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Topic subjectBringing it back
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28922, Bringing it back
Posted by nickelz45, Fri Jul-02-99 02:53 PM
to the old school, yeah I like that. Run-Dmc is the jawn. I agree with you when you were talking about support rhymes and not knowing who wrote who's rhymes. I love it when groups or collaborations can get down in a clean fashion like that because it shows that they took their time to figure everything out like "ok you start your rhyme here and I'll jump in here" type of ish. Another group that is one of the best at this style of rhyme was EPMD, man they were on point with tradeing of verses. But the group that has taken the reings on this has to be Jurassic 5, these guys are so nice on the mic and their harmonizing and jumping in at the end of someoneelse's(is that a word?) rhyme is some of the best that I have heard. Peace, Nick<P>"I do not know how to teach philosophy without becoming a disterber of the peace"-Benjamin Spinoza