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Topic subjectIt's The Jawn!
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28920, It's The Jawn!
Posted by guest, Fri Jul-02-99 01:52 PM
For all yall players wondering,"Damn, when is Thought gonna post the new Jawn?" Here it is. For all new players, this is the entry I post from time to time. It's kind of like a "hot list" for the classics. Classic what? ... Classic anything. I'm comming to y'all, live, this week from Quimper, France. Right now, I'm listening to Run-DMC "Darryl n' Joe" ... Classic material Yo. This is a display of lyrycal sword-play, but not too complex. This words is spoken in plain , understandable English and all they're saying is, "Yo, We are the illest, ... the freshest, ... the sharpest crew out, and can't nobody fuck with it" Old school classics get me riled up. that's that action shit. Run and them could get on some jiggy shit without being all bitchy about it. Check the rhyme- "Well Im the rapper of the year and this the year of the rap/ And I'm never drinking beer, it's champagne in the tap!/And I'm cold makin money on a regular basis/ Pulling out knots in sucker Mc's faces!"-- Run was the sure shot Bwoy! But don't sleep on DMC - " When I per-form many mics I warm./I'm better known, as the quiet storm/ I don't talk too much but I got beef/When I kill Mcs, I cause grief, Devestating mic control is my main goal/ My name is Darrel, his name is Joe! -- My favorite part is when Run is like,"So D grab the mic, Ha ha , SAY WHAT!" This joint is a classic display of "Support Vocals." Na'mean?, that connection between two MCs that enables you to be so on top of the background vocals and transitions, the crowd begins to wonder who wrote who's rhyme. I sat "crowd" because RUN_DMC recorded their material as if they were performing for a capacity crowd.And with that Dundee-ass beat!... And JMJ's "drunken sytle scratch!" Ya'll know what it is. It's the Jawn. Well, I gotta RUN. I have a helicopter to catch. DM See Ya'
28921, Always on the go !!!!
Posted by jp, Fri Jul-02-99 02:08 PM
DAMN BT !!!! You're always in a rush when you post. Riddle me this...... If you're in such a hurry to catch your helicopter then why did you post again pardoning your sloppy typing ?!??? I'm just fuckin' with you. Glad to see you showin' the okayplayers love once again.
28922, Bringing it back
Posted by nickelz45, Fri Jul-02-99 02:53 PM
to the old school, yeah I like that. Run-Dmc is the jawn. I agree with you when you were talking about support rhymes and not knowing who wrote who's rhymes. I love it when groups or collaborations can get down in a clean fashion like that because it shows that they took their time to figure everything out like "ok you start your rhyme here and I'll jump in here" type of ish. Another group that is one of the best at this style of rhyme was EPMD, man they were on point with tradeing of verses. But the group that has taken the reings on this has to be Jurassic 5, these guys are so nice on the mic and their harmonizing and jumping in at the end of someoneelse's(is that a word?) rhyme is some of the best that I have heard. Peace, Nick<P>"I do not know how to teach philosophy without becoming a disterber of the peace"-Benjamin Spinoza
28923, blackstar is nice at that too...
Posted by guest, Fri Jul-02-99 03:52 PM
i haven't heard too much J5, but if you listen to blackstar's "freestyle" off the first soundbombing (one of my fav. blackstar joints), and tracks like "Astronomy" and "B Boys..." they pull that ish off like no other i've ever heard.<P>Sci-fi.<BR>i've always known what you'll find out tomorrow.
28924, no doubt!
Posted by KD, Fri Jul-09-99 06:14 AM
yo sci-fi,<P>i'm feeling you on the reference to the black star "freestyle" off the soundbombing 1...i've been bumping that joint on the reg and that track was the first thing that came to my mind when i read tariq's post...that's some good shit right there...peace!!!
28925, take heed scratch
Posted by qoolquest, Fri Jul-02-99 02:59 PM
My favorite part <BR>>is when Run is like,"So D <BR>>grab the mic, Ha ha , <BR>>SAY WHAT!" This joint is a <BR>>classic display of "Support Vocals." Na'mean?, <BR>>that connection between two MCs that <BR>>enables you to be so on <BR>>top of the background vocals and <BR>>transitions, the crowd begins to wonder <BR>>who wrote who's rhyme. <P>scratch i command you listen to this 100 times. and learn!!!!!<P>"god made me a backround vocalist that DIX ignores"
28926, back and forth like see-saws
Posted by guest, Wed Jul-14-99 12:53 PM
I enjoy that classic verbal assist. Bakc in the days when headz would finish of his mic-mates verse. Nuff respect riq. Peace, FreeZ
28927, speaking of classics...
Posted by guest, Fri Jul-02-99 04:17 PM
Just wanted to drop a quick note to Tariq (and Malik, but he probably don't check up on us okayplayers much). Anyway, the 1-9-8-6 remix on Sway & Tech's joint, damn Tariq, your verse is the shit (bwoy ;) )! Anyway, props to you and Malik on yet another hot joint.<P>"Down by law, yo, they must be talkin bout me. It's the B-L-A-C-K-T-H-O-U-G-H-T"<P>Air<BR>
28928, Yeah....
Posted by RamXL, Fri Jul-02-99 04:28 PM
I love when an MC gets hype about a back-and-forth style of rhymin....a la RunDMC, man Black you and Mos Def, really brought us back some of that ill 87 flavor with "Double Trouble", thank-you, we heads needed that...<P>Peace<BR>RamXL
28929, Thats What I Missed
Posted by guest, Fri Jul-02-99 09:11 PM
On the new Kast jawn. Am I the only one that felt that way. They used to always trade verses, now only on the song Aquimini. Still a great album but I took getting used to.
28930, Wheelz of Steel
Posted by guest, Sat Jul-03-99 07:59 PM
see subject<P>"when you're sick of trying, how can you expect to succeed? i can't recall my first failure and i'll forget this one too, over time." -Anthony Civoletti
28931, boot camp
Posted by guest, Sat Jul-03-99 06:02 PM
ok players yal can't forget the duo from the boot camp, tek and steele. when they were smif and wesson(however you spell it. i'm blowed right now)they kicked the back and forth with fluency.<BR> peace<P><P>"me against the world"
28932, i saw run dmc live and...
Posted by HieroHero, Sat Jul-03-99 06:15 PM
i saw em live last year, and man they've really lost it. reverend run is an old balding man,,, dmc was good. but the show overall was terrible. it was very sad 2 see..<P>tim from the a-u-s
28933, yea
Posted by guest, Thu Jul-15-99 05:00 AM
yo the first album i ever bought(besides thriller of course) was raising hell and RUNDMC became my shit. Listening to them first got me into rhyming when I was supposed to be reading in third grade. But I went to a recent show of theirs in Cleveland and it was a wack site that scarred me. They only did like one set and they would stop in between songs and sign t-shirts and try to sell them to audience members for $50 a peice. They were all like "these will be collectors items. we were some of the first rappers, blah, blah" - man fuck that! they pissed me off. I knew something was up when I saw them on a wack ass Gap commercial, but damn. LL did a commercial for them too. I used to work at a Gap and they're the most money-hungry, bullshit policy-havin, brainwashing, robot, pop-culture peice of shit company around. LL and RUNDMC made me start rapping and their selling out makes me keep rapping so I can hit the world with some dope concsious shit. That show just made me feel like I just saw my pops sell my brother for crack or some shit. Very surprising and disappointing. Peace
28934, corny
Posted by LoopFactor, Sat Jul-03-99 08:21 PM
> Well, I gotta RUN. <BR>>I have a helicopter to catch. <BR>>DM See Ya' <P>Yo...that was a pretty lame attempt at using a pun. You need to put a little more thought(hehe) into your jokes next. lol<P><P>www.bounce.to/focus<;BR>
28935, America's Most Blunted
Posted by guest, Wed Jul-07-99 06:58 PM
My man Reggie Noble and Meth can really trade verses if they're into the track and shit (IE: "Big Dogs") Other times, I think they're too blunted to know what's going on.<P>Status Quo<P>
28936, what about erick & parrish?
Posted by Vet, Thu Jul-08-99 08:07 PM
what do you think about their "old" chemistry.
28937, Smif & Wessun
Posted by guest, Fri Jul-09-99 04:11 AM
to me there even better than Black Moon. When they trade verse its like butta like butta I say.
28938, WERE
Posted by Mello, Fri Jul-09-99 06:14 AM
Yeah, SmifnWessun were better than Black Moon. Cocoa B'z album kinda lost the steam that Dah shinin started up. Buck single handedly carries War Zone due to the lackluster BeatMinerz production, but I see your point
28939, don't forget!
Posted by KD, Fri Jul-09-99 06:55 AM
i don't know if this is considered "the jawn" or some classic shit, but a lot of okayplayers left out "ital (the universal side)" off the illadelph halflife" joint...i know a couple of heads that weren't feelin' that joint, but to me thought and tip trade verses back and forth like a baton on that shit...you wanna talk about ill transitions?...but, i think vocal tone also plays a factor in making transitions especially hot because it helps switch up the monotony (darryl/joe, mos/talib, tip/phife, big/meth on "the what", etc.)...anyway, tariq keep blessin' us with more "jawns" for discussion. I'm out!!!
28940, yeah, you right about that
Posted by guest, Fri Jul-09-99 07:12 AM
This is one of my favorite jawns with the "back n forth" tradin' of verses.<P>natural1<P>"Shoo Bee Doo, Run, Run, Run" <P><a href="http://www.members.tripod.com/daNaturaL1/mypage/home.html">http://www.members.tripod.com/daNaturaL1/mypage/home.html<;/a>
28941, You Know Heads Who Didn't Feel "Ital"????
Posted by spirit, Sat Jul-10-99 07:32 AM
>i don't know if this is considered <BR>>"the jawn" or some classic shit, <BR>>but a lot of okayplayers left <BR>>out "ital (the universal side)" off <BR>>the illadelph halflife" joint...i know a <BR>>couple of heads that weren't feelin' <BR>>that joint, <P>Wha???? They must have been heavily sedated if they didn't feel that joint. Tip came off with his best performance in years! I wanted those cats to form a group! (sorry, Malik, no disrespect).<P>Peace,<P>Spirit<BR><a href="http://amphibians.iuma.com">http://amphibians.iuma.com<;/a><BR><a href="http://infiniteloop.iuma.com">http://infiniteloop.iuma.com<;/a><BR>DC hip-hop is on the rise...
28942, Ital
Posted by guest, Tue Jul-13-99 10:06 AM
I dig the Roots, and try to stay current on everything that happens with them. But I admit, some info slips through the cracks. Can somebody scholl me as to what "ital" really is. i havent heard the song in awhile, but i see Okayheads use the word in sentences like it has other meaning. Tell me the science please. Is it deeper than the actual song?<P>Go Peacefully,<BR>Mal<P>The previous comments belong to Mal and do not express the views of the Roots or the Okayplayer.com staff.<BR>
28943, keep it Ital
Posted by stylus, Wed Jul-14-99 04:49 AM
I do believe that "ital" is Jamaican slang that I can loosely translate as "dope" or "fresh". Highly amenable, etc. Could some more knowledgeable island heads do some schooling here? I'm afraid I'm just "Ja-fakin'".<P>-djstylusmakeitrealfunky4u<BR><a href="http://www.boondocks.net">http://www.boondocks.net<;/a><BR><a href="http://www.strictlyhiphop.com">http://www.strictlyhiphop.com<;/a><P>
28944, Ital
Posted by guest, Wed Jul-14-99 04:57 AM
In the Rastafarian I and I tradition: "ital" means vital. That is all.
28945, I never forgot
Posted by stylus, Tue Jul-13-99 05:17 AM
I had always bigged up Ital on previous threads that have unfortunately gotten lost due to message board attrition. <P>But like Spirit said, this was one of Tip's best performances in recent years, if not THE best.<P>-djstylusmakeitrealfunky4u<BR><a href="http://www.boondocks.net">http://www.boondocks.net<;/a><BR><a href="http://www.strictlyhiphop.com">http://www.strictlyhiphop.com<;/a><P>