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Topic subjectWorkin' 9 to 5.....
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29139, Workin' 9 to 5.....
Posted by guest, Fri Jun-18-99 12:01 PM
Full time student at the University of Alabama trying to get my American Studies Major and Business Minor by Christmas. Let's see, this time last year I was working in Atlanta at a insurance's company's regional office as an intern (damn, I miss those FAT checks and all those nice "I make $45,000 a year, I don't NEED your money" ladies). Last fall, took a quater off and intern in D.C. (Shut up Iris...). Didn't get paid. Worked the front desk at a hotel chain from Jan. 'til May (eatin' and liquor money but that's about it...) Since then I've been hustling to make a lil' money doing this and that(not like that) so I won't have to work during my summer fiance and direct study classes. Thinking of joining the peace corps after I graduate and going to Africa, Fuiji, or someplace like that. Hope I can be large one day like the rest of y'all...<P><BR>The lil' "i" stands for "unemployed",<BR>-iLL