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Topic subjectWord, that's from Mellow My man...
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29079, Word, that's from Mellow My man...
Posted by Phil, Fri Jun-18-99 10:17 AM
>This "Dundee" shit is a state of <BR>>mind. It began with Malik a.k.a. <BR>>M-Alien, and me in college. <BR>>Being the true Philly thoroughbreds that we <BR>>are, we were always in competition <BR>>for the flyest gear award. Malik's <BR>>nickname was "Slacks" because he always <BR>>wore fresh dress pants.<P>So that's what that line in Mellow my Man means...<P>1 2 Yes, the Roots layin back relax-in/<BR>Coolin out with my man Malik B we call him Slacks-in<P>Word to black thought for layin that little info on us<P>Peace,<BR>Phil<P>"Ever since God created women, the devil has been out of work" - My Grandma