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Topic subjectSpin is a bad magazine period
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28997, Spin is a bad magazine period
Posted by Steve, Thu Jun-24-99 07:22 PM
They have bad articles, bad interviews, and bad reviews..they are a wannabe rollingstone..just a trashy publication. but even Rolling Stone in their "250 albums of the decade" didnt have the roots in it, they had Outkast, PE and some other stuff..but they went for impact albums..they put *2* Rolling Stone albums in there,,c'mon please..THey skipped over a thousand influential artists. It is just how it is, fuck those lists, none of what those people say is really gonna matter.The most influential and original art is never recognized till years afterward, Bach was a church organist till the day he died, he wasnt famous till 10 years afterward, Van gogh did not sell a single painting before he died. As long as the artist knows the power of their art, it is the most important. And when I write or explain about music that I enjoy, I can really go on for hours and hours in amazing detail. I could run your ear off about Nirvana's Nevermind,Tricky's Maxinquaye,Root's Things Fall Apart, Massive Attack's Protection. If I ever make art that can mean so much and be interpreted and appreciated deeply I would feel blessed. You can't go deeply into an album like "the score", so Ahmir don't feel bad..you've made amazing music.<BR>alright that is enough talking,<BR>Steve