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Topic subjectdon't forget!
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28939, don't forget!
Posted by KD, Fri Jul-09-99 06:55 AM
i don't know if this is considered "the jawn" or some classic shit, but a lot of okayplayers left out "ital (the universal side)" off the illadelph halflife" joint...i know a couple of heads that weren't feelin' that joint, but to me thought and tip trade verses back and forth like a baton on that shit...you wanna talk about ill transitions?...but, i think vocal tone also plays a factor in making transitions especially hot because it helps switch up the monotony (darryl/joe, mos/talib, tip/phife, big/meth on "the what", etc.)...anyway, tariq keep blessin' us with more "jawns" for discussion. I'm out!!!