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Topic subjectI WAS AT THAT SHOW! hahaha!
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28913, I WAS AT THAT SHOW! hahaha!
Posted by ILLWILL, Tue Jul-20-99 11:32 AM
>3)dix vs. kamal- what do you know, <BR>>another goodie mob tour? in chicago <BR>>fed up with my "dictator" like <BR>>instructions kamal storms offstage before the <BR>>show ends. making it one of <BR>>our most disasterous shows ever in <BR>>the chi-town area. <P>awww c'mon Quest, it wasn't THAT bad, I enjoyed it.<P>common had to <BR>>play the only song he knows <BR>>on piano (the song with cee-low <BR>>on "one day it'll...) only problem <BR>>was we were doing "clones" and <BR>>com had one drink too much. <P>Now THAT shit was funny and fucked up at the same time. Here I am, expecting to hear my favorite Roots song at the time and then Com comes out and it's all mellow and shit. I was like "the fuck is Com doin? CLONES AIN'T MELLOW!!!"<P>>to add an extra blow, opening <BR>>act goodie brought outkast to do <BR>>"sky high" plus some southernplaylistic classics. <BR>>so i'll admit it........we got blown <BR>>away. man! it was such a <BR>>tight build up. <P>I can't front....Goodie fa sho did make y'all look like you shoulda opened for them instead of the other way around. It was a dope show either way.<P>IllWill...he's just my papi chulo!!!-Kayci<P>"Girl, if you were a newspaper/Then I would be your ink/If you were a piece of doo doo/Then I would be your stink/We go together like Abbott and Costello/Bill Cosby and Jello/Pink and yellow/If you were a face, and love was a fight/Then I would rearrange you, oh yes I just might/Baby you look luscious, let me lick you like a dum dum/Just let me get to know you, and show you where I come from/I'm rugged like Diesel, pocket like a weasel/I would be acrylics, and you would be my easel/I'm a remote control and you're my favorite channel/Girl I dig you like a mole and wanna hump you like a camel/And then commence to suckin out all your tooth enamel..."--CHOPS from the Mountain Brothers