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Topic subjectwhutthafuck is dundee?
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29058, whutthafuck is dundee?
Posted by guest, Thu Jun-17-99 04:58 PM
This "Dundee" shit is a state of mind. It began with Malik a.k.a. M-Alien, and me in college. <P>Being the true Philly thoroughbreds that we are, we were always in competition for the flyest gear award. Malik's nickname was "Slacks" because he always wore fresh dress pants. My name was "Jungle" because I was steady rockin' some safari- type shit. "Dundee" was originally used to refer to the texture of certain fabrics. If an article was made of vintage leather, raw denim, canvas, hemp, rough linen or cotton, it had the potential to be classified as some "Dundee" or rugged shit. It comes from Crocodile Dundee but it ain't got nuffin' to do with Paul Hoagan. It's more about a lifestyle now. It's about doing what you gotta do to survive in the wilderness. It's about the balance between total control and wreckless abandon. The Dundee approach to life is adventure. It's about taming this beast of a world and the apparel needed to do so. ... Damn, I feel like I'm doing a commercial for my new DUNDEE STONE clothing line. Check for that. Peace.
29059, Yeah, that's cool, but...
Posted by guest, Thu Jun-17-99 05:09 PM
...now could you explain what a 'Dorito-head cat' is?<BR>young thought.
29060, Dorito-head means
Posted by handle, Thu Jun-17-99 05:21 PM
>...now could you explain what a 'Dorito-head <BR>>cat' is? young thought. <P>Doritos are filled with mad cheese. So he's calling them cheesy.
29061, whutdafuck is adotito head cat?
Posted by guest, Thu Jun-17-99 05:32 PM
a dorito head is you, money. Period. WHAT! WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU WANT SON"!@ huh? You wanna dance with me? Is that it? What's this "Young" shit? where are you from? D.C.? A doritohead is a cat that don't think, whose breath stink, who rocks beige and hot pink, whose net server take three weeks just to link, who come up in your house and piss in Mom's kitchen sink, who steady at the bar like, "Can I borrow a drink? ... etc. etc. I'm just fuckin' with you, but thanks for asking. The truth is, all dotito heads know who they are. If you don't know the meaning you're safe ... for now. Peace ! I have a ferry to catch.
29062, A dotito is...
Posted by guest, Thu Jun-17-99 05:36 PM
the balance between a dorito and a tostito.<P>Viva Las Locos Dotitos.<P><P>
29063, Hmmm....
Posted by AminaLovely, Thu Jun-17-99 05:43 PM
Damn, someone done bugged the fuck out.. j/p its all love.. hehe. Peace n love to all.
29064, Round 2... FIGHT!
Posted by guest, Thu Jun-17-99 06:02 PM
29065, Damn, you crazy Black
Posted by guest, Thu Jun-17-99 07:51 PM
I am about to pee on myself!!!!! I knew you was about to post some crazy ish when you called and asked for your password again. You trippppppin'.<P>Damn, I love these brothers. <P>This post made my day. I'm even sorry I was in such a bad mood earlier. Sorry, y'all. I'm cheesing like a champ now. <P>Fuckin' Dotitos.....hahahhahahahhahhahahhahah!!!!<P>"bringing 'stress and dotitos from south philly to west" - malik b. <BR>
29066, I don't betray my flavors.
Posted by guest, Sat Jun-19-99 09:07 PM
Yo, this is moi! Same wavelegnth, in a certain way. I stay on some tasty barbecue chicken ish, and have done extensive taste tests on many of the finest cereals. Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Fruit Loops in tha muthafuckin' house...when the buzz is nice and smooth!<P>Depth perception?Let's get spacey and irrelevant..
29067, Betta freestyle
Posted by guest, Thu Jun-17-99 05:42 PM
I like that freestyle a lot better than the drunken one in the cah...<P>This is weird. Black Thought is coming out of his shell and posting up on the boards. That's two out of eight. Slowly but surely.<P><BR>I'm the Okayplayer formerly known as Brown Sister.
29068, Okay, I feel that...
Posted by guest, Thu Jun-17-99 06:53 PM
Why don't you break down the different flavors? You got Cool Ranch, umm, Nacho Supreme or some shit...<P>By the way, Cool Ranch Doritos dipped in sour cream are the BOMB. Try it and if you like it (this goes to everyone), lemme know. I'm about to market that and make some dough.<P>-dee ph!
29069, true dat...
Posted by guest, Fri Jun-18-99 05:14 AM
...keep hittin' the board, it's good to read your perspective and opinions on things plus you're making my day!<P>your butterfly mil...<BR>peace & blessings
29070, best line I've heard...
Posted by jiggyjazzman, Fri Jun-18-99 09:34 AM
>whose net server take three weeks just to link<P>yo, this is the best line I've heard<BR>
29071, 7th and Snyder Ave got the flava you need
Posted by Alex, Thu Jun-17-99 05:53 PM
Yo Black-<BR> Good to see that you showin' your face on to us okayplayas...Question: Why don't you ever show your face whenever you're on the Illadelph side? I'm from Philly and one thing heads always talk about here is that the only time we get to see you play is when the Roots are at the electric factory...Didn't catch you at Space last time...I was a little vexed. That's why I'm just trying to figure out if you'll ever show up at some small Philly venue, off-the-record type shit, just to break into a cypher, chill, whatever. You'd definitely make a bunch of true heads like myself mad happy.<P>that hot pink shit was dope<BR>alejandro
29072, whew.....
Posted by guest, Thu Jun-17-99 06:27 PM
Thank you for the explanation because I was getting a little tired of people assuming what it means and talking out of the sides of their necks (good lord). <P><BR>Peace<BR>Nayyirah<P><BR>"What is a Nayyirah?"<BR>"Nayyirah Rah Like a Dungeon Dragon."<BR>"Will You Be My NaYbor?"
Posted by donwill, Thu Jun-17-99 08:00 PM
29074, gotta catch. . .
Posted by guest, Thu Jun-17-99 08:12 PM
seems like Black Thid-ought's always cathing a bus <BR>and ferry. If he's talking about public transportation then that's one more thing to learn from these Roots. One might figure that Thought has a SUV to survive this wilderness and beast that is this world.<P>Dodito-headz unite! Bringin' balance to the chip force.<BR>
29075, He likes Public Transportation
Posted by guest, Fri Jun-18-99 06:27 PM
"SouthEastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority is what i'm probably on, if I ain't whippin' the Land throughout your section..." -Push up ya lighters? (I think)<P>--Teflon
29076, "On these 73 keys of ivory and ebony...
Posted by hussa, Fri Jun-18-99 06:21 AM
I swear solemnly that I'll FOREVER rock steadily...!" Tariq, I just wanna say that when I hear that song begin I get lifted!!! I fuckin' love it, man! Read your explanation about DUNDEE and loved your replys, had me laughin my ass off too, like Angieee...Also caught the method of PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION thatcha use(BUS, FERRY, TRAIN...)Do you own a car or SUV or anything? I'm just kinda curious...if you could have any kinda vehicle, what would it be??!! Let us heads know...<P>Peace Black Thought,<P>HUSSA<BR>"...is it the cat wit' the black shades, the black car...is it shining from very far to where you are...?"
29077, Dundee...
Posted by guest, Fri Jun-18-99 07:04 AM
Yo, I was in the North East (Philly that is...), and I'm not completely positive, but I'm pretty sure I saw a Dundee street. Kinda strange actually. I'm thinking of getting in to some old school mischief and heisting the street sign...<P>BTW, I'm not trying to pull anyone's card, but I've seen these two cats, one on South St. and one on Fifty Deuce (that's 52nd st. y'all) thats been bootlegging TFA cd's without any of the limited edition covers. I mean if you gonna sell some shit you shouldn't be selling, at least make the shit look good!<P>Known to get down near Chelten and Germantown,<BR>G-Towns Finest<P>p.s. I didn't buy any of those wack bootlegs, so no reason to hate...
29078, funny shit man!!!!
Posted by guest, Fri Jun-18-99 07:16 AM
Dundee explanation, way cool, thanks that is one of my fave's. Dotito explanation funny shit!!! much respect for the best emcee, BT.<BR> thedesperado
29079, Word, that's from Mellow My man...
Posted by Phil, Fri Jun-18-99 10:17 AM
>This "Dundee" shit is a state of <BR>>mind. It began with Malik a.k.a. <BR>>M-Alien, and me in college. <BR>>Being the true Philly thoroughbreds that we <BR>>are, we were always in competition <BR>>for the flyest gear award. Malik's <BR>>nickname was "Slacks" because he always <BR>>wore fresh dress pants.<P>So that's what that line in Mellow my Man means...<P>1 2 Yes, the Roots layin back relax-in/<BR>Coolin out with my man Malik B we call him Slacks-in<P>Word to black thought for layin that little info on us<P>Peace,<BR>Phil<P>"Ever since God created women, the devil has been out of work" - My Grandma
29080, Peace Black, I Overstand!!
Posted by guest, Fri Jun-18-99 10:37 AM
Peace God,<P>Thank you for clarifying the meaning or significance behind DUNDEE, I pretty much figured that out, but It's even better coming from the source. As usual, Mind detect Mind, consciousness refined.....anyway, my point is I am one who actually receives the message of the ingenious lyrics that gets me so hype. You are truly blessed, not that I had to tell you that, but it feels good to hear those types of words from like minds. Please continue to shine your light on the world of darkness, and soon, I shall be joining you. I am an artist also ( from da Chi!!) still paying dues and if this industry is ready, then watch out BABY!!! <P>Black Thought ( I feel so....like I should be calling you something else...), Do you have any suggestions on how to shop my demo and not get screwed???<P>Peace and Balance Always!!<P>Sanifu
29081, college?
Posted by guest, Tue Jun-22-99 03:45 PM
where did Tariq and Malik go to college?
29082, Bzzzt
Posted by guest, Wed Jun-23-99 04:09 PM
>where did Tariq and Malik go to <BR>>college? <P>You have failed the "read every page everyday and find all the hidden tracks before you post to this board test."<P>Do not pass "Organix" do not collect "Illadelph Halflife...<P>Oh, okay, cop the albums, but read Malik's bio.<P>Forgive my sarcasm.<P>angieee<BR>"bringing info in my bio from south philly to west" - malik b. <BR>
29083, free get out of jail card?
Posted by guest, Wed Jun-23-99 06:57 PM