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29092, I make donuts!...
Posted by Yogaflame, Sat Jun-19-99 05:26 PM
I am 18 yrs old<P>I have had 3 jobs<P>the first: a caddy at an upscale golf course. I once caddied for Damon Stoudamire. once for roger clemens. it fucking reeked.<P>the second: worked at a grocery store called sobey's. i brought in carts and cleaned bathrooms.<BR>once i had to clean the tampon receptical and i vomited on myself. once an asian man took a shit on the bathroom floor and told me he wasn't sorry. once a man walked in at 2am and shaved his beard with an electric razor in front of me. that job sucked.<P>the present: i make donuts and swat flies.<P>but<P>i am running a magazine in my small free time called Forcefield. we have interviewed Money mark, bibbe hansen, q-burn's abstract message, maceo parker, dj heather, and beenie man, oh yeah dream warriors.<BR>hopefully someday this will pay for my tuition<BR>yogaflame