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Topic subject7th and Snyder Ave got the flava you need
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29071, 7th and Snyder Ave got the flava you need
Posted by Alex, Thu Jun-17-99 05:53 PM
Yo Black-<BR> Good to see that you showin' your face on to us okayplayas...Question: Why don't you ever show your face whenever you're on the Illadelph side? I'm from Philly and one thing heads always talk about here is that the only time we get to see you play is when the Roots are at the electric factory...Didn't catch you at Space last time...I was a little vexed. That's why I'm just trying to figure out if you'll ever show up at some small Philly venue, off-the-record type shit, just to break into a cypher, chill, whatever. You'd definitely make a bunch of true heads like myself mad happy.<P>that hot pink shit was dope<BR>alejandro