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Topic subjectDO THE ROOTS FIGHT? A LOT ?????????
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28907, DO THE ROOTS FIGHT? A LOT ?????????
Posted by guest, Mon Jul-19-99 10:48 PM
letter to the one named angee<P>It's amazing how the roots can travel like this, they must fight with each other like every day, is there any showing of that in the roots live video. how do they split there earnings evenly. what is the success ratio of all of them arriving on time to any show.<BR>--------------------------------------------------<BR>reply<BR>I never answered this did I?<P>Damn...sorry!!!<P>Do they fight...heehee...I think you should answer that on the board, I bet<BR>Kamal would have something to say...<P>angieee<P>--------------------------------------------------<BR>POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<P>I know in human nature that people cant get along constantly for 24 hours a day, Im wondering how do the roots stay cool under pressure, how do they manage to put away thier beefs or disagreements and continue to travel world wide and give thier all.<BR>--------------------------------------------------<BR>private<P>kamal aol tells me your not online any more, hit me back when you get online, and tell your buddys about me and my service i do. i got things to send to u.<P>The following problems occurred while processing your request:<P>killaah1 - This is not a known member. <BR> <BR> <BR>