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Topic subjectready............set................fight!
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28908, ready............set................fight!
Posted by qoolquest, Tue Jul-20-99 12:05 AM
<BR>of course like anyone human we fight (just like i heard y'all players was about to do at the blackstar show at the park......NOT COOL Y'ALL)<BR>anyway. we argue more than fight. here's some high---..er...-lowlights:<P><BR>1) blackthought vs. ?uestlove- the london polygram offices. the only near pugelistic episode riq and i had in our 12 years. we came to blows over a typo for his songwriter credit for "do you want more?!?". they neglected to print his name so he blamed yours truly. malik broke it up.<P>2)the roots vs. security of detroit- day 3 of the roots/fugees/goodie mob tour. st. andrews hall in detroit. we were already on edge already because of the tense atmosphere between the two headlining groups. to top it off, we kinda got off on the wrong foot with the goodie mob staff who was flexin muscles because we was late for soundcheck. so there was something in the air. one of the security guys from the hall decided he was gonna add his two cents in. he made the mistake of manhandling kamal. i had my walkman on full blast so i couldn't hear the beatdown that was going on behind me. all i know is that the whole band stopped their soundcheck, jumped off the stage in a panic, and they looked like were running for me. false alarm. they were running to break up kamal, tariq, dice, and fatin (singer in the fam) from stompin the shit outta dude (kids style)<P>3)dix vs. kamal- what do you know, another goodie mob tour? in chicago fed up with my "dictator" like instructions kamal storms offstage before the show ends. making it one of our most disasterous shows ever in the chi-town area. common had to play the only song he knows on piano (the song with cee-low on "one day it'll...) only problem was we were doing "clones" and com had one drink too much. to add an extra blow, opening act goodie brought outkast to do "sky high" plus some southernplaylistic classics. so i'll admit it........we got blown away. man! it was such a tight build up. but because of the length of our shows, you only remember the opening, and the last 10 minutes. and kamal fucked up. so at the hotel him and dix were at each other's throat. they threw any object within sight at each other. kamal quit for 2 hours...........he came back though<P>4) dix and kelo vs. tramps-......well looka here?! another goodie mob tour story. most people don't even know that the secret sauce to our show is......volume (?!?!?) think i'm wrong? get your favorite cd and play your favorite song. ok, put it at a low volume.....dancing yet? thought not....now blast that shit...feel it? yeah..why do you think mofo's blast the system in the ride? to feel that shit. no one is gonna respond to silence. the management of tramps seems to think the opposite. the constant tussling between the tramps house sound guy and our crew resulted in kelo and this dude wrestling on the floor because dix refused to turn down the volume. oh well. tramps banned us for life.<P>5)kamal vs. smoking groove guy- on the last day of smoking grooves (toronto) this kid grabs kamal's foot and tries to trip him. y'all know kamal....i don't even have to finish this story<P><P><P><P><P>"god vs. the devil"