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Topic subjectLLLettt's Get Ready To Rummmbbbllleeeee!
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28917, LLLettt's Get Ready To Rummmbbbllleeeee!
Posted by guest, Tue Jul-20-99 07:56 AM
I think the replies by quest only show reiterate the fact that the Roots members are family. Only fam can argue and fight and still understand each other in the aftermath. I also think this shows the difference in the eras as far as how we handle the fight and it's aftermath. See when I grew up (now 24 yrs of age) kids on the block would scrap daily and be friends 5 minutes later. Kids nowadays seem to hold a lifetime grudge. Maybe I am wrong but thats just my view. <BR>Peace, FreeZ<P>"Your fakin the funk, talkin that extra hard junk and probably a punk" - Xtra P<BR>