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Topic subjectOKP Tour 2004 diaries, updated pretty much daily (5/28)
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3408, OKP Tour 2004 diaries, updated pretty much daily (5/28)
Posted by aoxomoxoa, Fri Apr-30-04 10:09 AM
That's right, we're back!! Giving you all the exclusive insider look from the road, Okayplayer returns with its (in)famous tour journals. With goodtimegirl (aka tinyteanie) holding down the main slot, Skillz in the passenger seat, and Martin Luther not far behind ... this is truly going to be a tour to remember.

Journals can be found here,

3409, goodtimegirl
Posted by RamXL, Fri Apr-30-04 10:22 AM
she's funny, incredibly talented, and absolutely easy on the eyes. ive only had the pleasure of meeting her once a few years ago, and the impression still lasts.

it's worth going to this show for her alone...haha

3410, it begins...
Posted by aoxomoxoa, Sat May-01-04 04:20 PM
3411, the past entries links don't work
Posted by les_fleurs, Sun May-02-04 01:15 AM
what's up with that?
3412, Skillz cutting the cheese on tour...
Posted by theScholar3000, Sun May-02-04 09:43 AM
classic lmao material...

★☆★☆★-☆-★☆★☆★ - ★☆★☆★-☆-★☆★☆★ - ★☆

*****-*-***** - *****-*-***** - *****-*-*****

usually i don't do this but uuu... keep the S!G going
*****-*-***** - *****-*-***** - *****-*-******
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3413, LMAO
Posted by _JP, Sun May-02-04 04:02 PM
LMAO @ "did you do your man long enough so that he doesn't forget you?"
3414, good stuff
Posted by gusto, Mon May-03-04 03:09 AM
hoepfully all 3 of them keep up with their writings. skillz is the perfect guy for this.

no gingerlynn? oh well, that was her on the "roots make a video" right?
3415, and whoa, jamaica?
Posted by gusto, Mon May-03-04 03:18 AM
3416, Empty Cart
Posted by onanothalevel918, Mon May-03-04 05:36 AM
i keep tryna "PRE-ORDER" a copy o' the dvd...

1nce i get past the s&h part it says that my cart is empty...

3417, RE: Empty Cart
Posted by allison, Mon May-03-04 06:16 AM

call the 1-800 number
3418, Shoppin' Issues
Posted by onanothalevel918, Mon May-03-04 06:41 AM
good lookin' allison...

3419, cool. n/m
Posted by mefunx, Mon May-03-04 06:02 AM
. guantanamo bay.
. ""
. ""
3420, Martin Luther
Posted by mama mauazuri, Mon May-03-04 09:21 AM
its feel so good to see Martin Luther on this tour........he reps for the YAY, and he is so talented.......good shit yall...goooooood shit.


3421, if you go to a stop on this tour
Posted by plus one, Sun May-09-04 10:29 AM
cop the free martin luther sampler. he is unbelievable.
3422, RE: Martin Luther
Posted by guest, Thu May-27-04 05:24 AM
and he repped the YAY well....Got luv for my fellow yayareans...
3423, RE: Okayplayer Tour 2004 diaries w/ GoodTimeGirl, Skill
Posted by StabMastaArson, Wed May-05-04 07:37 AM
Ask Skillz or Jean Grae what they thought of my Demo i gave it to them at holy cross
3424, RE: Okayplayer Tour 2004 diaries w/ GoodTimeGirl, Skill
Posted by bones, Sun May-09-04 05:40 PM
Oh damn dawg i seen you give your cd to skills at Holy Cross. he was like yeah thanks dawg i appreciate it, right? you said you make beats right?

I was formerly thenextbestthing if
you were wondering.

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equality~ Talib Kweli

Ima Phenomenon like white girls with
damn the truth is funny)

So many people focusin on black
people extermination, but we
keep it balanced with that
knowledge of self
determination~Talib Kweli

yea you pronounce my name
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3425, RE: Okayplayer Tour 2004 diaries w/ GoodTimeGirl, Skill
Posted by StabMastaArson, Mon May-10-04 02:26 PM
yeah i make beats. lots of them and often.
3426, The schedule looks brutal..
Posted by Marwan, Sat May-08-04 04:34 AM
How do you guys keep the same consistency and intensity night in and night out?? Are there nights where you are just down on energy, or is the adrenaline enough to succomb the possible fatigue of being on the road and doing shows on back-to-back-to-back nights?
3427, martin luther was misled
Posted by lluvia360, Sun May-09-04 03:27 AM
in his journal he talks about the black rep company in providence and black love and little does he know that all of the black men in rhode island especially the head of teh black rep (married to 1) love white women.. **shakes head**
3428, will someone please get GTG some echinachea?
Posted by Belief, Tue May-11-04 06:15 AM
to help end the cold
traveling + sickness = misery...I should know

that's it

3429, Quest's entry on May 12th...
Posted by Marwan, Fri May-14-04 05:46 PM
Damn, as hectic as that sounds, I long for the day where I can be that busy.. Too many "Lazy Afternoons" of doing nothing and pondering if I could have done more in the day.
3430, good reads....oh yeah view all
Posted by buildingblock, Sat May-22-04 10:43 PM

3431, 5/27
Posted by proshop, Thu May-27-04 06:06 AM
Quest alludes to his favorite late night eatery. Is this suppossed to be Roscoe's. Cause I didn't think that place was really open 'that' late.

hah - heart and hustle
3432, RE: OKP Tour 2004 diaries, updated pretty much daily (5
Posted by hdub, Thu Jun-03-04 01:14 AM
I'm loving the diaries, but sadly I'm new to the site so I've missed out on many of the earlier tour journals. Is there anywhere that I can access the old joints?