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Topic subject((Pat on the back)) Sorry bout yall gettin slept on, cousin..
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29001, ((Pat on the back)) Sorry bout yall gettin slept on, cousin..
Posted by guest, Thu Jun-24-99 09:02 PM
But you surely understand how this industry works too- you all are on some PE shit.. did you read Chuck's first book, how he was building on how Bono inspired him simply by the sheer power and resources that orbited around the U2 phenom? Man, these cats couldnt wait to get PE out of the limelight..<P>I mean it seems like you lose pts. in the music industry by trying to save points <img src="http://www.okayplayer.com/dcforum/Images/happy.gif"> .. in other words, a self-contained unit that doesnt wholly depend on its label for shit and can run their own show without dividing their pie 13 different ways isnt getting a whole lot of industry love in the long run.. no diss to LL, but he is a media darling because he is accessible to white America, and he's giving them work out there in LA, in Rush offices etc.- You cats are giving mostly hungry young urban blacks (that yall grew up with?) work- to me that seems a large part of why the Industry isnt being fair about giving the Roots credit.. because they recognize the subvertive nature of a black music group that strives for growing independence.. <P>Or so it seems to me anyway..at this particular moment.. sigh, whatever LOL.. <P>Anyway, I bet yall get nominated for an award this year, at least best single or best LP.. for what its worth..