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Topic subjectthe BUSINESS of music
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28993, the BUSINESS of music
Posted by RamXL, Thu Jun-24-99 01:46 PM
Man, that shit Quest just wrote put a whole lot of what hip-hop and it's future into perspective. Man, it really baffles me, how certain groups like the Roots, straddle the line between the dope product and a mega hit, yet they keep goin back to the dope product and really sacrifice a lot of money. I mean I was always told to make use of my opportunities, but not to sell my soul in the process, DAMN, im glad there are people out there who think the same.....<P>KEEP UP THE GOOD F%*KIN WORK YALL....this site willl prove that no gayasswannabeindie/alternativeafternirvanablewup magazine(SPIN of course) is greater than those that have been down since Day One...<P>Peace<BR>RamXL