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Topic subjectRE: Okayplayer Tour 2004 diaries w/ GoodTimeGirl, Skill
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3424, RE: Okayplayer Tour 2004 diaries w/ GoodTimeGirl, Skill
Posted by bones, Sun May-09-04 05:40 PM
Oh damn dawg i seen you give your cd to skills at Holy Cross. he was like yeah thanks dawg i appreciate it, right? you said you make beats right?

I was formerly thenextbestthing if
you were wondering.

My name is in the middle of
equality~ Talib Kweli

Ima Phenomenon like white girls with
damn the truth is funny)

So many people focusin on black
people extermination, but we
keep it balanced with that
knowledge of self
determination~Talib Kweli

yea you pronounce my name
kweli! any questions?-talib kweli-
the blast

yeah you pronounce my name
tariq..any questions?-Black
Thought-Thought at Work

"I'm sick of these clones/ spitten
written sh** off the dome/im
sendin em home/back/when I
react to this track im gone" ~Me
aka BL aka QS

"Rappers are artists and not just
lucky kids from the ghetto."--
Monch in an old RapPages