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Topic subjectround 2......
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28909, round 2......
Posted by qoolquest, Tue Jul-20-99 12:21 AM
<P>um.....the best thing i can say about being together so much is that we are only together when we need to be. once at home, i see no other root except my non tourin-toilet paper stealin-capn crunch helpin himselfin next door neighbor malik. and that's gonna end soon (copin a house any day now). 7 times out of 10 we travel to the gig ontime usualy it's neglect on the staff if someone's late (eg: "where's kamal?" uhi dunno. "huh?" i don't know he might be i jail or somethin. "did you wake him?" no. *sigh*)<BR>there's no hostile money arguments because all the loot goes into the pot. (which pays for rent, bills and food for 40 people) not to mention keeps this site runnin.............<P><P><P><P><P><BR>"god made me funky"