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Topic subjectGoodie Burns Damn Near Erebody
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28914, Goodie Burns Damn Near Erebody
Posted by spirit, Wed Jul-21-99 01:21 AM
Ay, when I saw Goodie and the roots at the 9:30 Club, Goodie stole the spotlight, despite a stunning Roots performance. The energy level at a Goodie show is unbelievable. Technically, the Roots have more weapons (each Roots member solo is ridiculously talented), but krunk-wise? Goodie is untouchable in the krunk arena. <img src="http://www.okayplayer.com/dcforum/Images/wink.gif"><P>(don't know what krunk is? ummm, dundee = krunk, sort of...)<P>Peace,<P>Spirit<BR><a href="http://amphibians.iuma.com">http://amphibians.iuma.com<;/a><BR><a href="http://infiniteloop.iuma.com">http://infiniteloop.iuma.com<;/a><BR>DC hip-hop is on the rise...