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Topic subjectwhutdafuck is adotito head cat?
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29061, whutdafuck is adotito head cat?
Posted by guest, Thu Jun-17-99 05:32 PM
a dorito head is you, money. Period. WHAT! WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU WANT SON"!@ huh? You wanna dance with me? Is that it? What's this "Young" shit? where are you from? D.C.? A doritohead is a cat that don't think, whose breath stink, who rocks beige and hot pink, whose net server take three weeks just to link, who come up in your house and piss in Mom's kitchen sink, who steady at the bar like, "Can I borrow a drink? ... etc. etc. I'm just fuckin' with you, but thanks for asking. The truth is, all dotito heads know who they are. If you don't know the meaning you're safe ... for now. Peace ! I have a ferry to catch.