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Posted by guest, Thu Jul-15-99 05:00 AM
yo the first album i ever bought(besides thriller of course) was raising hell and RUNDMC became my shit. Listening to them first got me into rhyming when I was supposed to be reading in third grade. But I went to a recent show of theirs in Cleveland and it was a wack site that scarred me. They only did like one set and they would stop in between songs and sign t-shirts and try to sell them to audience members for $50 a peice. They were all like "these will be collectors items. we were some of the first rappers, blah, blah" - man fuck that! they pissed me off. I knew something was up when I saw them on a wack ass Gap commercial, but damn. LL did a commercial for them too. I used to work at a Gap and they're the most money-hungry, bullshit policy-havin, brainwashing, robot, pop-culture peice of shit company around. LL and RUNDMC made me start rapping and their selling out makes me keep rapping so I can hit the world with some dope concsious shit. That show just made me feel like I just saw my pops sell my brother for crack or some shit. Very surprising and disappointing. Peace