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Topic subjectDO THE ROOTS FIGHT? A LOT ?????????
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28907, DO THE ROOTS FIGHT? A LOT ?????????
Posted by guest, Mon Jul-19-99 10:48 PM
letter to the one named angee<P>It's amazing how the roots can travel like this, they must fight with each other like every day, is there any showing of that in the roots live video. how do they split there earnings evenly. what is the success ratio of all of them arriving on time to any show.<BR>--------------------------------------------------<BR>reply<BR>I never answered this did I?<P>Damn...sorry!!!<P>Do they fight...heehee...I think you should answer that on the board, I bet<BR>Kamal would have something to say...<P>angieee<P>--------------------------------------------------<BR>POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<P>I know in human nature that people cant get along constantly for 24 hours a day, Im wondering how do the roots stay cool under pressure, how do they manage to put away thier beefs or disagreements and continue to travel world wide and give thier all.<BR>--------------------------------------------------<BR>private<P>kamal aol tells me your not online any more, hit me back when you get online, and tell your buddys about me and my service i do. i got things to send to u.<P>The following problems occurred while processing your request:<P>killaah1 - This is not a known member. <BR> <BR> <BR>
28908, ready............set................fight!
Posted by qoolquest, Tue Jul-20-99 12:05 AM
<BR>of course like anyone human we fight (just like i heard y'all players was about to do at the blackstar show at the park......NOT COOL Y'ALL)<BR>anyway. we argue more than fight. here's some high---..er...-lowlights:<P><BR>1) blackthought vs. ?uestlove- the london polygram offices. the only near pugelistic episode riq and i had in our 12 years. we came to blows over a typo for his songwriter credit for "do you want more?!?". they neglected to print his name so he blamed yours truly. malik broke it up.<P>2)the roots vs. security of detroit- day 3 of the roots/fugees/goodie mob tour. st. andrews hall in detroit. we were already on edge already because of the tense atmosphere between the two headlining groups. to top it off, we kinda got off on the wrong foot with the goodie mob staff who was flexin muscles because we was late for soundcheck. so there was something in the air. one of the security guys from the hall decided he was gonna add his two cents in. he made the mistake of manhandling kamal. i had my walkman on full blast so i couldn't hear the beatdown that was going on behind me. all i know is that the whole band stopped their soundcheck, jumped off the stage in a panic, and they looked like were running for me. false alarm. they were running to break up kamal, tariq, dice, and fatin (singer in the fam) from stompin the shit outta dude (kids style)<P>3)dix vs. kamal- what do you know, another goodie mob tour? in chicago fed up with my "dictator" like instructions kamal storms offstage before the show ends. making it one of our most disasterous shows ever in the chi-town area. common had to play the only song he knows on piano (the song with cee-low on "one day it'll...) only problem was we were doing "clones" and com had one drink too much. to add an extra blow, opening act goodie brought outkast to do "sky high" plus some southernplaylistic classics. so i'll admit it........we got blown away. man! it was such a tight build up. but because of the length of our shows, you only remember the opening, and the last 10 minutes. and kamal fucked up. so at the hotel him and dix were at each other's throat. they threw any object within sight at each other. kamal quit for 2 hours...........he came back though<P>4) dix and kelo vs. tramps-......well looka here?! another goodie mob tour story. most people don't even know that the secret sauce to our show is......volume (?!?!?) think i'm wrong? get your favorite cd and play your favorite song. ok, put it at a low volume.....dancing yet? thought not....now blast that shit...feel it? yeah..why do you think mofo's blast the system in the ride? to feel that shit. no one is gonna respond to silence. the management of tramps seems to think the opposite. the constant tussling between the tramps house sound guy and our crew resulted in kelo and this dude wrestling on the floor because dix refused to turn down the volume. oh well. tramps banned us for life.<P>5)kamal vs. smoking groove guy- on the last day of smoking grooves (toronto) this kid grabs kamal's foot and tries to trip him. y'all know kamal....i don't even have to finish this story<P><P><P><P><P>"god vs. the devil"
28909, round 2......
Posted by qoolquest, Tue Jul-20-99 12:21 AM
<P>um.....the best thing i can say about being together so much is that we are only together when we need to be. once at home, i see no other root except my non tourin-toilet paper stealin-capn crunch helpin himselfin next door neighbor malik. and that's gonna end soon (copin a house any day now). 7 times out of 10 we travel to the gig ontime usualy it's neglect on the staff if someone's late (eg: "where's kamal?" uhi dunno. "huh?" i don't know he might be i jail or somethin. "did you wake him?" no. *sigh*)<BR>there's no hostile money arguments because all the loot goes into the pot. (which pays for rent, bills and food for 40 people) not to mention keeps this site runnin.............<P><P><P><P><P><BR>"god made me funky"
28910, ooooooh.......
Posted by lyricalbullet, Tue Jul-20-99 12:22 AM
i wouldn't want get inna fight with kamal ...... i seen him go on this board alredy! lol
28911, Kamal in the "What They Do" Video
Posted by guest, Tue Jul-20-99 07:17 AM
He doesn't bother to politely reclaim the keys, he forcefully puts the actor into a choke hold and pulls him away.<P>Kamal is whylin, what can I say.<P>Out of the whole crew though, does it make sense that the person you would most NOT want to do battle with (and the dun who could probably fuck the most shit up) is the most passive? This being Rythm Master Quest.<P>I just love the fuckin Roots, nuff said. You reppin on all angles.<P>peace<P>-blizz
28912, somebody pass me the fingernail clippers, my nails are too long... anyway... what i was going to say....
Posted by BrainChild, Tue Jul-20-99 11:20 AM
> 1) blackthought vs. ?uestlove- the london <BR>>polygram offices.<P>you mentioned an episode with Tariq on the set of the 'Distortion To Static' video awhile back... care to go into details on that'n?<P>"god made --me-- nosey"<BR>
28913, I WAS AT THAT SHOW! hahaha!
Posted by ILLWILL, Tue Jul-20-99 11:32 AM
>3)dix vs. kamal- what do you know, <BR>>another goodie mob tour? in chicago <BR>>fed up with my "dictator" like <BR>>instructions kamal storms offstage before the <BR>>show ends. making it one of <BR>>our most disasterous shows ever in <BR>>the chi-town area. <P>awww c'mon Quest, it wasn't THAT bad, I enjoyed it.<P>common had to <BR>>play the only song he knows <BR>>on piano (the song with cee-low <BR>>on "one day it'll...) only problem <BR>>was we were doing "clones" and <BR>>com had one drink too much. <P>Now THAT shit was funny and fucked up at the same time. Here I am, expecting to hear my favorite Roots song at the time and then Com comes out and it's all mellow and shit. I was like "the fuck is Com doin? CLONES AIN'T MELLOW!!!"<P>>to add an extra blow, opening <BR>>act goodie brought outkast to do <BR>>"sky high" plus some southernplaylistic classics. <BR>>so i'll admit it........we got blown <BR>>away. man! it was such a <BR>>tight build up. <P>I can't front....Goodie fa sho did make y'all look like you shoulda opened for them instead of the other way around. It was a dope show either way.<P>IllWill...he's just my papi chulo!!!-Kayci<P>"Girl, if you were a newspaper/Then I would be your ink/If you were a piece of doo doo/Then I would be your stink/We go together like Abbott and Costello/Bill Cosby and Jello/Pink and yellow/If you were a face, and love was a fight/Then I would rearrange you, oh yes I just might/Baby you look luscious, let me lick you like a dum dum/Just let me get to know you, and show you where I come from/I'm rugged like Diesel, pocket like a weasel/I would be acrylics, and you would be my easel/I'm a remote control and you're my favorite channel/Girl I dig you like a mole and wanna hump you like a camel/And then commence to suckin out all your tooth enamel..."--CHOPS from the Mountain Brothers
28914, Goodie Burns Damn Near Erebody
Posted by spirit, Wed Jul-21-99 01:21 AM
Ay, when I saw Goodie and the roots at the 9:30 Club, Goodie stole the spotlight, despite a stunning Roots performance. The energy level at a Goodie show is unbelievable. Technically, the Roots have more weapons (each Roots member solo is ridiculously talented), but krunk-wise? Goodie is untouchable in the krunk arena. <img src="http://www.okayplayer.com/dcforum/Images/wink.gif"><P>(don't know what krunk is? ummm, dundee = krunk, sort of...)<P>Peace,<P>Spirit<BR><a href="http://amphibians.iuma.com">http://amphibians.iuma.com<;/a><BR><a href="http://infiniteloop.iuma.com">http://infiniteloop.iuma.com<;/a><BR>DC hip-hop is on the rise...
28915, fight?
Posted by atruhead, Tue Jul-20-99 11:59 AM
> of course like anyone human we <BR>>fight (just like i heard y'all <BR>>players was about to do at <BR>>the blackstar show at the park......NOT <BR>>COOL Y'ALL<P>Who was about to fight? out of our crew of 15 it was nothin but absolute love shown all day. we too tight for that. Which players were about to fight and why if its not too personal, come on yall lets get this cleared up now.
28916, Kamal vs the whole damn world
Posted by gravity508, Wed Jul-21-99 05:07 AM
I see that the one to watch out for is the Klangster......I sort of figured. Kamal, looks like he don't go for no bullshit...That he would deliver a vicious beat down (only if they deserve it................I think)<P>But...I love Kamal's no nonsense attitude...it's very becoming...anyway I said enough....<P>Vickey<P>"It's a beautiful day in the Neighborhood"-Mr.Rogers
28917, LLLettt's Get Ready To Rummmbbbllleeeee!
Posted by guest, Tue Jul-20-99 07:56 AM
I think the replies by quest only show reiterate the fact that the Roots members are family. Only fam can argue and fight and still understand each other in the aftermath. I also think this shows the difference in the eras as far as how we handle the fight and it's aftermath. See when I grew up (now 24 yrs of age) kids on the block would scrap daily and be friends 5 minutes later. Kids nowadays seem to hold a lifetime grudge. Maybe I am wrong but thats just my view. <BR>Peace, FreeZ<P>"Your fakin the funk, talkin that extra hard junk and probably a punk" - Xtra P<BR>
28918, Low, down, dirty.........
Posted by guest, Tue Jul-20-99 01:22 PM
<BR>Good insight...is the Roots and Goodie Mob camp all good now? or is there some unspoken tension left?...<P>What's the word on the BlackStar brawl...
28919, hold it
Posted by qoolquest, Wed Jul-21-99 07:06 AM
> Good insight...is the Roots and Goodie <BR>>Mob camp all good now? or <BR>>is there some unspoken tension left?... <BR>><BR>>there was never beef between the two groups. not at all. they are one of my favorite all time groups. but staff is another thing. it was just a first day thing. their soundguy and dix are cool as shit now.><P><BR>"god made me funky"