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Topic subjectIt's The Jawn!
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28920, It's The Jawn!
Posted by guest, Fri Jul-02-99 01:52 PM
For all yall players wondering,"Damn, when is Thought gonna post the new Jawn?" Here it is. For all new players, this is the entry I post from time to time. It's kind of like a "hot list" for the classics. Classic what? ... Classic anything. I'm comming to y'all, live, this week from Quimper, France. Right now, I'm listening to Run-DMC "Darryl n' Joe" ... Classic material Yo. This is a display of lyrycal sword-play, but not too complex. This words is spoken in plain , understandable English and all they're saying is, "Yo, We are the illest, ... the freshest, ... the sharpest crew out, and can't nobody fuck with it" Old school classics get me riled up. that's that action shit. Run and them could get on some jiggy shit without being all bitchy about it. Check the rhyme- "Well Im the rapper of the year and this the year of the rap/ And I'm never drinking beer, it's champagne in the tap!/And I'm cold makin money on a regular basis/ Pulling out knots in sucker Mc's faces!"-- Run was the sure shot Bwoy! But don't sleep on DMC - " When I per-form many mics I warm./I'm better known, as the quiet storm/ I don't talk too much but I got beef/When I kill Mcs, I cause grief, Devestating mic control is my main goal/ My name is Darrel, his name is Joe! -- My favorite part is when Run is like,"So D grab the mic, Ha ha , SAY WHAT!" This joint is a classic display of "Support Vocals." Na'mean?, that connection between two MCs that enables you to be so on top of the background vocals and transitions, the crowd begins to wonder who wrote who's rhyme. I sat "crowd" because RUN_DMC recorded their material as if they were performing for a capacity crowd.And with that Dundee-ass beat!... And JMJ's "drunken sytle scratch!" Ya'll know what it is. It's the Jawn. Well, I gotta RUN. I have a helicopter to catch. DM See Ya'