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Topic subjectWhat do the many OKAY headz do to get paid?!
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29084, What do the many OKAY headz do to get paid?!
Posted by hussa, Fri Jun-18-99 06:58 AM
Just thought to start a thread to ask what the OKAYPLAYERS do for work, jobs, to get paid, cashflow, etc...if it's legal or illegal just let us know so that we can see what we can do to ease up the pressures and stress of the workplace, whether it's takin candy from kids and laughin or listenin to some live organic hiphop or what?! I'd like to see some good replys...we gotta know what's on our family's minds y'all, READY? BREAK!!<P>Hussa
29085, me...
Posted by Vet, Fri Jun-18-99 07:19 AM
i'm a student... a poor student so i get paid from financial aid (summer school is muh best friend) and my lil work study jawn...then there is every college students best friend...the federal government aka foodstamps. For all that don't know check with your local department about qualifications 'cause i'm on work study and my gross income is less than what i spend i get them so to save a few books check it out...<P>feel me?
29086, do the hustle
Posted by qoolquest, Sat Jun-19-99 05:21 AM
how i make loot. because if y'all think i pay the rent sellin records?........shhhhhhhieeeeeeeeeeet<P>1. producing other artists (but that money, mind you goes to not only me but the other 6 members, the management team (6 people), lawyers, the web team, the other groups/ staff people bills/rent/survival/etc. <P>2. shows (but...we have to get there (hotels, food, travel,)so there goes that.......<P>3. t-shirts, roots tv merchandise, etc (but that goes to the web team. (i'm sure this is the section in which ang will say some smart ass shit......)......---thanks ang, anyway as i was saying before i got sidetracked, all of this computer stuff is costing madd loot.......<P>4. session work. (i keep this.....shieeeeeet)<P>5. write articles (occasionaly i write in other places other than okayplayer.com......check for my shit in the jennifer lopez vibe european tour guide.)<P>6. pimp<P><P>"god made me funky"
29087, stupid ?uest!!!
Posted by guest, Sat Jun-19-99 05:18 PM
sike. made you look. =-)<P>>how i make loot. because if y'all <BR>>think i pay the rent sellin <BR>>records?........shhhhhhhieeeeeeeeeeet <P>For real, ?uest. People think you are a millionaire. People be like I know the brother got like 3 Lexi and 2 Lands...<BR>I be like "huh?", then I come pick you up in my hooptie. (which you are going to stop busting on, dammit)<P> <P>too funny. <P>>3. t-shirts, roots tv merchandise, etc (but <BR>>that goes to the web team. <BR>>(i'm sure this is the section <BR>>in which ang will say some <BR>>smart ass shit......)......---thanks ang, <P>You're welcome. No, I'm not saying anything smart. People better buy the damn shirts, especially since we gotta get our own server now and ish. I gotta put gas in the Dodge Shadow too.<P>>6. pimp <P>and a damn good one.<P>Anyhow...what do I do?<P>You think I just do this site? Heehee how. Well, this is how the Roots crew operates...you help out wherever you're needed. I've done everything from sell t-shirts at shows to carry Hub's equipment to delivering gifts to moms to setting up computers and desks and installing cd-burners to well, anything associated with this site. Call it "tech and other support". Someone calls 5 in the morning wondering what to do cause they screen froze up and ctrl alt delete don't work...I gotta answer. Erich is not only messageboardian, he is spreadsheet setterupper for expenses and...aw, he can start his own post...<P>Anyhow, I take the flicks for the site,fix broken ish, install software, teach, film the shows and run em through Ahmir's computer, answer all y'alls e-mails, design most of the stuff with Erich's help (roots tv graphic, jawn graphic, ?uestlove graphic props to Christjahn@aol.com...I'll admit, he is crazy better with photoshop!!) Updates the bosses on what is and what is to come. Chase heads around to get info for y'all. Talk with tour managers and booking agents.<P>Current project: finding a label maker so we can get official "okay gear" tags on new tees we come up with and waiting for merchant account to go through so I can it up so y'all can use credit cards. Also, meeting with heads and working on Blacklily.com. (coming soon). <P>So, when I seem stressed, don't worry, once the "okay gear" and merchant account are all taken care of, we'll work on this here chat room y'all want. Just gimme a second. <P>Did I mention we need a Philadelphian who knows and loves SQL, Perl, and can also carry equipment, make funky graphics and appreciates hiphop music? Must find joy in obscure unix commands, Sound Forge, and think Macromedia is the greatest!! Don't post here. Hit me up an angieee@okayplayer.com for more info. Or, send me an essay on what operating system true heads hope will take over Windows. (just kidding on the essay)(not kidding on the hiring...Sept.)<P>(did I mention I was a b-side in this month's Philly Word magazine (with Eve on the cover)?? Woo-hoo! (even though they put "president" when I said "precedent".)<P>angieee ('stress) <P>"bringing 'stress from south philly to west" - malik b. <BR><a href="http://www.sas.upenn.edu/~anissel">http://www.sas.upenn.edu/~anissel<;/a> -where it all began
29088, Thanx for your...
Posted by hussa, Sat Jun-19-99 05:51 PM
...contribution to the thread that I began Angieee<BR>I wanted to start one that would not be a dud...guess it worked, huh. LOL for all you do for us OKAY fam.<P>Hussa<P>"...is it the cat with the black shades, the black car...is it shining from very far to where you are...?"-Mos Def
29089, Lama & Ostriches
Posted by kevb, Sun Jun-20-99 10:51 AM
I work at a Lama and Ostrich farm in Southeast Guilford Co, NC. Contrary to popular opinion, Terance Trent D'Arby is not the lead singer of INXS. He is my fellow co-worker and is in charge of grooming the Lamas, even though he almost got fired for giving two of them blond extentions on their goatees. We have a farm band and we are the fucking bomb. When ever the Roots come back down here, then we plan to open for them. I do the beat box, the Ostriches flap their wings to give a whirlwind sound, the Lamas have mad bass in their voice which mixes well with D'Arby. Now on a sad note, due to years of smoking Lucky Stripes, he had a hole in his thorax, and cannot talk. He has one of those voice vibrator things and when hooked up to an amp, Roger Troutman (RIP) and ZAPP aint got shit on us. The fucked up thing about this is that y'all probably think that I'm lying but I'm serious as Jimmy Walkers art career.<P>kevb
29090, hey
Posted by qoolquest, Tue Jun-22-99 01:50 PM
dosn't norm (terminator x) raise birds on your farm? and dosn't terrence still live in la?<P><P><P><P>"god made me funky"
29091, piggybacking
Posted by jiggyjazzman, Mon Jun-21-99 04:16 AM
>(did I mention I was a b-side in this month's Philly Word magazine (with Eve on the cover)?? Woo-hoo! <P>Did I mention I wrote that article about EVE?:)<P><P>
29092, I make donuts!...
Posted by Yogaflame, Sat Jun-19-99 05:26 PM
I am 18 yrs old<P>I have had 3 jobs<P>the first: a caddy at an upscale golf course. I once caddied for Damon Stoudamire. once for roger clemens. it fucking reeked.<P>the second: worked at a grocery store called sobey's. i brought in carts and cleaned bathrooms.<BR>once i had to clean the tampon receptical and i vomited on myself. once an asian man took a shit on the bathroom floor and told me he wasn't sorry. once a man walked in at 2am and shaved his beard with an electric razor in front of me. that job sucked.<P>the present: i make donuts and swat flies.<P>but<P>i am running a magazine in my small free time called Forcefield. we have interviewed Money mark, bibbe hansen, q-burn's abstract message, maceo parker, dj heather, and beenie man, oh yeah dream warriors.<BR>hopefully someday this will pay for my tuition<BR>yogaflame
29093, I bet you are...
Posted by hussa, Sat Jun-19-99 06:22 PM
the best PIMP that the world has ever known,?uest.<BR>Can you give any good pointers to an up'n'comin pimp? You ARE funky!!<P>Hussa<P>"...is it the cat with the black shades, the black car...is it shining from very far to where you are...?"-Mos Def
29094, i'm a drug dealer...
Posted by guest, Fri Jun-18-99 07:20 AM
the legal type...i work at Eckerds as a Pharmacy Technician...when i'm not in school....<P>-Shaw<BR>"It's the dawn of the MC who think before he spit"-Talib Kweli
Posted by PoetessCrystal, Fri Jun-18-99 11:38 PM
<a href="http://www.sentergroup.com">http://www.sentergroup.com<;/a><BR>my poetry, mom's african art, bro's rhythm<P>"..now keep in mind that I'm an artist<BR>and i'm sensitive about my shit..."<BR>Erykah Badu, Live Album
29096, I myself
Posted by guest, Fri Jun-18-99 07:21 AM
I myself am a full time student, but to earn that money to see as many Roots shows as possible, I work at a camp during the summer teaching da youngsta's(crewz pop!) how to properly hold bats and drop 20 points a game while still distributing the ball well...So I guess you can call me a camp counselor...Knicks in 7..be well all
29097, knicks!??!?!!??!
Posted by guest, Fri Jun-18-99 07:25 AM
spurs in 4 worst case, 5
29098, kiss ass
Posted by guest, Fri Jun-18-99 07:29 AM
i 'm a part time student and work at a TGI Fridays in the kitchen and waitin tables. so i have to kiss people's ass's for tips. occasional 420- income- not<BR> thedesperado
29099, arguing will be futile...
Posted by guest, Fri Jun-18-99 07:39 AM
but i will definitely have words with you about the ny knickerbockers come next week..be well all
29100, what I do
Posted by stylus, Fri Jun-18-99 07:28 AM
public policy researcher at a D.C. think-tank<P>(no one responds to my posts)<BR>-djstylusallupinya<BR><a href="http://www.boondocks.net">http://www.boondocks.net<;/a><BR><a href="http://www.strictlyhiphop.com">http://www.strictlyhiphop.com<;/a><BR>**Pete Rock 4 President**<BR>
29101, and on my days off...
Posted by stylus, Fri Jun-18-99 09:07 AM
...I be strokin'<BR>that's what I be doin'<P>-djstylusallupinya<BR><a href="http://www.boondocks.net">http://www.boondocks.net<;/a><BR><a href="http://www.strictlyhiphop.com">http://www.strictlyhiphop.com<;/a><BR>**Pete Rock 4 President**<BR>
29102, Writer/Creative/Graphics guy
Posted by guest, Fri Jun-18-99 07:32 AM
for a managed care (HMO) company. Basically I spin lies that show our company in a positive light to our members, doctors, hospitals, etc. I edit the company's several newsletters...againg spouting lies that will make us look good<P>On the side I do graphics & web-dev. I'm desigining CD covers & such for some local Chi area rappers & doing a website for my buddy who own's a hip-hop clothing store in Davenport, IA.<P>Basically, I'm trying to turn my side job into my real job and my real job into a thing of the past.<P>Feel me? <P>natural1<P>"Her daddy would beat H.E.R., eyes all puff..." Common
Posted by guest, Fri Jun-18-99 08:03 AM
I work as software developer. Basically, I sit and chill 'til they give me an assignment.
29104, Occupation: CHECK HERE!
Posted by guest, Fri Jun-18-99 08:05 AM
I too am a full time colege student. While at school at work for the Athletic Dept selling merchandise. Right now I'm an intern for the Chicago Board of (Mis)Education's Office of Management and Budget. This is my second summer doing this and right now we are working on a project to teach schools and organizations (education-based) how to do grant proposals and research. It should come in handy for me in the future knowing how to do this.<P>Mr. Grump
29105, Damnit I'm a HOE!
Posted by AVE, Fri Jun-18-99 08:06 AM
<BR><a href="http://www.okayplayer.com/dcforum/general2/350.html#1">http://www.okayplayer.com/dcforum/general2/350.html#1<;/a><P>AS seen by AVE
29106, PC support tech
Posted by BH, Fri Jun-18-99 08:09 AM
for Virginia Commonwealth University's administrative offices when I am not in school.<P><P>"Has anybody seen Loie Hallug?"-ME
29107, well...
Posted by nocturnalicious, Fri Jun-18-99 08:17 AM
i'm a full time student ...interning this summmer for a publication agency.... graphic designer by trade...own my own t shirts company on the side..<BR><a href="http://members.xoom.com/blkfoks">http://members.xoom.com/blkfoks<;/a><BR>blackfokapparel-detroit
29108, what intrigues me is...
Posted by Vet, Fri Jun-18-99 09:09 AM
after taking a linguistics class last semester i can now read phonetic spellings...meaning i learned something in college YEAH!! so i'm diggin your trademark<P>feel me?
29109, i got cha
Posted by nocturnalicious, Tue Jun-22-99 04:19 AM
yeah.. i'm glad that u read it on the 1st try.. most foks dont get it until like the 8 try....<P><a href="http://members.xoom.com/blkfoks">http://members.xoom.com/blkfoks<;/a><BR>blackfokapparel-detroit
29110, lackey
Posted by guest, Fri Jun-18-99 08:19 AM
my occupation is being a lackey for the WBLS promotions dept. i could get paid i guess if i stole-i mean borrowed some of the cd's and records and prizes and sold them for a dollar or two.....hmmmm
29111, check your mail
Posted by atruhead, Fri Jun-18-99 06:53 PM
you have a letter from me at my aol address, not this one.
29112, what???
Posted by guest, Sat Jun-19-99 05:33 PM
i don't know your adress!
29113, slavin' for the man...
Posted by guest, Fri Jun-18-99 08:27 AM
At a local newspaper taking classified advertisements from a bunch of punk ass ingrates who always want something for nothing. (do i sound like I love my job?)<P>mama
29114, I am....
Posted by guest, Fri Jun-18-99 08:36 AM
29115, I returned that video 5 months ago...(smile)
Posted by guest, Sat Jun-19-99 12:38 PM
What do I do? Ok when you're in New York and you have an urge to go to the Library to borrow some books or videos, I'm the person that tells you you can't. I love my job so much that everyday I pray that I get a call from someone asking me when do I want to go in for an interview...<P>In my spare time, I'm an unpaid promoter, which means if we're people and you got something, I'm promoting it. Speaking of which...SHE BY SAUL WILLIAMS ON MTV/POCKETBOOKS. COMES WITH A CD OF HIM READING SELECIONS. YOU DON'T REALLY WANT TO BUY THAT WEED FOR 10. GAIN SOME BRAIN CELLS BACK AND COP THIS BOOK! MUTHAFUKA WHAT! <img src="http://www.okayplayer.com/dcforum/Images/happy.gif"><P>When spiderwebs unite, they can tie up a lion.<BR> - Ethiopian Proverb
29116, I am...
Posted by HeavenLei, Fri Jun-18-99 08:59 AM
a unit clerk in a hospital. which means that i'm a glorified secretary. I admit patients when they come to the unit. i put their charts together I make sure that the procedures ( bloodwork ,x rays, cat scans, physical therapy) are done, I make sure that nurses know what medication's the patients are prescribed( meaning I have to figure out what the hell the MD's write, just like a dman pharmacist... that shit is hard)I keep paperwork in order... organize the nurses startion... etc. All the nurses love me, but all the other dept's hate me... but I don't give a shit... I get paid wee and I'm in the union and i get the FAT benefits.. woooweeee you can't beat a hospital when it comes to benefits!<BR>Peace<BR>Lei<BR>"...I don't give a Philly doggone..."-My cousin Jay... RIP cous...
29117, What I Do.....What I Want to Do
Posted by guest, Fri Jun-18-99 09:02 AM
I'm a Provisioner for a small telephone company in MD. It pays the bills.<P>I'm also partner and designer in a clothing line...mostly mens casual gear, hats and T's, a woman's line is soon to follow....COMING TO A STORE NEAR YOU THIS FALL!!!!!<P>I actually went to college for Fashion Design so i guess I should put my parents investment to work. Like you, NATURAL1, I'm trying to dump the first gig by the end of the year.<P>"The grass is always greener on the other side but, then again, it could be astro-turf"
29118, what i do....
Posted by jiggyjazzman, Fri Jun-18-99 09:05 AM
I was a full-time student at Temple but I plan on going part time in the fall. I work at one of Temple's Computer Labs on the Health Science Campus and (during the school year) at the one on main campus (well, one of the main one's on main). Plus, I'm official controller for my church...which translates into I'm the only one who knows how to make the computer print payroll checks correctly. That's what I do for m $$$. Don't ask what I volunteer or put most of my time into.
29119, Electrical Engineer
Posted by guest, Fri Jun-18-99 09:42 AM
Hip-Hop loving electrical engineer for a utility out in the suburbs of Chi-town. SIU class of '93. Yeahhhhhhh!
29120, I am.....
Posted by kayci, Fri Jun-18-99 09:53 AM
a full time college student presently working as in Human Resources at IBM ( as a support specialist in pension services)...and going to summer school (which sucks a phat one)<P>"Love is love."<BR>one<BR>kayci.
29121, A fellow engineer
Posted by AVE, Fri Jun-18-99 10:45 AM
>Hip-Hop loving electrical engineer for a utility <BR>>out in the suburbs of Chi-town. <BR>> SIU class of '93. <BR>>Yeahhhhhhh! <P>I'll have my electronics engineering degree somewhere in 99 or 00. West sub-urban chi.<P>AS seen by AVE
29122, Another engineer
Posted by t510, Fri Jun-18-99 11:30 AM
2001, baby...until then, I intern, working on a web directory, and I now work for a new e-business...waiting to get hired by a firm so I can quit once I get them to pay for my MBA/MSIA degrees.... <P>Peace and Love
29123, mee three
Posted by digabomb, Fri Jun-18-99 11:35 AM
2001 maybe, 2002 who knows. <BR>all i know is that it seems to be takin 4ever <BR>in a perfect world i'd be a senior right now but i need at least 2 more years (that's being optimistic) oh btw, i'm in the M.E. program at UF. <P>peace
29124, am i the only
Posted by MoJoTaters, Fri Jun-18-99 09:55 AM
High school student here? Damn, I bet all of you are twice as old as me, I dont fit in here, why can't I be a stupid normal high school kid.
29125, me
Posted by sjb, Fri Jun-18-99 10:05 AM
I get paid to read this shit all day...<P>But on the real, I'm an intern at IBM in the Triangle, NC.<P>The rest of the year I'm a student at U. of Michigan...<P>
29126, NOTHING...
Posted by donwill, Fri Jun-18-99 10:06 AM
29127, Hit me up
Posted by guest, Fri Jun-18-99 10:37 AM
>I AM UNEMPLOYED AND LOOKING FOR A <BR>>JOB HEY NATURAL1 LOOK OUT FOR <BR>>AN OK PLAYER IF U COULD <BR>>I HAVE A DEGREE IN ART <BR>>DESIGN AND WILL TRAVEL <P>on email and we can discuss.<BR>Are you interested in Chicago?<BR>If so, I might be able to give a little direction. If you're interested in relocating, you probably wanna get w/ some search firms/headhunters.<P>out.<BR>natural1<P>"Her daddy would beat H.E.R., eyes all puff..." Common
29128, coming to you live from..
Posted by maria, Fri Jun-18-99 10:54 AM
my little cubicle at The Miami Herald.. the local city newspaper. I work with the advertising/finance department.<BR> <BR>as nice as the pay is, i'm BORED outta my skull here 3 days a week, for 8 hours each day. <P>peace and blessings,<BR>maria.<P><BR><a href="http://www.loud.com/elevatedminds">http://www.loud.com/elevatedminds<;/a><BR><a href="http://www.boondocks.net">http://www.boondocks.net<;/a>
29129, please read my post right below yours...
Posted by digabomb, Fri Jun-18-99 11:12 AM
i ain't know nann
29130, I NEEDS A JOB!!!!!!!!
Posted by digabomb, Fri Jun-18-99 11:04 AM
damn i already got my AA and all!! <BR>if anyone from the miami area needs someone for anything that pays in american $$ i'm available 5 days a week! until the end of august when i go back to school.<BR>please!!!!!!<BR>i even got artistic skills if ya'll need something like that.<BR>otherwise, i go to school twice a week, and switch to bum mode the rest....actually it kinda made me get back into drawing and writing more...<BR>oh yeah and it looks like foodstamps 4 me in the fall (except it looks more like a credit card now)<P>i ain't know nann
29131, I BUS MY ASS!!
Posted by guest, Fri Jun-18-99 11:50 AM
I work 40 hours a week at CapitalOne (and if anybody got Credit Cards with em, dont ask to waive no late fees, cuz I'm not that good). Then I work at a smoke shop- a cigar store, not a head shop. Nuthin wrong with that, its just not my thing anymore. Then I work at a Univ of South Florida's radio station as hiphop music director: WBUL in Tampa, check out my show on Wed 8-10pm EST at wbul.usf.edu, WERE GOIN AM IN AUGUST-YEAH, BABY!!! And when I have time, and everyone else in my crew's can manage I work on production with either my hiphop group, Creative Sources, or my swing-jazz fusion group, Cats Calloway, in which I play the turntables. In other words- I BUS MY ASS!!
29132, MAYBE I'LL TELL Y'ALL ...
Posted by hussa, Fri Jun-18-99 11:51 AM
...what I do, seein's how I started this thread in the 1st place...I work in the Parks Dept. for the Public Operations in the city where I live (Lethbridge, Alberta, CANADA). I am on the WEED CONTROL CREW...this entitles me to drive all around the city and WHACK WEEDS!! We even get to go to private residences and chop down the weeds there too...people with messy, f*ckin weed infested yards get notices sent to them to either clean it up themselves by a certain date or WE get sent in to do the job(The City charges them like $50 or so for us to come in...) Y'all should see some of the shit I'm into, some of these weeds you'd think that the poor bastards water them...NO SHIT, OKAYPLAYERS!! I get splattered in the face with all kinds of WEED JUICE, and pissy, shitty garbage and old, empty f*ckin chip bags with water an' shit and dog shit and leftover cat PISS, and...OH GOD HELP ME!! I got this big orange HUSQUAVARNA weed whip strapped to me and if there is lightening out, then that f*ckin thing is comin OFF! cuz there is no way I'm gonna go out like that. Some of y'all may wonder how I get through some of this shit, well, I'll tell ya...yesterday I took my walkman and carefully tucked the Phontopid earphones under my over-the-head-sound-blockers and let the weeds have some of what I was feelin'...which was the sounds of the LEDGENDARY FOUNDATION...yup, THE ROOTS! The whole basis for my even being @ this here site.<BR>Peace out to all you CATS for doin shit that you don't necessarily enjoy but pays the bills...oh yeah, don't litter. Thanx for all the replys so far, I love 'em!<BR>'Til next time, HUSSA<BR>"...is it the cat with the black shades, the black car...is it shining from very far to where you are...?"-Mos Def
29133, I killed two mice today in my weed whacking job!!!
Posted by hussa, Mon Jun-21-99 07:23 PM
"...well I stopped smokin' cheeba, that was part of the key..."-ADAM YAUCH
29134, I pass the popcorn
Posted by Steve, Fri Jun-18-99 11:57 AM
I am a high school student, and I also sell popcorn(and pretzels and hot dogs) at a arthouse indepedent cinema, it is kinda phat except the money SUCKS, atleast I get free movies..they have all the good joints here..and damn..I am glad I am not a weed whacker, lol..I got such a crack outta that, I cant believe the city pays people to take care of weed infested lawns, where do you live, pleasantviile?<BR>lol,<BR>Steve
29135, You're DAMN right they do...
Posted by hussa, Fri Jun-18-99 12:11 PM
go out one day and actually look @ it...you'll see little Stevie that there is things beyond highschool girls, it's called nature and NOXIOUS WEEDS are a big part of that. PEACE!<P>Hussa<P>"...is it the cat with the black shades, the black car...is it shining from very far to where you are...?"-Mos Def
29136, what??
Posted by Steve, Mon Jun-21-99 08:45 AM
Life beyond high school girls?<BR>that pushes the limits of my imagination..lol..<BR>I wasn't dissing you..I have love for weedwackers..peace,<BR>Steve
29137, i need a job....
Posted by guest, Fri Jun-18-99 11:58 AM
i'm currently unemployed....<P>a couple of weeks ago, i was a substitute teacher for an elementary school before the district i was in let out for the summer. i did this after i graduated from college back in january (the job market out here in st louis isn't all that good).<P>now i'm puttin in resumes, tryin to look for a job/the one where i'mll have to don a suit..so for me it's a countdown until a 9 to 5 is there.....<P><BR>catch-23 (i got two more seconds before i feel like on those "mistadobalina" types Del mentioned in that song a few years back....)<P><BR>
29138, My current occupation...
Posted by guest, Fri Jun-18-99 12:11 PM
is as a Computer Operators for Wachovia Securites, Inc. in Charlotte, North Kakalak. It's pretty sweet. The pay ain't exactly great, but it's good enough considering I really don't do nann thing 'cept come here and shit like that. The cool part is that my bosses know that I don't do shit, and they don't care. I'm also going to school to become a software developer. But like some of y'uns done said, that seems like a neverending kinda thing. Hopefully it'll end next year. It's like torture....<P>Cev
29139, Workin' 9 to 5.....
Posted by guest, Fri Jun-18-99 12:01 PM
Full time student at the University of Alabama trying to get my American Studies Major and Business Minor by Christmas. Let's see, this time last year I was working in Atlanta at a insurance's company's regional office as an intern (damn, I miss those FAT checks and all those nice "I make $45,000 a year, I don't NEED your money" ladies). Last fall, took a quater off and intern in D.C. (Shut up Iris...). Didn't get paid. Worked the front desk at a hotel chain from Jan. 'til May (eatin' and liquor money but that's about it...) Since then I've been hustling to make a lil' money doing this and that(not like that) so I won't have to work during my summer fiance and direct study classes. Thinking of joining the peace corps after I graduate and going to Africa, Fuiji, or someplace like that. Hope I can be large one day like the rest of y'all...<P><BR>The lil' "i" stands for "unemployed",<BR>-iLL
29140, professional bum
Posted by guest, Fri Jun-18-99 12:20 PM
I'm a beat making, lyric writing, web surfing, tech supporting employee for Compac. I kinda get paid to surf Okayplayer. I love this job!
29141, Stuck
Posted by guest, Fri Jun-18-99 12:11 PM
"project style, ate goverment cheese for awhile"...like Puba...bumping Roots (uuh) and Grouch's Stuck all days and try to figure out what to do (can't do what they doooo)...or actually trying to figure out how I wouldn't have to do anything...<P><BR>Beez<BR>Ocka<P><BR>"20 years old still living with my moms, no car, no job, still smoking bidis and alcohol abuser, so I guess you can say I'm all around loser"...or something like that..
29142, OCKA!!!!!!!
Posted by digabomb, Fri Jun-18-99 12:19 PM
wassup kid!!!!!<BR>been a while man. funny thing i had just decided to recheck the ol' krib board after months but it still looks the same. <BR>THIS PLACE IS A LOT NICER AND ACTUALLY MAYBE BAD 4 YO HEALTH............it's kinda addicting.<P>peace<BR>r.a.i.
29143, DAAAAM!!
Posted by guest, Fri Jun-18-99 12:30 PM
Wassup?<P>I saw 'digabomb' here and it sounded familiar but didn't think about it more...it's YOU!..ha<P>Yeah Krib is pretty much just a memory anymore...maybe one day..<P>Been checking this place for awhile, it is addicting...but that's aight cos I got nothing else to do :( ...just need someone to pay my phonebills...<P>Still using ICQ?..heh<P><BR>Beeez (not Wu related)<BR>Ocka
29144, i killed that shhhh...
Posted by digabomb, Fri Jun-18-99 09:45 PM
ever since i brought my comp back to miami the ICQ started doin some funny shit, i think it was the change to modem connection, my computer was showing withdrawal symptoms. so i killed it. no regrets. besides i wasn't gettin no feedback, where U went??? i spent so many lonely nights just wondering where everyone was <img src="http://www.okayplayer.com/dcforum/Images/sad.gif"> <BR>anyways, i gots this little thing called AOL instant messenger, it's more ..... i just like it better. AOL sucks but the IMer is pretty straight. <BR>hmmm, i feel bed that i left without even leaving any last words, it got so bad (at the krib) i started getting depressed myself. PROZAC can do wonders U know<P>i ain't know nann
29145, another wasted nite with...
Posted by guest, Sat Jun-19-99 12:42 PM
Jayou....indeed ICQ is wack as hell but funk it...I quit at work so there went my daily 7 hour net surfing but sleeping till 3pm makes it worth it...I actually had that Instant Messanger or whatever for 2 days but didn't know anyone who had it so dropped it....<P>Umm..now I lost touch with all the Krib headz...only know about Theory's actions....well I guess we gotta move on :( .....<P>Beaze<BR>Ocka<P>"Please, realize, if something doesn't evolve or advance, it dies..."
29146, ...fed up w/ fed ex...
Posted by guest, Fri Jun-18-99 01:06 PM
...i'm a checker/sorter for federal express, which means i scan outgoiing freight with a hand held gadget kinda like the scanner at a grocery store. from there i have to load the freight into containers that are then loaded on to a plane. it's a mess because they cut down on the amount of frieght we receive and raise the quota for the amount of scans we're supposed to do per hour. on top of that, they're trying to cut back on hours in an attempt be more efficient. now how much sense does that make?<P>...mastering my circumference in an environment of chaos...<BR>--jabril74 <P>...just a warning y'all, don't ship anything thru fed ex. packages are brutalized on the daily...
29147, LOUD Records is the label that...
Posted by guest, Fri Jun-18-99 02:36 PM
PAYS ME! Aside from small change thrown my way by the giant known as BMG, I accept small checks from the urban radio station in Portland, Oregon. The station I work for, Jammin' 95.5 is owned by the man who helped make this message board possible, Paul Allen.<P><BR>Evil E<BR>Editor-in-Chief<BR>Elevated Minds<BR><a href="http://www.loud.com/elevatedminds">http://www.loud.com/elevatedminds<;/a>
29148, Just Graduated...and shiitt!
Posted by MistaMeek, Fri Jun-18-99 02:48 PM
...but I have been working with Preschool kids the past year and a half to get some experience working with kids in general...til I get up the nerve to proceed to a High School and teach History and hopefully coach some basketball...shiit! *actually waiting for the budget increase here in NC so I can get paid more* :><BR>...i feel teaching will be good for me ...since i cannot spell have the time anyway...(yall remem those teachers that always stopped and was like asking the nerd in class "is that spelled right")<P>*joking* i just phucking like my own language ...shitt!<P>somebody got to get these knuckle headz in check..."times is getting ill"<P><BR>MistaMeek..."inquiring minds unite"<BR>OuT!
29149, my job...
Posted by atruhead, Fri Jun-18-99 07:03 PM
I feel like such a bum compared to yalls high profile jobs. <img src="http://www.okayplayer.com/dcforum/Images/happy.gif">. Home from college in florida, and for the past 3 weeks Ive been going all around my city picking up and delivering packages for Breakaway courier systems. Its a commission percentage job and it pays HORRIBLY. But im maintaining. I got tired of the run around and hearing "we'll call you back", calling places back with still no responses. So i took a job that was guaranteed to me, they need all the help they could get. Tryin to move up from this though.
29150, the jobby job
Posted by guest, Fri Jun-18-99 07:48 PM
I work at Sterling Software (something like the fifth biggest software company in the US) and go to college (which is why I gotta work - I know heads in school can feel me on this one).<BR>
29151, how I gets the luchini.....
Posted by guest, Sat Jun-19-99 09:33 AM
during the school year I work in the parking lots at school, which basically translates to sitting in a booth, taking peoples money, finding out which brotha's got the hottest cars (no, I'm not a pigeon), and talking on the phone. During the summer, I work for the cities transit company (TTC) doing whatever the hell they want me to do, it pays very well and I only work for 2 hours of an 8 1/2 hour shift. <P>Damn I got it made---mikaela
29152, Girl, you DO got it made...
Posted by hussa, Sat Jun-19-99 12:25 PM
Mikela it sounds like you are in desperate need of some R&R...mmmm,yup, I know where you can go...later!<P>hussa <P>"...is it the cat with the black shades, the black car...is it shining from very far to where you are...?"-Mos Def
29153, Living for the city...
Posted by YardBird33, Sat Jun-19-99 01:15 PM
Well, <P>By day, I'm a full-time Business Major and Media Technician at Newbury College(where I got to school.)<P>By night, I'm a struggling/frustrated/broke Film-maker trying to get his struggling/frustrated/broke Film/Video Production company off the ground. <P>I'm also considering branching out into Webproduction...the key word being considering...<P>Peace & Soul Grease,<BR>YardBird<P>"Why you so frustrated Bird?"-The rest of the world<P>
29154, hey....
Posted by guest, Sat Jun-19-99 03:12 PM
you're not suggesting....naaaaaaaawwww, you couldn't be. lol<P>mikaela
29155, ME
Posted by NazDak, Sat Jun-19-99 05:32 PM
Wow, some of you have really shitty lives. JK.<BR> For real though. I'm a full time student at Five Towns College, which is located in Dix Hills Long Island. There, I major in Business Management, where I have a double concentration in Audio Recording Technology and Music Business (yeah, its a music school). I'm learning all the in's and out's of a recording studio, while I also learn the in's and out's of the Political side of the music biz. I make tracks on the side, and I plan on starting my label by the end of the summer....More on that another time. But how do I make money??? Well, I do it all...I just quit my job at HESS gas station, because my hours sucked (12 am-6:30 am), and I'd have to deal with REALLY ignorant people all night, and I'd come home smelling like gas and cigarettes. Right after I quit that job, I got something else, where I have to Call people all over the country, and ask them questions about stuff....You know, one of them people who call you at the WORST possible time to ask you about crackerbarrel cheddar cheese or something?? Well, thats gonna be me. I start tuesday. <BR> ALSO, I make loot by selling just about anything i can (jewelry, sunglasses, wallets, watches, ANYTHING). I play spades and cee-lo for $$$ and I actually do quite well (but I try to keep that low), and I maintain a steadily growing stock portfolio which secures my future. <BR> That about sums it up....<BR> Peace, <BR> Nazzie<P> "I'm so ahead of my time, my parents havent met yet"--Big L (RIP)
29156, Yup, Mikaela(h), that's what I mean..
Posted by hussa, Sat Jun-19-99 05:40 PM
...we can use this message board and chat...ask stuff and answer back...R&R style, M. Bye for now!<P>-Hussa<P>"...is it the cat with the black shades, the black car...is it shining from very far to where you are...?"-Mos Def
29157, okay, I'll bite...
Posted by guest, Sat Jun-19-99 07:40 PM
the idea that is. You wanna' play cat and mouse around this board that's cool, but ya' better be ready for a chase cause I'm like a thief in the night kid; never know where or when I'll show up...lol<P>peace (catch me if you can)---mikaela
29158, Oh Yeah!!...
Posted by hussa, Sat Jun-19-99 07:50 PM
Let's get it on!<P>"...well I stopped smokin' cheeba, that was part of the key..."-ADAM YAUCH
29159, how i make my donuts......
Posted by BrainChild, Sun Jun-20-99 04:11 PM
wayell....<P>i'm a full-time college student during the non-summer months... however, if you visit the ball state university campus, you may see me flipping burgers in a campus dining facility. or you'll see me behind the boards of the campus radio station getting paid nada.<P>this summer, i took on a full-time job as a fake-ass smile wearing, clothes folder at a clothing store that isn't the Gap. I get paid $5.25 an hour (a 10 cent increase from the campus job) and work anywhere from 20 to 32 hours a week.<P>this money is used to buy a ton of cds that i'll probably never listen to more than 4 times, and it goes toward my dependence on oreo mcflurries from mcdonalds<P>but i should be saving that up so i can get a new computer and stereo before i go back to school... and i need to pick up some prince bootlegs... 'specially that new years eve '87 show with miles davis on a couple of songs...<P>anyway<P>you asked<P>i told you<P>--me--
29160, Kraft....it ain't easy bein cheesy.
Posted by Phil, Sun Jun-20-99 04:20 PM
I work for Kraft Canada. Myself and another guy are building an intranet site for them that will be used by all of the Kraft plants across Canada (8 of em). It's more of a web application that is basically an information system to get things to run smoother than they are running now. I'm on contract there till the end of July. Hopefully they'll hire me full time afterwards. I guess we'll have to wait and see.<P>Phil<P>and no, I can't send you people jello or kool-aid or macaroni and cheese. <img src="http://www.okayplayer.com/dcforum/Images/happy.gif"><P>"Ever since God created women, the devil has been out of work" - My Grandma
29161, Liberty Liquors
Posted by guest, Sun Jun-20-99 05:21 PM
I stock mad shelves at a pretty decent Liquor Store the next town over from me. It's not a bad job... money isn't too good, but My 33 year old boss is frickin' hot and I get to sample some product. On the downside, a nasty girl that thinks she's fly always hits on me when she works and tries to get me to hook her up with my friends and shit... (GAAAAG)... I'm lookin' for another job too... I also Referee soccer games, but the season and the memorial day tourney are over so none of that for a while.<P>I'm another one of those full time college students too... gotta make some doe to pay the bills...<BR>(((krutch)))(((1999)))
29162, Am I too late???
Posted by guest, Sun Jun-20-99 07:36 PM
Good, then let me proceed to tell you about my excitin' job. I work @ a place called Masterfile. It's a stock photo library where they have thousands of different pictures of whatever you could imagine, and I get to "log out" this pictures all day. I also file, stock supllies, do reception and "log in" the pictures when they come back in. <P>I even have a title. They call me "Consingment Queen" because I'm in charge of the consigning of images to clients. They hooked me up with a "Consignment Queen Crown ". Burger King's crown don't got nann on that jawn...<P>juande<P>
29163, summer work?? Is it a job if you don't do ish??
Posted by guest, Mon Jun-21-99 05:14 AM
I'm a full time student at Temple University (North Philly baby). I work for preppy ass Lehigh University and I get my $$$ doing some "internter research/tools developing". In other words they have me searching the internet for codes and ish like that then they want me to create something that could be used in. I really don't even know what I do. Right now I'm working on formating the output of a form for some tools that were developed. I've been doing this since the second week of may and I haven't seen a check yet. I also do this ish during the school year, but I do even less but I have to show that I do the same. I also get money from my Granma, that goes into my "I have to buy this cd" addiction. It comes out to like 3-4 cds a week. And if I'm not buying cds. I'm spending all my money on 2-day trips to Philly so that I could see this girl who doesn't even like me that much, so that I could say to her, "You know how I feel about you, and all I want to do is be with you" Even though I treat her better thatn most men treat their own wifes while she won't admit to any relationships she has or doesn't have.Also, when Im not reading the board. I'm trying to get my mom to pull some strings so that I could buy this house in 5th street, in N. Philly so that I could be independent and estable and be close to my "gente" and be able to eat rice and beans any time I damn feel like it. I also try to get Temple to pay for the house, even though they don't know it, and then I'll charge rent to my roomate and my friend and they pay for the rent and the utilities when they don't know it, and with the rest of their money I'll buy another house and rent it so that I could buy a fucking car that I could see myself in. I'm trying to settle down as soon as possible. Im one of those uptight persons that should get marry early in life.... Hey a guy could dream with his little National Science foundation money, can he?... don't answer that...
29164, i'm not paying you no stinking rent!!!
Posted by guest, Mon Jun-21-99 06:12 PM
i hope he isnt talking about me paying rent cuz i'm his roomate and while i'm at it i should subtract a little money from the rent cuz YOUR P.R. ASS SNORES LOUD AS A MOTHERFUCKER..and while im at it again i wasnt mentioned in your story of the trip to philly to see "the girl" (actually a trip to see blackmoon and the mtn.bros that never happened)and got no mention when angieee posted "our" pictures from the philly in-store!!! are you embarassed of me? is it cuz i'm WHITE? and to think all the love i showed you what am i supposed to do now?!?!!!?? hahaha just kidding but if you all got this far i work at OLDNAVY "WHERE SHOPPING IS FUN AGAIN!" DAMNIT its the best job i ever(or never) had you dont have to do any strenuous work(except chase around 13 yr old girls trying to convince them to buy $5 flag shirts and shit to match) i just lost my train of thought watching an national std hotline ad, sorry. anyhow there are some cute girls(which i can talk about since my girl dumped me cuz she "needs time" and ignores me now.i may or may not be bitter you decide) who work there or come in to buy shit but unfortunately none of them have ever heard of mos def (response: "bless you" like i sneezeed or something) and dont know what a ?uestlove is. damn and you just wanted to know where i worked, this is like a cool?uest post but this is what its like when i write/talk. i've tried to come up with lyrics but whether its in my head or on paper it usually comes out in like 5 different subjects and then i get distracted by those subjects. oh yeah and in my free time i try to convince "white america" of the glory that is hip-hop (not "p-diddy" if you consider that hip-hop) by the way has anyone noticed that badboy remix of the total song with the biggie sound-a-like they ripped off the beat from DEFinition!!!!we need to take it back!!!!!!!! but lucky for you i have to go to bed now since i have to "make shopping fun again" at 8:00 am <BR>peace<BR>(in tradition of fellow okayplayers) "of all the things i miss i miss my mind the most" -someone other than me
29165, live215--- you kiddin' right?
Posted by guest, Tue Jun-22-99 03:30 AM
Hell yeah you paying rent, every motha is paying rent. Except me. <img src="http://www.okayplayer.com/dcforum/Images/happy.gif"> You'll get your own damn room. So I snore and I sound louder than a freight train. Hey, I've even woken myself up. But if all goes as plan, Temple will give you your damn rent money (believe me, I checked it out). As for the BlackMoon show, I was gonna go to Philly anyway to spend $50 at lunch in that damn Italian restaurant everyone back in the 10th loves so much. maybe cause is the only one they know. I actually wanted to go to a fancier restaurant. The bistro is now like going to the OwlsNest by now. Hey, just remember this, nothing says I'm sorry better than a dozen roses. <img src="http://www.okayplayer.com/dcforum/Images/happy.gif">I'ma right or I'm a right. Next time you spend $600 in two days and all you buy for yourself is a Kool Keith & boggiemonsters cd you let me know. Roomie is all love, now go back to chasing those 13 year-old girls, backstreet fans, that can't stop calling damn MTV. not to be confused with Trunks' Black street ... you know the rest. If you want to make the 'Gringos' like hip-hop tell them to stop watching MTV. You had to get that, "I didn't get any-credit for the pictures..." When you get the 3d picture of BT and me than maybe you could say something. Peace. <BR>Park Mall better be finished. <img src="http://www.okayplayer.com/dcforum/Images/happy.gif">
29166, empty pockets
Posted by guest, Tue Jun-22-99 02:47 AM
when you're at a hotel & you order one of those overpriced payperview hotel movies & it doesnt work you call me. what it boils down to is telling people how to hook up cable & selling porno's. i train alot of the new people & got a couple other things i gotta do (aka shit they 'let' me do so i dont feel like the peon i am) so im not on the phone too much. otherwise, i'd quit! i hate that customer service is one of my strongest work skillz. i hate it!<P>imma get back into making mixtapes & maybe get back into dj'in parties but if that doesnt happen, oh well.<P>got somethin else up the sleeve but its on the low
29167, Well...
Posted by Trinigalnatty, Tue Jun-22-99 07:34 AM
I'm an accountant's assistant @ a record label. <P>I also work w/ my mom. We promote/support money making-marketing plans for mostly African-American business & I work w/ her as a member of her security funds business.<P>I swore I posted sometin like this B4. Well if I posted it twice, oh well.<P>Peace<BR>Trinigal
29168, I do hip-hop!
Posted by guest, Tue Jun-22-99 07:27 PM
So far just with equipment I'm earned about -$1200 and I hope to lose much more in the future. Emcees will never give up.<P>Joe Haber<P>"So you're a b-boy, well I'm an A-man/<BR>I'm triple-frosted Baked Alaska while you're plain flan/"
29169, Too Much
Posted by guest, Tue Jun-22-99 07:38 PM
In no particular order..<P>* Getting my Ph.D. <BR>* DJ<BR>* Teach undergraduate courses<BR>* Research Consultant<BR>* Travel<BR>* Artist (Paint/Sketch)<P>Paz<BR>jun!or
29170, BEG MY PARENTS!!!!
Posted by ICE, Tue Jun-22-99 07:46 PM
just kidding. for real i work at a amusement park making foood. shit is nasty! i'll never eat at a place where i can't see them making my food again after i've seen the things i've seen! man if they ever fire my ass i'll call the health department wit the quickness!!!! naw, it aint so bad (just incase my boss is reading this). Dammit i hate earning my money<P>ICE<BR>" trying is the first step toward failure"- the modern day philosopher known as homer.