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Topic subjectwhutthafuck is dundee?
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29058, whutthafuck is dundee?
Posted by guest, Thu Jun-17-99 04:58 PM
This "Dundee" shit is a state of mind. It began with Malik a.k.a. M-Alien, and me in college. <P>Being the true Philly thoroughbreds that we are, we were always in competition for the flyest gear award. Malik's nickname was "Slacks" because he always wore fresh dress pants. My name was "Jungle" because I was steady rockin' some safari- type shit. "Dundee" was originally used to refer to the texture of certain fabrics. If an article was made of vintage leather, raw denim, canvas, hemp, rough linen or cotton, it had the potential to be classified as some "Dundee" or rugged shit. It comes from Crocodile Dundee but it ain't got nuffin' to do with Paul Hoagan. It's more about a lifestyle now. It's about doing what you gotta do to survive in the wilderness. It's about the balance between total control and wreckless abandon. The Dundee approach to life is adventure. It's about taming this beast of a world and the apparel needed to do so. ... Damn, I feel like I'm doing a commercial for my new DUNDEE STONE clothing line. Check for that. Peace.