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Topic subjectPeace Black, I Overstand!!
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29080, Peace Black, I Overstand!!
Posted by guest, Fri Jun-18-99 10:37 AM
Peace God,<P>Thank you for clarifying the meaning or significance behind DUNDEE, I pretty much figured that out, but It's even better coming from the source. As usual, Mind detect Mind, consciousness refined.....anyway, my point is I am one who actually receives the message of the ingenious lyrics that gets me so hype. You are truly blessed, not that I had to tell you that, but it feels good to hear those types of words from like minds. Please continue to shine your light on the world of darkness, and soon, I shall be joining you. I am an artist also ( from da Chi!!) still paying dues and if this industry is ready, then watch out BABY!!! <P>Black Thought ( I feel so....like I should be calling you something else...), Do you have any suggestions on how to shop my demo and not get screwed???<P>Peace and Balance Always!!<P>Sanifu