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Topic subject"On these 73 keys of ivory and ebony...
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29076, "On these 73 keys of ivory and ebony...
Posted by hussa, Fri Jun-18-99 06:21 AM
I swear solemnly that I'll FOREVER rock steadily...!" Tariq, I just wanna say that when I hear that song begin I get lifted!!! I fuckin' love it, man! Read your explanation about DUNDEE and loved your replys, had me laughin my ass off too, like Angieee...Also caught the method of PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION thatcha use(BUS, FERRY, TRAIN...)Do you own a car or SUV or anything? I'm just kinda curious...if you could have any kinda vehicle, what would it be??!! Let us heads know...<P>Peace Black Thought,<P>HUSSA<BR>"...is it the cat wit' the black shades, the black car...is it shining from very far to where you are...?"