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Topic subjectYou Know Heads Who Didn't Feel "Ital"????
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28941, You Know Heads Who Didn't Feel "Ital"????
Posted by spirit, Sat Jul-10-99 07:32 AM
>i don't know if this is considered <BR>>"the jawn" or some classic shit, <BR>>but a lot of okayplayers left <BR>>out "ital (the universal side)" off <BR>>the illadelph halflife" joint...i know a <BR>>couple of heads that weren't feelin' <BR>>that joint, <P>Wha???? They must have been heavily sedated if they didn't feel that joint. Tip came off with his best performance in years! I wanted those cats to form a group! (sorry, Malik, no disrespect).<P>Peace,<P>Spirit<BR><a href="http://amphibians.iuma.com">http://amphibians.iuma.com<;/a><BR><a href="http://infiniteloop.iuma.com">http://infiniteloop.iuma.com<;/a><BR>DC hip-hop is on the rise...