-04 07:35 AM
Money it was the approach to the issue instead dropping reasonable criticism it was like you was blatently blasting her. You right we here to interact directly with musicians but on certain level of respect at least I think so and it wasn't given in my personal opinion. I can't speak for anyone else. I was reintroduced to Jean Grae on Masta Ace's album and she ripped it yo. I heard bootleg of the bootleg ep and it blew me away speaking on behalf of just her aggression. My homie burned me a copy and I studied it man and saw where she is coming from. I copped Attack of the attacking things and was digging it so then I went back and bought bootleg of the bootleg just out of respect for an artist. She's authentic and credible although I don't know what you specifically referring to in regards to the prostitutes and etc. I haven't heard too much of that. She's not all limited to that. I'm not trying to change your mind or opinion but this is what I base my opinion on. She is a nice emcee and most importantly honest about everything. Almost too honest. I believe she deserves the respect. I'm an artist like duke and you know its more to this than just beats and flows.

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Posted by guest, Wed Jun-02-04 04:00 PM